my first mash-up

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I attempted listening to the #1 song in iTunes and was transported back to a time when MTV played videos. I lament this often because I think music videos were important to my development. I suppose I should stop beating this topic because kids raised on My Super Sweet 16 will likely turn out totally fine.

Anyway, my first mashup is a little over 2 minutes long, which clocks in about 1 minute longer than it needs to be. Though the technology makes mash-ups easy, it was hard to make all the audio blends totally seamless.

Hear it is:

Promiscuous Opposites (Paula Abdul + Nelly Furtato featuring Timberlands) MP3
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4 responses to “my first mash-up”

  1. CrioKnight Avatar

    I just grabbed this and will have to give it a listen to. I just had to comment that I know your being sarcastic when you say that kids raised on My Super Sweet 16 will turn out fine. LOL.
    It’s funny because kids nowadays are different in the sense that they don’t know hard work. Everything is instant. Ebay ad space on your forehead, Numa Numa video, William Hung. These are the examples that they have set before them. Everything is a quick buck and a quick success. Unfortunately reality deems it that it doesn’t work that way. How do we communicate this to them before they get to the real world? (and no I don’t mean The Real World on MTV) Just wondering what you thought. I’ll get back to you on the cool mashup song. What did you use to do the mashing? 🙂

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    I used Freeverse’s Sound Studio Crio, which is the closest I could find to a simple audio application.
    Mind you, it’s less a mash-up and more a bunch of bad edits.
    And I’ll get back to you on the future/children. It’s a big topic that deserves some pondering.

  3. Alejandro Avatar

    The “mash up” was nice, waaaay retro for me (20 years old) but good. What i really liked was the picture. I didn’t watch that much mtv when i lived on the states, but here (latinamerica) they had these comercials, there were like 3 o 4 of them with dummies walking over grass, blu sky and that. i like them. they’re quite gay but cool at the same time.
    i realize i could have said wwhat i said in only two lines. maybe three.
    nice blog, nicer pictures.

  4. CrioKnight Avatar

    OK. I see what you were trying to do. The edits were ok. But you got your point across. Gets you thinking more abut the Jungian collective unconscious no? It seems like a lot of songs these days sound like stuff we’ve heard in the past. I wonder if our parents had the same experience in the 80s with songs sounding like stuff from the 60s or 70s. My personal thought is that with the advent of electronic influence in music production it was easier to come up with original sounding stuff. Nowadays its all been done before. Maybe thats why we’re getting all these mashup of sounds. Like hip hop/rock for example. Hmm. Either way. Entertaining Chris to hear Paula’s song be superficially masked by the mediocre Nelly Furtado but the amazingly talented Timbaland. (He makes my booty move whenever he puts something new out. He has good taste in rhythm and beats.)