How to catch a mouse without a mousetrap


I had a little friend visit my apartment the other week, and for a while there I was ready to make peace with him and co-exist. But after I cleaned up the place and ordered pizza one night, and it crawled up the side of my chair onto the sleeve of my shirt, I knew it was time to bid farewell.

Here’s how I caught the critter:

  1. Get a toilet paper tube and crease two lines to form a flat sided tunnel.
  2. Put a treat on one end of the tube: A cracker and dab of peanut butter works great.
  3. Get a tall (at least 20 inches) bucket. A trash can works well.
  4. Balance the tube precariously on the edge of a table or counter with the treat hanging directly over the tall sided receptacle.
  5. The mouse will scurry to the treat (they like tunnels) and fall into the trap.

Set the fella loose at least a mile away from your abode.

Postnote: It worked within the hour.

Also, folks have asked how this could work if you don’t have a counter or table. Simple: get a piece of cardboard and crease it to make a ramp up to a small trashcan.

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  1. Haha, hmm… Im having a bit of a mouse problem too… Might just give it a try, It’s much more humane than using fly paper and mouse traps.

  2. OMG! Life saver! Fingers crossed it works for me as fast as it did you!
    Got three traps set. 3x the chances? eh!

  3. what a splendid idea you found on the net!
    let me know what site you found this at, so i can investigate whether that site has more cool stuff.
    what about cockroaches?

  4. Thanks for your awesome idea. I had a mouse at my house here at 5AM and used a variation of your idea. My toilet and tub were too high for the mouse to get on so I modified your idea. I baited a TP roll with peanut butter in the middle of the bathroom floor. I sat on my sink and waited patiently with a large clear bowl nearby. 2 min later, my gray friend came out for a bite to eat and I caught him!

  5. Dont most mice stay on the floor? We have one right now that was running around the floor and I’d like to try this trap idea but im not sure how I could make it work when he’s on the floor already.

  6. Just set one up, hope it works. By the way, for those of you who care about humane BS, when he falls for the trap I’m gonna set the little f***er on fire and watch him die.

  7. Build steps with books that go up to the trap, he will figure it out, the PB is too yummy. BTW, this is also the recommended way to catch an escaped pet rodent (like a hamster).

  8. This trap worked great! For two weeks, “Virgil” had been an unwelcome guest in our kitchen. Various glue traps were strategically placed but weren’t doing the job. Finally, I tried your method and it worked the same night!! Excellent! And more importantly very humane!! Thanks for the idea!!

  9. there is a mouse currently trapped in my CLOSET right now…I spotted him out of the corner of my eye at about 11:45, screamed, and he scampered back under the door…then i stuffed a blanket and my laundry bag between the door and the floor…i’m going to try to sleep tonight..and set up a “trap” tomorrow…

  10. Great Idea dude,easy,cheap,and it works.Oh yea,Rob,your a moron,how would you like to go get something to eat(BECAUSE YOUR HUNGRY)only to find your spine crushed by a huge metal bar swinging down on you,or even worse,having to starve to death because your glued to the floor.You just get to sit there and Die of starvation with the food you wanted only a foot away.Also,over 50% of the time a mouse will struggle so much on a glue strip the they break their own back or neck,they only want to eat get a heart man,killing is wrong,it started with a little bug,then a mouse,then they kept gettin bigger and bigger,and now all of a sudden its 2006,we have guns a Nuclear,chemical,and Bio weapons and spend more money on things that will kill people then most do on food

  11. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I soooo hope this works! I have more than 1 in my house right now & have had no luck w/the humane traps, smart mice I guess?

  12. I modified this idea, because the original method didn’t work, and I’d rather not have mice on my countertops. I put some honey roasted peanuts in the bottom of a long “mailing tube” and left it on the floor near where the mouse hung out. When you hear the mouse chewing peanuts you creep up, put some cardboard over the open end of the tube, and flip it so the mouse is at the bottom. Then I put a ziplock baggie over the open end, and flip it over again. The mouse falls into the baggie, zip it closed. Double bag it just to be sure, and release or allow mouse to humanely suffocate.
    I’m three for three!
    (The mice don’t really bother me much, but my wife hates them.)

  13. Thank you so much for the great idea. I have a pet female that got loose, and her husband misses her. I placed food and water on the floor, and I know she is around here. Now
    I dont have to spend 18 bucks on a save a heart trap, for a
    1.98 mouse.
    Thanks so much.
    ps I guess I will use a yardstick for the mouse to go up to the top of table where treat is waiting.

  14. I actually used a small wastepaper basket as the trap and made a ramp with cardboard up to the precariously resting tube.
    I didn’t mind the visitor too much, until he started getting a little too comfortable climbing up to the end table where I sat my food.

  15. This worked great!!! I used a paper towel tube. I caught it in about an hour and I had to do it twice! The first time the tube fell in the garbage can but the mouse somehow wasn’t in it… I can picture it doing some acrobatic move in mid-air to escape. The second time the poor guy fell right in the garbage can. It was very cute but it had to go.
    Once again… this is a great “How to”. Very humane.

  16. Humane is all well and good; giving the mouse to someone else is… inconsiderate, at least. Theres no shortage, waste the little suckers. Pouring a couple gallons of hot water into the bucket would be a fast, sanitary, and humane (at least not uneccesarily cruel) way of killing your rodent once you’ve caught him.
    I used to give them to my cats once they were dead, but thats a mistake: the cats wont hunt unbathed live mice anymore.

  17. Excellent Idea. But I think I may have an improvement.
    I would dangle the treat from the top of the tube at the unsupported end (to re-use the bait) and run some tape from the underside of the unsupported end back along the tube to run under the lip of the benchtop or table top. That way if you have multiple visitors, you may be able to catch more than just one in a night. You would just need to make sure that there is enough tube supported by the bench for the trap to reset itself.

  18. The one we always used and I don’t see mentioned here is to simply take a 5 gallon bucket. Tape the handle in the upright position, and take a slat of wood that leads up to the handle (but leave a good 3-4 inch gap). You spread some peanut butter on an empty can of soda that you put on the handle so that it spins. And in the morning you have a couple of mice in the bucket.
    The Mice try and get to the can, the can spins drops them in the bucket. Slightly more complex, but still a 5 minute set up, and not nearly so ghastly as a spring trap, or poison.
    This one is nice because you aren’t limited to a single mouse a night, and you don’t entice mice onto your counter/living area’s.
    Then we just cart the bucket out into the woods and let the little buggers go.

  19. So, did it come back in a week or so? Most wild animals will try to find their way home if relocated, I don’t imagine mice are any different.

  20. When we had a mouse infestation I used something very similar, a black plastic tube with a slight bend in the middle. Mouse goes to the end for the ol’ peanut butter, tube tips over, and closes a little door. I’d get about two a day– we had to move eventually, it was hopeless with the porous walls!
    Of course, then you’re left with an intact little mouse in a tube. I used to take them for long walks to posh neighbourhoods for release, some strange vengeance impulse I guess. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking down a street aware of having a live mouse in your purse. The temptation to release them in a crowded restaurant was almost overwhelming.
    Snap-traps aren’t that bad– they’re almost always Instant Death, but London mice these days have evolved to be too small to set them off. Glue traps are just sick, frankly. But nothing is crueler than a cat.

  21. Hey, if you’re quick with your hands, like I am, you can just corner the little darling, catch him in your hand and escort him to the nice house down the street. I like mice, just not in my house. I admire your humane trap idea, but I’d worry he’d hurt himself in the fall. Yes, folks, a bleeding heart liberal here.

  22. when I was a kid, we raised a colony of mice (long story) — and 30% of them could jump 3 feet into the air. These were common field mice, as are common throughout Ireland. This technique wouldn’t be so hot against those πŸ˜‰

  23. seems a lot of work to go to considering the little fella was on your sleeve… did you not think to just use your other hand?

