the things that held up other things

I spent a bit of this rainy afternoon taking photos for linear notes of a CD yet released.

I tried to make old photographs and 45’s look like they were floating by using strips of cardboard taped together to prop each layer up.

After the memorabilia was returned, I was left with all these bits and they seemed sort’f interesting on their own.

Here’s a photo of the very professional setup used

This also marked the first day that I have washed dishes on my own again after “the incident.” My hand was fearful and delicate around the glasses.

One response to “propping”

  1. Rick Avatar

    I’m really interested in seeing the final photo for the project, when you have the freedom to release it. How did the end result look? How’d the process develop? Sorry, but I’m always gleaning new ideas.
    Hope the hand’s still healing well.