an afternoon at the track

River Downs

A friend was turning 29 and she apparently enjoys a day at the races. So we semi-surprised her and gathered ’round the Tiki bar at the tracks on Saturday to celebrate.

It’s odd, but in my three-plus decades (even working next door at the otherConey Island” through high school summers), I can’t remember ever setting foot on the premises.

I don’t quite understand the whole network of tracks in different states coordinating races, but that’s okay. I like spending money on things like music, videogames, travel, and beer. The notion of not-guaranteed profit keeps my wallet safely in pocket.

The weather was great. There was cake, a mini rockem-sockem robot match, and lots of smiling.

One response to “an afternoon at the track”

  1. Libby Avatar

    I love my friends, if only because they keep up the charade of the whole 29 thing.
    Thanks for coming on Saturday, Chris! How cool were the mini rock’em sock’ems?
    Cooler than Croc’s, methinks.