  24. Just to pick a nit here, but since you’ve set up an apparatus to trap a mouse, doesn’t it qualify as a “mouse trap”?
    Okay, okay, sorry.
    I’m going to try this with a shrew or mole or something we’ve got living in our garage and feasting off the trashcans.

  25. You know, for all you turds that want to kill the mice instead of trap and release, why don’t you just set loose some snakes in your house? Snakes eat mice. Then, you will not have a mouse problem any more.

  26. Once caught a mouse (accidentally) in a Pepperidge Farm Goldfish carton. It was almost empty, sitting on the counter, with the “milk carton like” top folded inward. The mouse got on top to get the goldfish, then fell in. The downward pointing slats kept the mouse from getting out. The carton was foil lined, which made it more difficult for the mouse to escape.
    My son insisted on keeping the mouse…my mom bought a little cage. We then noticed that the mouse only had 3 legs (2 back, 1 front). Then a day later, it gave birth! Full of surprises!

  27. I filled a 5 gallon bucket with 2.5 gallons of peanut butter, placed the tube on the edge, and introduced the little fella to his own personal heaven.

  28. That’s a great device!
    I’m too impatient though. If you’ve got two people, and you know where the mouse is, take advantage of the fact that they rarely run across open space, and instead tend to follow walls.
    Put a paper grocery bag against the wall in the room with the mouse. Have one person scare the mouse into running, and have the other pick up the bag as soon as the mouse runs in. I’ve caught multiple mice in my house this way, each in under 5 minutes.

  29. I agree with the previous comment about mice generally running around the floor. I found another trap that is simple and easy to make, and that works well. Check the link to my blog entry.

  30. Odd… in my news reader, this article came up right before a how-to for a spud gun. I’m not sure if I should merge the two projects.
    Just say no. Just say no. Just say no…

  31. For all of you killers out there, here is the humane way to end your little friends’ lives: expell a cartrige of CO2 into the bucket (It’s heavier than air). They will get high and pass out, and then suffocate painlessly.

  32. seems like a lot of people out there have mouse infestations. yuck. what happens when the bird flu mutates to mouse-to-mouse transmissible form? gonna catch and release then?

  33. In case of rats, replace toilet paper tube with PVP piping, and install spikes on the floor of electrified garbage can. πŸ˜€

  34. Great idea…but it seems that the mouse will have to climb to a higher elevation for this to work. Unlike conventional mouse traps where they are placed in corners on the floor.
    Perhaps the trick is to make it easy for the mouse to somehow make it up a ramp or something.
    I’ll definitely use this method.
    Thanks again πŸ™‚

  35. Good point SamC. Lemme extrapolate: I set the garbage can on the floor and made a ramp with cardboard up to the “tube,” then set the whole thing right by the fridge (where I believe it lived).
    I didn’t want the little fella on the counter any more than he was.

  36. I used an idea like this to catch a squirrel in my basement. Instead of a cardboard tube I used an old cat carrier balanced on the basement steps. I fixed the door so it swung into the carrier and tied a cable from the door to a pipe on the ceiling. Threw in some peanut butter Ritz Bits and waited. I made an alarm, too. I attached a piece of string tied to a soda can with some pennies in it. When the trap was sprung the can made a racket and I ran to get the squirrel. The carrier was hanging from the ceiling with the squirrel inside. (He was NOT happy.) With the door on backwards the weight of the carrier held the trap shut. I let him free in a nearby park and gave him the rest of the Ritz Bits for being such a good sport.

  37. Brilliant idea! So simple, so elegant. Personally I’d just dump the bucket’o’mice into the woods and let them figure themselves out – no reason to kill them really. But I’m a pretty firm believer in karma.

  38. I did this but I gave him some food at the bottom, for being so good and going right intp the trap.

  39. Great idea.
    One clarification: CO2 suffocation triggers the panic receptors in the mammalian brain. Mice suffocated in this way would likely suffer horribly. Breathe into a plastic bag and see how the CO2 buildup causes you to hyperventilate and panic.
    Use argon or nitrogen, used in welding and brewing respectively. They will just pass out and asphyxiate.

  40. This is a solution in search of a problem. Snap traps are perfectly humane since the mouse is killed instantly and does not suffer. Glue traps of course are not nearly as fast. I set up two traps in my laundry room and in three days had caught 10 mice, each of which I dumped out on my lawn, so that the local omnivores (cats, racoons, opossum) could have some snacks.

  41. I think the most humane way to kill rodents is by putting them in the freezer. Basically they just fall asleep and never wake up. My sister in law caught a mouse once in a trap, but only the tail was caught. I picked the whole thing up, dropped into a jogurt container, put the top on, and stuck it in the freezer. The next morning we had a nice micicle. Jummy πŸ˜‰
    Releasing them is stupid and cruel. Either they are going into another persons home, where they might breed, and then that person might use some cruel traps to get rid of the mouse infestation, or you are releasing into the wild and it will almost certainly fall prey to a predator. Just accept that there is some bad karma involved in getting rid of rodents, and kill it humanely.
    Troll cap winner

  42. My hubby put some mouse poison in the garage. The kids found the half dead mouse a couple of hours later. They were so outraged that Daddy had killed a mouse, they set up a similar trap to catch all the other critters…then we read that rats and mice don’t get along. So we bought a pet rat and kept him in a cage in the garage. The mice never came back. That pet rat was the best pet we’ve ever had. Smart too.

  43. Friggin Great Idea…. I just set one up over my garbage disposal. Tell you if it works.

  44. Wow, the old mouse into the bucket trick made both make and boingboing! This is a popular one among small animal breeders because it is so effective and harmless. For mice and especially rats you will want to make sure it is at least a 2ft deep bucket, wild things can jump *high.* I’m pretty sure wild rats might be the animal kingdoms greatest athletes.

  45. you can use a ramp as well with some food in the bottom of the bucket. simply place a ramp up to the rim of the bucket, and the mice will jump in after the food. cat food works well because of its smell. but there is a down side to this set up. i “armed” this trap before i went to bed. in the morning i found, to my utter disgust, no food, three tails and one very fat mouse. i was later able to witness this canabalistic act when the next morning i woke to find a mouse half way through a second mouse, and an assortment of tails again. i continued this method untill there were no mice or tails in the pail for a few days straight. it works but beware of the horror.
    the horror….the horror…..the horror.

  46. Looks like a great idea, with a lot of fun. One thing you sure need a big heavy duty roll of tude, else the fat furry creatures will simply push the whole “trap” down in its process to get into the tunnel.
    A good laugh, and the picture just fill me with ghee!

  47. I tried this and just fed the little mammal to my cat. Equally humane from the cat’s perspective….no?

  48. I have a better solution – a ballbearing mousecatcher, otherwise known as a tomcat. It has the virtues of being 100% natural and self-cleaning and disposing.

  49. Don’t forget to put something soft in the can or bucket or this won’t be all that humane when you dump the mouse off in the country with a brain hemorrhage.

  50. I found a mouse long time ago in the kitchen and it barely moved, like it was poisoned or something.
    Decided to do the right thing I took it outside and set on fire: it died in less than 2 seconds, beat that humane supporters!

  51. So there I was…so proud of myself for getting rid of all the mice in my house. I had just slept my first sleepless night because there was no patter of tiny mouse feet making noise. Suddenly I see a car pull up outside my house, a person takes a 20inch high trash can and dumps out a mouse and a crushed toilet paper roll on my front lawn. arghh….time to get the flypaper and mousetraps back out.

  52. You just have to reason with yourself whichever method you use.
    In the end, I feed them to one of my 12 dogs (instant death, saves a few ounces of dog food) and pray my ADD takes care of the rest (I forget quite easily.)
    In the end, the universe cleans itself up.
    If it wants to.

  53. So many comments elicited from the introduction of a humane mouse trap….. Don’t get me wrong – loved the idea…. am a serious animal lover and believe that it’s wrong to kill just because something is a nuisance….. but a ton of comments on this subject leads me to wonder why other, more thought producing subjects lay untouched…?

