This used to be my Ground Round

hangin tough

The dude in the middle had a birthday thing at this tavern in Anderson township last night. I consider this the “other side of town” these days, but it used to be near where I grew up.

It’s where we’d go roller-skating as kids and then hit the White Castle down the street from the rink afterward.

It’s where my 3rd grade teacher took me out for pizza at Mr. Gattis for doing something good. I played Ms. Pacman on one of those tabletop videogames.

This is where I had my second job making signs at Kroger and working behind the video store rental counter.

More importantly, it’s where this tavern was once a Ground Round, a place you used to be able to throw peanut shells on the floor, eat super buttered popcorn, and watch old cartoons on the walls with one of those newfangled projection units that were the size of a large microwave. Oh, they had food too, but that wasn’t the point.

I could go on.

Reconfigured as a sports bar, the place lent a fine backdrop to a good evening of reasonable beer and excellent company.