Park Chili


It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago when I was chatting with a local band at the radio station that I learned about Park Chili–exactly the type of joint I like to visit on a Saturday.

I’d passed it many a time, but couldn’t make out anything through the steamed-up windows.

I’ve been there a few times now. It’s cheap. Food’s good. But it’s more about the ambience and local color.

The cook/cashier has a brazen attitude, barking at customers to hold their horses as he tends to juggling hats. A worn Arkanoid machine sits by the front door. Jelly or apple butter comes from a big jar as a dollop next to your toast.

For about five bucks you can get a heart attack on a plate. It’s called a “Ham Mess” (also available in goetta or bacon). Essentially it’s vegetables, potatoes, eggs, meat, and cheese, smothered in gravy. (Here’s a photo)

During the meal, mom called and asked me if I’d seen the big flakes of snow outside. I had indeed, but was sad to note, it’s not really sticking.

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  1. gary watson Avatar
    gary watson

    I grew up in Northside during the 60’s & 70’s. I ate here many times during this period. I’m glad to see it is still open. I remember Phi;, his sister Jean and also their mother at the register until she passed away. I also recall when this was priot to the above picture when it was remodeled sometime in the 70’s. Is the place still owned the above? Yjanks for the slice of history.