  54. Wow! Two of you burn the mice! You didn’t see where that guy in Mexico swept a mouse out of his house,it ran back into the burning field it came from and then turned around ,now on fire and ran into the Mexican’s house and scurried into a wall and burned the house down?
    Mice carry diseases.Hantavirus,fleas,bacteria-don’t mess with them.This is why God gave you a supposedly BIGGER brain.To be on TOP of the food chain.The Bubonic plague was caused by fleas from rats and mice carrying the plague virus.
    Don’t give them to your pets.Don’t bet they won’t find their way back….Like one guy wrote above,there’s no shortage.Dispose of the little bastards before they eat some insulation off your wires,and your place burns down.

  55. SET HIM FREE?! Are you INSANE? Vermin inside the house must be destroyed, killed, eliminated. Putting them back outside accomplishes nothing, I don’t care if it is a mile away. Have you ever tried to move a drop of water to the other side of a bucket? It doesn’t work!
    Trap them any way you want, but once you’ve got ’em, kill ’em!

  56. This worked great! Got three of them the first night. Happily today there was a party at my bosses house. The three of them will enjoy his food a lot more than mine I’m sure, at least it seemed so as I watched them scamper under his bed when I released them.

  57. I used a Tall bottle with a screw top, and took a stick that was as tall as the bottle and wrapped a rubber band around the bottle and the stick. Inside the bottle drop your bait of choice, then place in a high mouse traffic area. Once the mouse climbs up the stick and into the bottle, just screw the lid back on and then do whatever.

  58. Well, very interesting and I will try this for sure. I can’t promise any humane anything because I feel so violated to have such a creature in my home. He’s been there 3 months, won’t eat any food in a trap or on the floor, but I have seen him and his ‘tracks’. I have snap traps, sticky traps, clip traps, cage traps…and nothing…….he just rules the house as if it were his own! He is very very smart but he is going to die! I win in the end! I also just learned that he has eaten the instant potatoes that I put out (or is he moving them and hording them….?) I heard this works like the bird eating rice……….I can only hope. I hate to think that he’ll died where I can’t see him…..I vacuum under every low piece of furniture every nite to find him……this is insane! It’s driving me insane…..for just one mouse which got in my house from bags of clothes from my parents farm house! Haven’t ever had a mouse in 11 years! There is no way out…..the place is tight as a drum! Sorry, as you can tell I am just not happy! I will let you know how long it took to have him dive into the merky depths of a bucket of water and drown!

  59. i found a mouse in my basement dead, right in the middle of the floor. i know it must just have died because i was down their a day or two earlier. my question is how did it die??? it looked very healthy looking and big for a mouse.
    Please get back to me with a possible answer??

  60. To: sharon N.
    how do u know if its a he??? u sure its not ur ex lol. anyway, i havent seen any in my house thank god but like i said in my previous posting i found one in my basement dead. and i am not sure it the peppermint oil killed him because i didnt really put any down. but i believe it works because i dont seem to have any in my garage anymore.
    the actual peppermint oil cost a lot so they recommended the liquid soap because it’s just as strong
    you can buy it at natural store. Just put a few cotton balls soak with the peppermint, in a zip lock bag with a few punctured holes for the smell to escape, apparently mice hate the smell and take off.
    ps thank god it wasnt ur ex

  61. My my, I didn’t know about the pepperment oil but I don’t think it would work because he/she has no way out……unless I leav the doors open, but it’s too cold and then more could come in………it’s a ‘transported’ mouse….
    There are many things in a basement that could kill a mouse……..but I’d be interested to know what did kill yours Angelina?
    And, I guess I am not sure it’s a ‘he’ but since it’s so damn stubborn…j/k…..and how did you know I had an ‘ex’???? God help me if the ex came back and the mouse stayed…..I’ll jump in the bucket!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned…….

  62. Interesting idea, but not really usefull unless your a budhist or you want to set the buggers loose in someone elses house.
    Personally I like the sonic repellers, I had a pretty damn bad infestation in my house and garage, I bought five of them, 1 for the garage and 4 for the house…I went a bit overboard, but I haven’t seen a mouse since I put them in.
    As for setting mice on fire, wtf is your problem? have you ever been set on fire? I am not a huge animal rights activest or anything, but that is about the stupidest thing I have ever read in my life…and I have read mein kampf.

  63. If it’s useless to set them free because they’ll just go to a neighbors house, then how does your sonic repeller do any good? They’ll just go into a neighbors home anyway!
    Also, a long time ago, one of my cats ate a poisoned mole and died. The same thing could happen with a mouse. Don’t feed it to your pets. They’ve got pet food. Release it into the wild away from your home. If it doesn’t die of old age, a it make a nice meal for a predator. That isn’t cruel! It’s nature!

  64. To: Angelina
    how do u know if its a he???
    When the mouse drops into the (steel) bucket, it defentively will hurt. The mouse has not the same refexes as a cat. So, it will yell something like: Aaaaaah, my nuts!!!! Than it’s a he.
    If you hear a donk only, it must be female.

  65. i’ll try this one. I’ve never had a problem with a mouse in the house before. Usually they stay out of my way, but this one gets on the counters. i have to disinfect everyday. I was beginning to give up on the concept of a homemade mousetrap. THANKS

  66. This works! Instead of a tube, I used a cereal box with both ends torn off. I put a fig newton in one end and balanced that end over the empty recycling bin. This morning, I checked the bin, and the box had been torn up. I shook the bin, and the unwelcome guest was still there! I took him for a long ride, and I won’t be seeing him again. I wonder if he’s got family.

  67. Another nice trap is to acquire a gallon jug with a small mouth. ( big enough for a mouse. Attach a section af bicycle innertube to the mouth and place the other end near a countertop or something elevated. roll a few pieces of banana down the tube. Mice crawl in but cannot crawl back out of the container. After you have the pests in the bottle, Shoot a few blasts of starter fluid in the bottle and cap for 10 or 15 minutes. Empty the remnants into the garbage, or compost pile.

  68. For all of you mouse rights activists, have ever killed a pest in your life? A fly, a mosquito, anything? I am sure you have. So get over the whole save the mice campaign and realize that these little vermon spread more heartache, damage and yes, death than their little lives are worth. Sorry if I sound insensitive…but let’s get back to reality please!

  69. Brilliant! It worked for me last night, many thanks πŸ™‚ I felt sorry for the little black eyed creature and now she’s in a great spot in a lovely field with lots of plants and ponds.

  70. Okay, I had to come here too because I am at my END!! I was painting about a month ago and left my door open for ventilation. Well, you guessed it..a mouse ran in. I tried trapping it then; however, it was way too fast. Even my contractor tried catching it. Now, everyday, I wake up to mouse crap everywhere. One day, in my bathroom, the next in my living room and so on. I have placed traps everywhere and he avoids them. Yes, it’s a HE and he has a name. I named him Brad after my Ex that I kicked out in December. Now, I have another loser in my house that doesn’t pay rent, eats my food and craps all over me!! UGH!! I’m so at my end…I really don’t care if he is killed humanely! I used to care..I don’t now! I’m tired of all the crap!! Yes, all the crap! How can one little mouse crap so much! I just bought a bedroom set yesterday and woke up to crap on my new nightstand! UGH!!

  71. Yeah!! I finally caught the little critter. This morning, he was in my bathtub and when he saw me, he tried to run down the drain. When he realized that he couldn’t fit, he tried to hide his face. Poor little thing…all the dislike for him totally left. LOL! But, I also had the upper hand at this time. So, I got a mason jar and placed it over the drain. He jumped into it and I placed tinfoil over it and poked holes into it. Then, I fed him a piece of bacon. Darn, why did he have to be soooo cute! He really was like my ex…cute but worthless. LOL!
    So, I took him 19 miles from my home and dropped him off in an industrial area in Los Angeles. He actually stopped and looked at me before he ran off. I was so glad that he evaded all my traps! I really couldn’t have handled, I have no guilt. YAY!!

