I almost needed Kleenex®

I snuck in a viewing of Cars this week.

I didn’t rush out to see this one, and maybe that’s because of Larry the Cable Guy™ or the NASCAR associations. Now I wonder how I could have passed any doubt over Pixar.

I’m not sure why it has a PG rating (correction: it’s G), but it might be tough for little ones to sit through the 2 hour length.

Aside from that minor squabble, it is beautiful and has the right touch of nostalgia and heart to make it another animated favorite.

2 responses to “Cars”

  1. Zachariah O'Hora Avatar
    Zachariah O’Hora

    It’s weird but the cars look like the exact ones that Mobil has used for the past few years on their campaigns…Joe Camel for the energy exploitation set.
    Out of all the possibilities of animated objects/things/animals…they gotta choose cars? Now? I mean, it’s not Desert Storm trading cards from Topps…but still.
    Course I haven’t seen the film so I am just talking out my ass….

  2. Daniel Avatar

    I saw it, and thought it hit the same stride as Toy Story. I caught the subtle (or not so) inflections within the worldbuilding referring to cars: mountain ranges that looked like the buried Cadillacs; large mesa-like formations that bore strong resemblance to the curvy-yet-beefy lines of old. The technical brilliance is unquestionable: the glint of neon on polished metal is staggeringly well done.
    For plotting and characterization, they’ve stuck with a formula, but a good formula. Sometimes formulaic entertainment still hits the spot.