pantone autumn

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I’m obsessing over all the maples that are turning slowly this season–their tops red, fading to green. So much that I felt compelled to collect samples from a single tree.

I was doing similar noodling back in ’04 (though I’m sure I do it every autumn).

I figure this year’s exercise was inspired largely by Marketing Drive’s Pantone Matching photoset.

In related linkery, The Color Palette Generator will spit out a set of colors based on an image you throw at it.

15 responses to “pantone autumn”

  1. What a great shot, and I too can’t believe that such a range of colour on one tree.
    Oh, and great work on the site, I really love the design, especially the icons!

  2. What a beautiful picture. You do capture the beauty that is in everything around us. Thanks for making me smile

  3. Theres no better way that Ive seen than this to show much the beauty of nature can inspire design.