  72. My cat brought me a present last night! He and I had it cornered and I tried to pick it up and it bit me. It’s in the lounge fireplace and I’m waiting for it to go down a wrapping paper tube to feast on a piece of cracker with peanut butter. Hope it works. Will let you know.

  73. look i have 2 cats and this fat looking one u might think ur cat is weird look atr mine, they pring me birthday presents, anyways no one has any idea what i can do to make a mousetrap vehicle go FASTER

  74. Thanks to all for your cool trap ideas, I will try them out some time, but for now the first one I caught and released. The second and third died instantly. The fourth and fifth are too smart for the springs and are now being tempted with glue. I have always tried to be humane with mice. I have even caught them bare handed to save them from cats and tried to nurse them back to health after rescue from other’s glue traps. I will not put more poison into the ecosystem so that is out. But I have come to understand that we are at war with rats and mice, and we are losing. In fact it is more of a resistance movement, as we are unlikely to ever win.
    When you see a mouse, You can assume that there at least 2 others who parented it. And if they parented one then they parenented 6 or more at least once. And each of those had a chance to mature and breed a little family of their own after a relatively short time. So do the math and realize that they are not cute little friends of the forest but rather an infestation of a disease harboring menace that can make you and your children and pets sick by shitting everywhere and ruining your food.
    I intend to drive them from my house like roaches and wild dogs and racoons and hyenas and republicans and Jehova’s Witnesses. If they don’t repond to a polite request then I will have to get rude.

  75. Ive tried this method but with no avail!! the cheeky little mouse has actually worked out to pull the cardboard tube away from the bin and eat the treat. i even made a trap witht the bin where i kept the lid slightly open, cardboarded the open bits and added a little door that opens into it, but doesnt open out. with a little collapsable platform with the bait. He still got out!
    running out of ideas!

  76. Its nice reading the 25 to 1 ratio of kind hearted persons.
    I heard the pitter patter of little feet in my house and found droppings. Bought a Hav-a-hart trap. Caught an old, bloated mouse. Transported him to the park and set him near a stream in thick bushes. Tossed a handful of Bugles nearby to give him a picnic before some more practiced predator gave him his “last rites”!!!
    At least he got to see what green grass and blue sky looks like. I can sleep with a clear conscience tonight!!

  77. Here’s another idea that I thought of over twenty years ago: Clean out a beer bottle and drop some cheese into the bottom. Lean the bottle against some kind of a ledge so that the opening is flush with a surface. The mouse crawls down into the bottle, but can’t crawl out because it’s too slippery. Do what you will with the little critter.

  78. My family has been using this idea for years. Unfortunately, my mom ended up with a serious mouse problem. She remarked one day that she had taken over 400 mice outside and released them using this method. We suspected they were the same mice, coming in over and over again. so we dabbed red nailpolish on the backs of a few of them. Sure enough, the same mice reappeared, over and over and over….

  79. Whatever live trap method you use, you might want to release a mouse farther than a mile away. My brother live-trapped a mouse in his house and painted a yellow dot on the critter and released him 3 miles away on the other side of the woods that ajoined his property. A couple days later he caught a mouse in his live-trap that had a yellow paint dot on him.

  80. Mouse story! I had a mouse in my picture framing studio a few years back and he got so friendly he would come around checking me out… so i would put my finger out and he’d sniff it. Eventually I got so I could pet him (cute little fella too). Then one day I was watching him climb down an extension cord from the bench to the floor and he fell off and lay dead on the floor. I had no poison around. Old age, heart attack, who knows? I felt kinda sorry for him. I don’t treat them the same at my house though. I set traps cause they can overrun a place pretty quick. I’ll try the tube over the bucket just for chuckles.

  81. Two mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned. The second mouse fought so hard he turned that cream into butter and crawled out.

  82. I pity a world which has people like Rob in it who get actual pleasure seeing little creatures suffer and die; they need to know there is a Judgement Day coming when they will get their just reward for delighting in the suffering of God’s creation, whether it be man or beast. It’s just such people who can translate the suffering of a little creature to the atrocities mankind perpetuates upon his fellow man. How sad no one raised these people to feel compassion.

  83. Paul, Havala, et al, I agree with you. Perhaps Rob is just playing games on this forum. But if he really means what he says, it will most certainly be returned unto him 100 fold. He’s not right in the head either way. In fact, the word ‘coward’ comes to mind. Personally I have a ‘live’ trap. It’s a long, clear plastic box that has a door that only opens one way and holes in the end for air. I’ve caught many mice in it and have actually driven them across town to a field and turned them loose. This tp roll idea sounds just as good. Kudos to those of you who have hearts for the little critters.

  84. Drive a mile (2 miles roundtrip) to save a mouse’s life, at $2.49 to 3.99 a gallon for the gasoline? That’s just plain assinine!
    Much easier, rub an amount of peanut butter into a wad of steel wool. The mouse will eat the steel wool while enjoying the peanut butter. It then goes home (whereveer that is), and dies from internal bleeding caused by the steel wool fragments. The body then rots away. No transporting, or wasting of fuel or time involved. If you are silly enough to do it, you can cry silently to yourself for the mouse
    The billions of mice in the world are one measly mouse less.
    Peanut butter and steel wool are cheap….

  85. The debate going on here is so interesting I can’t believe I have read all these posts. Anyway, I can’t believe cats haven’t been mentioned more! I have lived in a large house next to an open field for over 20 years. 3 cats 0 mice. All I see of the poor suckers is an occasional pile of tail and whiskers in the garage. Now I am not saying it is humane when the cat actually catches a mouse, but it is a great method of prevention because for the most part mice won’t ever enter a house with a cat in it- Hence the expression, “when the cat is away the mice will play”

  86. I strongly recommend NOT feeding poison or steel wool or anything else to a mouse that will allow the mouse to go to some random place to die. When I was growing up, my father put out poison to kill our mice, but one (or more?) died in the wall between the kitchen and the dining room and the stench seemed to last forever. My mother, sisters, and I wanted to make holes in the plaster (destroy the wall) until we found the stinking, rotting vermin and disposed of the cause of the putrid odor, but my father wouldn’t hear of it so we had to suffer. I believe someone already mentioned another excellent reason NOT to use poison: your pet or someone else’s pet might eat the poisoned rodent with unfortunate results.
    I really do like your homemade trapping setup. Thank you! This also works: corner the mouse and stomp down hard–can be messy though. A good cat is the best (I think) as long as you are not allergic to cats.

  87. Okay..I just spent three days cleaning out my storage and don’t want a repeat of the mess they made. My boyfriend keeps trying the humane traps with no little success. I can’t wait to see if this works.
    PS…mice don’t seem to like “organic” peanut butter…I guess if they are going to be having to give up their happy domain they want it to be for something more worthwhile!

  88. To all the folks who are considering cats as a good deterrent to mice…make sure they are cats who have been taught by their mama cats to catch mice; your general, generic house cats may just watch them, as mine have done. They informed me a mouse was there, but they in no way ‘caught’ them!

  89. Seems like a better solution to me…I had an infestation of rats in my office once…to the point that they were scampering around in my ceiling and making a very nice home for themselves, and would hop by the door to the office as if life was just wonderful… finally I put a couple of glue-traps out, only to see the next day how horribly they had struggled to get away. After drowning one,, I pulled several off the glue traps by the tail and let them get away as best they could. But it was very discouraging.

  90. And then, I finally got a cat…that took care of the rats, but then the cat would bring me mice to show off what a macho cat he was. He’d throw them in the air, playing with them, and the mouse seemed so apathetic that it was going to die, I’d take the mouse away from the cat and put it in the grass nearby, inviting it to run off. It wouldn’t. It WAITED for the cat to come and get it again, and succumb to the inevitable…as if it felt it was fulfilling it’s basic purpose in life! TO BE EATEN!

  91. A good idea is to dump a couple of beers into the bottom of the barrel – as the little beggar splashes around he releases all the carbon dioxide and he dies slowly of oxygen starvation while getting pised – a fitting end to a rodent.

