tacos in my pockets

My mom, the hand model

Yesterday I put tacos in my pockets and snuck them into the theater. The one o’clock show overlapped with lunch.

“I can’t believe you did that” my mom whispered as the previews began.

Transamerica was entirely enjoyable. I think Kim summed it up well with her thoughts.

Afterward we stopped by Hobo Books, a relatively new independent bookstore that opened in the neighborhood. My mom said there were cigar boxes for sale. And there were, along with walls lined with new and used books, magazines, coffee and tobacco.

Inside the bookstore

I picked up Candy Freak (because it’s about one of my favorite topics), The Sweet Hereafter (I’ve been told it’s a movie I should check out—and it was cheap), and a armload of cigar boxes (which I hope to transform into dice games.)

2 responses to “tacos in my pockets”

  1. sean Avatar

    Chris–drop a note here to let us know how easy it is to make the dice game. The rules/game sound like good fun and I’d be interested in making one too. Thanks! There’s little to beat a good independent bookstore as well. I like the chairs . . .

  2. Libby Avatar

    Jason and Kate loaned me Candy Freak. The first half was great – funny…and made me want to drive south for a box of GooGoo Clusters. The second half dissolved into this self loathing diatribe about how candy won’t save him. Aaahhh, an artistic, self-hating Jewish writer. 10 years ago I would have had SUCH a crush. Oy. [But as Jason pointed out – check out the neat websites at the back for tips on how to get the goods.]