Make It Work: The t-shirt

Because we need more Tim Gunn in our lives

What started as a semi-serious notion while watching Project Runway back in 2006 turned into a sketch, and then a reality.

Two years later and I’m still enjoying the show.

I updated the drawing of Tim to look more like Tim and less like Paul Newman on a bottle of ranch dressing. I’ve also printed this new batch on heather gray shirts instead of three different colors. That got to be too confusing to keep in stock.

The one-color design is lovingly hand-printed on a super-soft American Apparel shirt.

So have a look-see, they’re available in mens and ladies sizes for a limited time.

17 responses to “Make It Work: The t-shirt”

  1. D R E W Avatar

    omg, i love tim gunn.

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    Personally Drew? I think he deserves a spinoff.

  3. Kirk Avatar

    Tim Gunn is great. Nicely done. But… I’ve always wondered where ownership ends and fair use begins. I’d be afraid to design a shirt with a celebrity’s likeness for fear of legal action. I applaud either your intrepid nature or your vast knowledge of copyright law. Oh, and the design, of course; it gets applause as well.

  4. Chris Glass Avatar

    A slippery slope indeed Kirk.
    I don’t have the answers, yet.

  5. Ima Gurl Avatar
    Ima Gurl

    When did Tim Gunn become so rugged and handsome?
    Carry on.

  6. Marianne Avatar

    I’m a tiny person who loves The Gunn. No size small?

  7. Chris Glass Avatar

    There WERE smalls Marianne, I’m re-stocking. I’ll shoot you an email when they’re back n ready!

  8. Rachel Avatar

    i want a small too!

  9. Rachel Avatar

    yay, got one!

  10. Chris Glass Avatar

    Nick, that photograph is AWESOME! Thank you for buying, and another thanks for dropping by!

  11. Fuzzy Avatar

    Got it — my wife modeled hers on the lakeshore:

  12. Libby Avatar

    What about a tiny “make it work” onesie for Baby Frank? I like to think she’ll already be that dictatorial.

  13. duane Avatar

    Thanks for the superbly fast shipping chris. I love that it is on American Apparel, and I flickred mine too. I may order one for my partner, if he is good!

  14. Chris Glass Avatar

    Glad it got there intact Duane. If you DO order another, just drop me a line. I’m torn on reprinting a bunch, or just making them on-demand.

  15. john Avatar

    good beep

  16. jaime Avatar