  92. Hey, here’s an idea. I heard that if you put a bit of mint oil on a cotton ball and put several about in your cupboard, well, where the mice are anyway. They will leave as they are allergic to oil of mint. I’ve tried it and so far they have left and haven’t came back yet.

  93. Cool ! Especially if you move left end of the tube a little bit up to make some angle towards the basket.

  94. Spring traps are NOT instant death. I set one up for a rat l had in my garage. The bigger, heavier sort made just for rats.I came home the next day and the little fellow was in the trap,dead-and only his left front paw was under the metal bar. There was blood pooling at his ears and mouth. Upon further inspection l noted he had a deep impression, obviously made by the bar, across his midsection. The critter had taken a serious hit accoss the body and managed to struggle , maybe for hours, out from under that spring bar and then finally died with just his paw still not yet free.
    I will never use one of these devices again.

  95. Do you think one of those little love rodents would crawl up a longer tube, such as christmas present wrapping paper, and burrow into my rectum???? just wondering. i would not do that.
    o.k. mabie

  96. Sounds like it could make a great game. After you catch one see if he will fall for it again. After maybe 6 or so dives into the bucket maybe that will do him in. The one with the highest number of dive before he croaks wins.

  97. I had horrible mice problems in the garage, turds everywhere. They also got into a lot dried flower supplies and made nests with it everywhere. We didn’t want our pets poisoned so we didn’t do the regular traps/poisons. It was too crowded for my cat to chase them. One week, after a shipment of eucalyptus came, they vanished, never to return. Now we put the stuff everywhere. I would just as soon they stayed away then have to deal with carcasses.
    great email comments.

  98. We have used a better method for years on the goldfields here when there are mice plagues. A beer bottle is placed on its side with its neck over the edge of the table under which is a pail of water. Cheese is placed in the bottle mouth and a piece of cloth at the other end to allow the meece (plural)to climb up. They then run along the top side of the bottle and fall off when the neck is reached. We commonly caught 20 or more a night. It does not need resetting. NB Be sure to clean out often as the stench of rotting rodents can be unsettling.

  99. Why not just bonk it in the head and hang up its little body on a little cross as a warning to the other mice? Heh heh heh…

  100. Nitric acid, I say. Replace the trashcan with a glass Erlenmeyer flask with nitric acid. The subsequent bubbling can be noisy, though, once the screams have settled down, that is.

  101. Jesus said “God cares for every sparrow that falls.”
    Proverbs says “A righteous man takes good care of his animals”.
    This is a good way to take care of mine.

  102. Well you know what? I tried this and it didn’t work at all.
    First I tried it on my HP USB optical mouse and…nothing. Then, expecting different results, I tried it with my Logitech wireless mouse. Still no luck. I have tried several different brands of toilet paper, thinking that there might be a defect between the various TP manufacturers but to no avail. All I have is a huge pile of toilet paper and a mouse next to my computer that refuses to play along.
    Who’s the wise guy that thought up this fruitless scheme anyway? You’ve got some ‘splaining to do.

  103. Wouldn’t the mouse be hurt in the fall into the trash can or bucket? How about a little parachute on the roll?

  104. If you’ve got a bunch of the f***ers and wanna kill them quick, mix up a batch of 50% flour and 50% cement (no water). When they eat it, their digestive juices will harden the cement, blocking their intestines.

  105. When I worked in a restaurant in OK, we used to catch mice in plastic containers, close the lid and throw it in the microwave. It took about 2-3 minutes to kill them and about 4 minutes to explode them.

  106. Out here in the wild woods, we take a 4 or 5 gallon bucket and bore two small holes opposite each other in the top rim. Then we take a 12 ounce plastic pop bottle and stick a length of stiff wire through the cap and all the way through the bottom, then place the ends of the wire in the small holes in the bucket rim. This forms a rotating cylinder which is then smeared with chunky peanut butter. Put a few inches of water in the bucket and place a stick of wood from the ground up to the rim of the bucket. It works best if the ramp lines up with the wire. The mouse climbs the ramp, steps onto the pop bottle, the bottle spins, and the mouse falls into the water and drowns.
    This saves lots of money on poison and the rodents never get immune.

  107. Re: question about mice climbing or jumping onto elevated surfaces… Mice will climb almost any surface that has texture, and can jump at least two feet high. I’ve found them atop my cottage refrigerator — presumably from having boosted themselves from chair to table to cabinet to fridge. They also can leap higher than the rim of the toilet, because we’ve found them swimming (and exhausted) in ours. Mice are commonly found on topmost shelves in pantries, and often on countertops. If you place bait on a ledge they’ll manage to make it up there unless there’s absolutely nothing nearby for them to leapfrog onto. You’d be surprised at their agility. Be sure that your bait is the only available food source, so that they go to it exclusively.

  108. It’s so nice to see another human that has compassion for the other living creatures that we share this tiny little planet with.
    We live in the country in a wooded area and have many creatures that come and visit us, most are welcome but then some cause problems as do the mice that want to live inside in the winter.
    We don’t use the KILLER mouse traps, those are horrible things, Lou takes an old coffee can and with a knife cuts an “X” in the bottom side and pushes the four tabs inward slightly creating an entrance of about a half inch, the can is baited with black oil sunflower seeds (Any bait will do) and placed in our entry.
    The mice will enter the can but will be unable to get back out, voila, our non lethal mouse trap, and it works great, we usually get between twelve and fourteen mice over the course of the winter.
    Oh, and getting them out is as easy as removing the plastic cover at the other end of the can.
    This winter we did not get many mice, only six as there was a least weasel living in our attic, still is I think, natures mousetrap (:-}

  109. It’s so nice to see another human that has compassion for the other living creatures that we share this tiny little planet with.
    We live in the country in a wooded area and have many creatures that come and visit us, most are welcome but then some cause problems as do the mice that want to live inside in the winter.
    We don’t use the KILLER mouse traps, those are horrible things, Lou takes an old coffee can and with a knife cuts an “X” in the bottom side and pushes the four tabs inward slightly creating an entrance of about a half inch, the can is baited with black oil sunflower seeds (Any bait will do) and placed in our entry.
    The mice will enter the can but will be unable to get back out, voila, our non lethal mouse trap, and it works great, we usually get between twelve and fourteen mice over the course of the winter.
    Oh, and getting them out is as easy as removing the plastic cover at the other end of the can.
    This winter we did not get many mice, only six as there was a least weasel living in our attic, still is I think, natures mousetrap (:-}

  110. No one has mentioned the electronic devices that supposedly make a sound that only rodents can hear. This sound is unpleasant and they leave the areas where the devices are plugged into the electrical sockets. We’ve placed approximately a dozen around the house and have noticed a significant reduction in the evidence mice leave behind, if you know what I mean.
    We have one of those electrical shocking devices also but haven’t had any success yet.
    I rarely read anything with as much interest as this thread. Thanks for all the great tips!

  111. There’s an even simpler method we’ve used for years — just put the bait directly in the bucket/trash can itself, then slide it next to a chair or something of even height they can climb up on. They’ll jump right into the bucket to get the bait (sunflower seeds work great)– no tubes needed. Works great!

  112. place a 1″ thick dish of soft sponge on the bottom of the bucket/trash can.The mouse will fall on soft surface, and will not be able to jump too high, so smaller bucket can be used

  113. Oh my God! How can you treat my brethren in such a manner. Sure its nice to get some free grub but being led in to a trap?? Thats low! Its hostile act and myself and my mouse brothers will retaliate. Your suffering will that of my forefathers, caught up in your inhumane traps. The day of reckoning is nearly up on you!

  114. Rats, and rat traps, are something else. Nothing to mess around with, and seeing one will not elicit any sympathy.
    After spending an evening putting a half dozen in the attic to deal with a roof rat problem, I snuggled in bed with my spouse, a woman who will bring a car to a screeching halt on the freeway to avoid stressing a butterfly.
    The light had been out for just a few moments, and I had just explained how many and where abouts in the attic these instuments of rodentia death were placed, which included the space over the bedroom. She then asked, dreading the odor of a rotting rodent permeating the house in August, how we would know when a trap had sprung.
    As I was just opening my mouth to say that I’d likely have to check on them every couple of days, the one over the master bedroom went off with a bang like a pistol shot, accompanied by a loud thrashing about.

