Clogs + The Books

at the Contemporary Arts Center

MusicNow Festival, 2006

The installation of Karl Jensen’s large paper lanterns and backdrop to the stage was mesmerizing. Cutouts of intricate detail and symmetry with light pouring from behind lent a cool vibe to the joint—like some fantastic nightclub of the future, but with really uncomfortable seating. Oh yeah, I’m focusing on the positive.

Clogs opened. Their instrumentation of guitar, bassoon, viola and changing percussion churned out quiet, contemplative pieces. Vocals would seep in here and there, more as instrument than lyric. Lantern, the title track of their latest album and inspiration for decor, closed their set with a bit of upbeat but wistful melancholy.

Short intermission where I got to hang with friends including Garrison, and then it was back inside for a most extraordinary experience that is The Books performing live.

Their set list was a numeric chapter listing on a DVD projected on to a screen.

I’m guessing that the beats and sound clips were contained on the DVD, with the two members of the band providing vocals, guitar and cello on the spot.

A hodgepodge of videos in the background reminded me of Vinnie‘s x-mas mixes. Weird and wonderful stuff, chopped up and twisted around to create something new.

Totally. Awesome.

And completely unlike the photos that came from my camera.