Elder Beerman logo(rot)

On the main drag in Hamilton, OH

I forgot all about Elder Beerman for the most part. The department store from my youth closed their doors in the Cincinnati area a good while ago and that was just par for the course—these places were always changing names.

But I was wrong. Elder Beerman is still alive in Dayton (and other areas around the midwest).

Bought in 2003 by Bon-Ton, they haven’t yet succumbed to changing the lovely script signage on the outside of the box stores to the new crappy family look.


10 responses to “Elder Beerman logo(rot)”

  1. ted Avatar

    Gee. That brings back memories. And aren’t there still El-Be shoes around? Or am I really dating myself?

  2. byron Avatar

    Ooh, Carson Pirie Scott. Brings back great memories of using mom’s charge card at their flagship store in downtown Chicago.

  3. Chris Glass Avatar

    I think you’re dating both of us Ted. I remember El-Be shoes, but I don’t think they exist anymore.
    And Byron, I never have heard of Carson Pirie Scott, and I must admit – I have no idea how to pronounce that name. So complicated!

  4. pierre Avatar

    You should have a look to the website of that switzerland based shop named Manor (http://www.manor.ch/). Don’t know if those that designed the logo had seen it before or if it’s just a hasard…

  5. D R E W Avatar

    i am more concerned about why you were in hamilton. haha.

  6. Heather Avatar

    I’ve always been a fan of nature-design, including honeycomb/polygon patterns, but haven’t found a place where they absolutely work (in my own design). I don’t think this particular usage works, either.
    I also kind of wonder about the marketing choice to name the store “Elder-Beerman” – as it sounds like ‘this is where the mullet guys’ grandparents shop.’ Or maybe I’m dating myself!

  7. Barb Abney Avatar
    Barb Abney

    Find an old Shillitos sign and I’ll worship you from afar… Oh, who am I kidding, I already do!

  8. Chris Glass Avatar

    I feel ya on the honeycomb Heather. One would think such a perfect design from nature would play out well in the graphic world.

    Drew, I drive through Hamilton almost every day of the week now. It’s kinda quaint, I like it!.

    Lastly, HI Babs!

  9. Kate Avatar

    Oh my! I must admit that I was in Middletown…for whatever reason…on Wednesday and they still have an Elder Beerman too. I do believe they also have one at the Lima Mall. Yikes. The last time I shopped in there I’m fairly certain I had VERY BIG HAIR.

  10. Benn Avatar

    A hexagon made of hexagons with the centre missing is far from a unique identity – Manor, Elder-Beerman, and I bet 100 other companies out there.
    Anyway, the new typeface used is horrid.