  115. It’s illegal to release an animal more than 500 yards from where you captured it. You have no choice but to kill it.

  116. I’m almost wishing I had a mouse problem, just to try this. What’s wrong with me!
    What’s worse, is, I really should have been in bed 45 minutes ago, but instead I’ve read this whole thing. Maybe because it is the most comprehendable thing I’ve had to deal with all day.
    For what it is worth, there is no such thing as a human language which is primitive, and probably there is no such thing as a creature which has primitive thoughts… In other words, animals probably all think in subject/verb/object like humans do. Kinda makes it harder to kill them, huh? All consciousness is basically thinking subject/verb/object like our own, and the physical brain simply provides a different way of expression of that consciousness. Haven’t you ever felt mentally incapacitated (drunk, tired, etc.) but still very conscious? Maybe a mouse is just as conscious as you, but not able to communicate that.
    Hey, I smell some yummy peanut butter somewhere close… I’m off to investigate…
    – Chad May

  117. Hi, I wanted to deeply thank you for this idea. I live at a Zen Buddhist pagoda in Frankfurt, Germany and we have a mice problem. We were told by the health inspectors that they would begin giving us problems if we didnt get rid of the mice quickly and mentioned they would be back to check that we were using traps and poison. We set out the poison but have a strong disposition for killing animals, so I set out to find another way. I have made your mousetrap along with a young monk named Hue An, (but we used an empty teabox instead of a toilet paper roll) and have caught 2 mice so far and set them free at a distance away. Thank you very much for helping us.
    ps, the one i caught this morning kept trying to jump out of the trash can and altough really small, he almost made it. Make sure to use a DEEP containter. Thanks again
    -Hue Chuyen

  118. I think we have just about got the mouse problem covered; now I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to ridding a place of ants/spiders etc.? A friend of mine is constantly having to call pest control people to come treat for ants, which they never seem to be able to eradicate; and as I saw a big ol’ gross spider in the bathtub the other day, I’m wondering how in the world do they get there, and is there any way beside spraying poisons all over the place to keep them out? Maybe there are some bug experts out there…

  119. Ants and Spider problems? Try J. Boone’s book “Kinship with All Life”. Pretty novel approach and assumes all life is sentient and willing to make deals.

  120. WOW this trap totally worked. I am going to set this trap for the next few nights to see if Mister Mouse has any brothers and sisters.

  121. This is a fun idea, but has noone ever seen a “micecube”? They are sold in hardware and some grocery stores. there’s a door on the open end that is too lond to completely close. Place a tasty mouse treat at the end and waitfor the mouse to crawl in and enjoy. S/he can’t get out because the door is too long and won’t open from the other direction. You can then dispose of your little friend.
    I’ve caught 2 mice over the past 5 years this way. I’m sure they were different mice given the ears apart, personality and places they were taken. I can’t imagine anyone arresting someone who released a mouse into a park, the woods, or other natural area. Yes, then let nature take its course.
    If you just can’t let go, well, then, you have a new pet! The 2nd mouse I caught was pretty spunky – and smart – not nearly as easy to catch as #1! Still, I returned him to life in the park, by the water.
    But rats? Ugh! vermin – dispose as cleanly as possible. I will say that the sonic devices are very effective in keeping them away.

  122. I have absolutely NO PROBLEM killing mice. They are dirty, filthy and disease ridden. Don’t think for a second that mice care about YOUR health. Or the Health of your children. They will shit in your food, piss in your bed and not give a rat’s ass about it. Remember, after they crawl up through your basement, come in from outdoors or wherever they have been, THEY HAVE BEEN GOD KNOWS WHERE!!! They crawl through trash, over human waste and other such nastiness. They come in contact with fleas and ticks which are two other disgusting vectors, Lyme’s Disease anyone and feel no remorse. How about some Bubonic Plague? Too far fetched for you? For those of you in the southwest, how about some Hanta Virus? Mice reproduce in a very short time, 18 to 20 days. There are PLENTY of the little fuckers. Kill them and feel no remorse. There are probably a dozen more living in your walls anyway.

  123. To keep ants out, find the point of entry and pour wood ash (from your fireplace) on the spot. A strip of a couple inches of wood ash will repel the ants within a couple of days. I had a big problem with those tiny Argentinian ants a few years ago, and my neighbor told me about the wood ash… I ended up almost having to draw out the outside borders of my house in a wood ash line 2 inches wide, because they kept finding different ways in, but they would not cross the ash line. Much more effective than all the sprays, and much less toxic. If it’s windy or rains, you’ll need to replace it more often. Also works to keep slugs and snails out of an area. I haven’t had any ant problems since.
    As far as the mousetraps go, seems like the spinning bottle on the bucket variations would be most effective. Trying to modify the original toilet paper tube design to make the tube-trap reset itself would only work if the tube was so slippery that the mouse couldn’t cling to it, which isn’t likely. Even so, it would also likely grab the bait on the way down, trying to hold onto something as it fell.

  124. oh my god! how frustrating!!! that stupid supid mouse is driving me nutts! he doesnt just wander around on my kitchen floor, he manages to climb up my stove top and hangs out there and next to my stove top is my kitchen counter where i daily use! that THING also wanders around the house and one time he got in my bed room , where i also have my baby’s crib!! oooooh nothing worked with this mouse he is too smart.. that little F***er! oh my god he is on the kitchen counter nowwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! i need to cry…

  125. Thank you for posting about this humane mouse trap. I personally can’t stand mice, because they’re dirty and spread disease, eat holes in everything, poop everywhere… but on the same token there is no reason I have to be cruel in getting them out of my house. I’ve only had 1 mouse to contend with, several years ago. We had a face-off, he was on the kitchen counter. Fastest little bugger I’d ever seen. I moved out of the house before I could catch him.
    There is also no reason to be cruel if they have to be killed. Suffocation has probably got to be a terrible way to die. As is drowning, being crushed, or glued down. We used to do all these things when I was a kid and I didn’t think twice of it, until I saw what became of these animals when they met these traps. A humane death is something that’s going to happen in a couple of seconds. And it’s humane for you, too, so you don’t have to remember waiting for the thing to struggle and die.
    The last mice I caught were at my mom’s house. She had humane traps, that were basically tubes with a bend in the middle, so that one end bent upward. You set one end on the ground, and they’d crawl in, and the trap would tip to the other end and the one-way door would close. Then I would take the mice outside a ways away and let them go, willing mother nature to do what it will, whether that be the wild mouse to survive in the wild, or find its way back, or get eaten by a predator. It’s just how life is. Much as we may hate the food chain in the animal kingdom from time to time, it will never go away.
    Cute, yeah. But mice in the wild are gross. But though part of what makes me human is my animal nature in killing, another part of what makes me human is my nature of compassion and kindness especially in these instances. A humane mouse trap is perfectly reasonable and logical and sane. There’s really no point in being cruel, either in catching them or killing them.

  126. wow, i just read all this and copied and pasted the good parts to email to a friend with roof rats/mice problems. he said a guy in a pet store said if you get a pet snake, the rodents will just leave the house, as they can smell the snake and are scared. somehow, i doubt that. i don’t think they’d go away til they saw the snake sliding towards them.
    i think the “illegal to set animals free less than 500 yards away from where you caught it” law is bullshit and non-existant, but i live in australia so maybe it’s different here. anything humane, non toxic, easy to make at home, and reusable, is an awesome idea. not to mention the karma you’ll have coming your way. all you who want to drown or kill them slowly, watch the movie “willard” and see what happens to people who aren’t nice to mass amounts of rodents.

  127. I lived in Australia some time and I don’t know what’s the difference – mouse is mouse everywhere. Just catch it and through away.

