Captain D’s

Always nice to see a logo get better

I’m starting to have faith that some logos and identities can indeed improve.

I’ve not stepped foot in a Captain D’s, but this blend of whimsy, color, type, and illustration would entice me to give em a shot.

Link: Corporate speak about the new identity.

8 responses to “Captain D’s”

  1. byron Avatar

    mmkaaay…take your life and stomach into your own hands by going up in there 🙂

  2. Brian Faust Avatar

    Wow. Very east-coast, legit fish co. style.
    I like, especially the fact that it almost looks old-school, hand-drawn…

  3. The Brown Avatar
    The Brown

    I might actually eat there now that sign looks so darn inviting.

  4. Heather Avatar

    This new fish looks like he has a mohawk, but hey, I’m all for it.
    BTW, love your logo comparison posts … I might steal it for my own blog with some of the latest changes in the beauty industry (Herbal Essences, among others).

  5. Chris Glass Avatar

    I figure you’re right Byron. I have a similar reaction to Long John Silvers. Though perhaps if I got steamed salmon…
    And Heather, I say do it! I’ll follow along.

  6. M3Alnemer Avatar

    Don’t worry!
    The Emportant thing is they still have the same food n’ the same taste

  7. Jeremy Avatar

    Captain D’s has the best fast food seafood in the country.

  8. CAPTAIN Mayo Avatar
    CAPTAIN Mayo

    THROW SO D’S ON DAT FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!