  128. Thanks, what a great idea.
    Had no luck with the trap had been trying for a week, got the mouse on the first night when I tried this. Released the mouse into the garden.

  129. Scenario 1: Cute mouse (could have been an Australian native) cornered in my tupperware cupboard, removed surrounding containers from hiding mouse and then used thin stick to remove last containers, mouse exited at high speed into the waiting plastic shopping bag, Voila! My daughter then took bag outside and enabled mouse to escape.
    Scenario 2: Mouse returns to scene of crime and is cornered behind refrigerator, placed plastic bag at one of two exits and rattled stick at other, another succesful shopping day! Mouse was transported to grassy area far from home, all is well that ends well.

  130. Scenario 1: Cute mouse (could have been an Australian native) cornered in my tupperware cupboard, removed surrounding containers from hiding mouse and then used thin stick to remove last containers, mouse exited at high speed into the waiting plastic shopping bag, Voila! My daughter then took bag outside and enabled mouse to escape.
    Scenario 2: Mouse returns to scene of crime and is cornered behind refrigerator, placed plastic bag at one of two exits and rattled stick at other, another succesful shopping day! Mouse was transported to grassy area far from home, all is well that ends well.

  131. To mouse killers, I have been observing humans despoiling my beautiful creation like a maglignant cancer. Beware!
    From Big Rat creator!

  132. Humane way to kill:
    I would personally do everything I could to relocate him somewhere he wouldn’t get in the same situation, but I also understsand that not everyone cares as much as I do, so as a snake owner I offer what I understand to be the most humane way to kill a mouse. Beware because you must use your HANDS to do this (which shouldn’t really bother you if you’re killing it, and if it does bother you then maybe you should re-think letting him live).
    After caught: secure the mouse with your index and middle finger to one side of his head and your ring finger and pinkie on the other side, palm down on his back. Place a pencil or other similarly sized dowel-shaped object underneith your middle and ring fingers directly behind his head, at the base of his skull. with your other hand, pull the base of his tail, HARD. You wont be happy with the results if you pull at the tip, I can promise that. Their entire spinal cord is dislocated and it is (almost always) instant death. If you fuckers are going to kill him, at least be humane about it.

  133. I know a fellow who had a mouse problem and finally saw it run up into a trah container. So he quickly tied a knot in the trash bag and took it with him when he went to pick someone up at the train station. While there he put the bag on the train and sent it off to Wash. D.C.

  134. Snap traps are NOT humane. The other night I reluctantly set one and heard it go off, and found a mouse in agony trying to free itself. It was a horrible sight. I set it loose and it tried to run away but was too injured and couldn’t make its limbs work properly. So rather than let it suffer more I had to crush its skull clumsily instead.
    I am a big burly 42-year old man, but I will never get over having done something so needlessly cruel to such a beautiful little creature. Every time I think of it I feel intense regret. I am here reading this page because this time I want to catch the current mouse that is loose in our house and set it free. Thanks for the good ideas.

  135. I hate poison because they crawl off and die somewhere you can’t find them. Glue traps work well, but are so cruel. The snap traps aren’t working because they keep eating the peanut butter off without tripping the trap. I’m sitting here watching the Sopranos, and the critter is on my stove and countertop. I wonder what Tony Soprano would do. I know one thing…it wouldn’t be humane!

  136. Google ‘ratzapper’ or just go to ratzapper dot com.
    For smaller mice that are too delicate to trip the snap-traps, tie a piece of yarn to the trigger and smear some peanut butter on it. They will tug on the yarn and get their little necks broken in a jiffy.
    For those of you that contest killing a creature (even a rodent), Do you eat meat? someone had to kill it. Do you eat vegetables? Chances are, the farm they are raised on has rodent problems that are dealt with lethally. so Nyah!

  137. How about an idea for a rat? I made the mistake of leaving my glass door open forgetting my neighbor had told me she’d seen some rats running around between our backyards and now I have one in my house. It’s freaking me out and making life hard, but I don’t want to kill it. That will only be a last resort if I can’t figure out something else, but I don’t like not being able to leave my room at night because I’m afraid of what might jump out at me

  138. I was in the kitchen last night and saw a mouse running across the counter. When I approached, it ran into the sink and then slipped down into the drain. We have a disposal, so it couldn’t go very far, but now it is trapped in the upper part of the drain and I’m not sure how to get it out. I suppose I could just (a) drown it by running water down there for a while, but that seems inhumane, or (b) try to retrieve it with some tongs, but that skeeves me out too much. Any other ideas?

  139. I was, at one time, a barn cat, tortured, to distraction, by the horrid deeds that I have done.
    Nine lives later I am now a house mouse. So pay attention and do as this little trick suggests.
    Algenon the mouse

  140. I’m frightened by what I’m reading on this post. Folks THEY ARE MICE… from a microbiological standpoint they are one of the MOST EFFICIENT vectors of disease encountered by man. They caused the black death for pete’s sake. Just kill them. Or better yet for all you ‘humane’ folks SHOW THEM THE SAME COURTESY YOU WOULD A ROACH. Forget the fact that they are furry and cute. Like marc said there is probably 100 er so waiting to take their place anyway. Folks have no problem dropping bombs on foreign countries but have a problem killing what will probably give them the respiratory infection of their lives. R u sure those are allergies or could u be inhaling rat crap<---cause of fatal hanta virus. In short grow up it will live and die within a year anyway. And enough of this how would u like it if someone did that to me. Well if I were a mouse I wouldn't take a dump in folks food and destory their stuff either.

  141. Well, I just spent an hour of my work day reading all of your entertaining comments. I will definitely try this trap. After watching the adorable little vagrant pop his head out of my bread drawer last night I can’t imagine killing him. I’ll drive him to my in-laws, they live 8 miles away and I will sleep much easier. I hope it works, because apparently my “watch-cats” only watch, not capture, and the mouse turds in the bread drawer are making me lose my appetite.

  142. i agree with a hammer/ cutting the head off/ stomping them to be much more humane than many of the “humane” suggestions. i am not trying to incite anger/disgust like the “set it on fire” guy. just saying that if you are going to kill them, which i feel is reasonable, then quicker is always better.

  143. Thank you thank you thank you! It worked!
    (To catch a vertically challenged mouse, I built a “table” out of a milk crate and cardboard, leaned a board up against it as a ramp, and covered the whole thing with an old doormat to provide a smooth path and nice inviting traction. No luck with the toilet paper tube, so switched to tea box as suggested by Hue Chuyen.)

  144. this is what my dad used to do when we had mice, he’d get a milk bottle (a plastic one with a handle 2L) and tie one end of a piece of string to the handle of the bottle, and the other end to a doorknob of one of the kitchen cupboards (but make sure the string is shorter than the length of the cupboard so the bottle can hang). Then he would set up the bottle on the bench above the cupboard, half off the edge like the toilet roll in this example, (with the neck of the bottle on the bench without the lid) set some bait in the bottom of the bottle…bread with peanut butter works well…then in the morning the bottle would’ve fallen off the bench and be hanging off the cupboard with our rodent friend cant escape because of the texture of the plastic not to mention gravity..

  145. hello.. we are trying it right now.. it better work.. this mouse made me cry.. we call it jimmy.. and our trap looks identical to yours but ours is better.. my boyfriend put a toilet roll next it to so it didnt seem so set up for the mouse.. i had to sleep knowing the mouse might come up and sit on my head.. i hate small fury creatures that move.. that is all.. x

  146. hello.. we are trying it right now.. it better work.. this mouse made me cry.. we call it jimmy.. and our trap looks identical to yours but ours is better.. my boyfriend put a toilet roll next it to so it didnt seem so set up for the mouse.. i had to sleep knowing the mouse might come up and sit on my head.. i hate small fury creatures that move.. that is all.. x

  147. hello.. we are trying it right now.. it better work.. this mouse made me cry.. we call it jimmy.. and our trap looks identical to yours but ours is better.. my boyfriend put a toilet roll next it to so it didnt seem so set up for the mouse.. i had to sleep knowing the mouse might come up and sit on my head.. i hate small fury creatures that move.. that is all.. x

  148. hello.. we are trying it right now.. it better work.. this mouse made me cry.. we call it jimmy.. and our trap looks identical to yours but ours is better.. my boyfriend put a toilet roll next it to so it didnt seem so set up for the mouse.. i had to sleep knowing the mouse might come up and sit on my head.. i hate small fury creatures that move.. that is all.. x

  149. I actually have a mouse in the house now and it has been here for three days. We have tried mouse traps it just eats the cheese, nutella and it has even eaten the rat poison and it still wont die. I am going to try the idea with the toilet roll and the bucket. For some reason I still think that it probably will be able to climb out of the bucket. Knowing my luck. I even have a pest control person coming out on Wednesday to place baits everywhere. I know most of you are into humane things but this mouse has seriously ruined me. I dont sleep well. At night when I watch TV I place the tv volume low and it has personally ruined my life.
    Not too mention the pest controller says that they travel in pairs. GREAT NEWS for me. This mouse just simply wont die. I am too scared to sit on my couches. I hate the critter and wont rest until its dead. Apparently its probably living in my fridge motors. Just great.
    I will let you know how it goes, but I dont have faith in this as like one of the people mentioned previously. I only see this mouse on the floor never on the bench tops. But ill see how I go until Wednesday when the pest controller comes to set baits all over my house.

  150. Hi everyone the problem gets worse. I have now been told that they dont travel alone they actually travel in pairs or with their families. On Monday night my husband and his mate managed to catch the mouse with two buckets by trapping it. Too fast for just one person. So there was that mouse gone and I thought yeah. Cool.
    So to be safe placed some more peanut butter and nutella on mouse traps and Tuesday morning everything still intact I thought great no more mouses. This morning however, the peanut butter was gone so I have another visitor in my fridge living in its motors. From a house thats never had one mouse now I am starting to wonder how many do I actually have seeing as I only ever saw one at a time.
    The pest control person came out placed poision and hopefully they will eat the bait on the roof or somewhere here. This mouse/mice are serious problems so just to warn those of you who type after me. Mouse/Mice travel in pairs or with their families so if you catch one your bound to catch another. Great news I know. I hate them and am so scared of them.
    By the way tried the toilet paper and the mouse never ever went in there. Problem is that I have never seen it on my bench tops or aything like that just behind the fridge and on the floor. So it did not work? any other suggestions. I somehow dont think the poision will work seeing as it didnt work from Woolworths etc. They ate it and never died. If only there was a spray to get rid of them. I hate winter now and want summer back. LOL.
    Take Care people.

  151. what would be great is, after the mouse falls into the bucket, you bashed his little skull in with a hammer. that would probably work very well. excellent idea fred. nice work. kudos.

  152. what would be great is, after the mouse falls into the bucket, you bashed his little skull in with a hammer. that would probably work very well. excellent idea fred. nice work. kudos.

  153. If my cats don’t kill the little bastards, I trap them as inhumanely as possible with an old fashioned wood trap. Then I take pleasure in torturing them to death (either burning them with a match or candle or stabbing them with a hot needle), or I let them loose in an enclosed room with no place to hide for the cats to play with until its dead. I have no respect for a rodent who has no respect for me. Humane my ass, they don’t deserve to live.

  154. LOL at Hocsr and Rich.
    I still have not seen its other friends but am aware that they are somewhere in the house. Hopefully its eaten the bait and just died on its own. The Pest Control people think their bates are much stronger than the ones that you buy from the supermarkets. Even though they look like they are the same colour same thing. It will be one week today I have had mice/mouse in my house. I go to bed normally every night just to avoid them and so not to think they are there. They are awful creatures and I wish they never existed and they breed pretty easily so thats why you need to protect your home as quickly as possible if you do see one. LOL

  155. Don’t kill the mice. One might be Shirley McClain in a previous life!

  156. uhhhh…. if a spring trap kills a mouse in an instant by breaking its neck and this device has a mouse fall a few feet (a huge distance for a mouse) into a bucket and break a few bones, which one is more humane?
    It’s like capital punishment. Someone who’s hanged tends to die instantly from a broken neck (if they fall far enough with a cord around their neck). But we felt that was not humane enough so we invented the electric chair which pumps massive amounts of electricity into the guy’s body until he dies — which takes a little while. Then that wasn’t humane enough so we invented lethal injection — drugs that stop someone’s lungs and heart. So while he looks all peaceful he’s actually suffocating and having a heart attack at the same time. I think most people would rather hang.
    So are we really being selfless or selfish? Is this a fight for humanity for the sake of the animal or humanity for your own sake — to not to have to deal with death?

  157. Uhh.. actually it is nearly impossible for the mouse to be hurt. It will be falling at the exact same speed you would fall at that distance. I guess you haven’t seen a cat fall off a second story deck and be completely unharmed – and it’s not because cats always fall on their feet.

  158. ok, i have at least one cute little thing too, but he/she has to go, I dont have a very deep bucket and have never seen him/her off the ground, if i build one of these traps using books/mags as steps i was wondering if 6 inches of water in a bucket say 15 inches high would stop him/her being able to jump out.
    I got no problems using traps but it seem the ones that im using currently are too big and may just bag me a tail.
    Its either this or i go get some smaller traps/ glue boards, whilst i have no problems killing him/her id prefer to do it quick

  159. I agree with Paul. Hey Rob your’e a stupid fag, as if you would like your spine crushed by a metal bar. Maybe giants will trap you and shove a cup of diesel up your A*** and burn you to death.
    p.s cool mouse trap


  161. these are great ideas, but my problem is a litle differnt. we just bought a place in the country a month ago, i have to haul my water in by truck and put it in my cistren. witch holds about 1500 gallons. i have had to go down in there 3 times now and pull out dead mice, this last time i had 7 in there. when i get them out i have to put bleach in there to kill any germs.
    i have not found any holes for them to get in to it but i live in the dessert and there is no water i had a rabbit trying to get in threw the led. how can i keep them away from the shed where me cistern is? please help,i can bearly take a bath in that water thinking about them floating in my water supply, my tummy turns when ever i turn on my water

  162. I just set 3 separate traps like this around the house for my little mouse friend.. i hope he falls for it tonight.. i’m tired of him running around!

  163. I’m a poor student, got back from my first holiday in a few years to find a helpful note from my housemates that we have ‘critters’. Thanks guys… Not wanting to kill them and the only humane moustraps costing a fortune I’ve been trying to find a solution like this for ages! Its all set up in the kitchen, I hope by the time I get up for work to earn my pennies he’s in the bin. Literally! I may leave the one upstairs just to get my own back on the deserting housemates….
    Google should make this a top hit for ‘mouse trap’!

  164. I wish I’d known about your method while we were being outsmarted by the wiliest mouse in the whole wide world! In the end, we caught the naughty little fella and we even wrote a book about our adventures with Willie, the clever little mouse!

  165. Hi im 13 and my hamster got loose so im trying to catch him. If anyone has anymore ideas email me at ( I have a cat and dog so i hope neither one eat him (hairy).

  166. And you don’t think we carry diseases? It starts with enjoyment from inhumanely killing insects, then animals; people are next. They are known as serial killers, and I can see we have a few here. If there were only a humane way to trap them.
    BTW – Love the mouse trap idea. It is great for the rest of us who do care.

  167. Seal your home! I repeat, seal your home!
    I had a mouse problem, and none of them were getting caught with my glue traps. They even had the nerve to move my glue traps several inches, as if to talk smack to me. I was about to try the clever plan outlined here, but before that, figured I should seal the home. Buy some of that spray foam ($5 from home depot), and seal the cracks near your sink, gasline, other water pipes, etc.. Trust me, it’s a better long term solution that clever traps.
    I had a mouse running in my small apartment for over a week. After sealing all exists/entrances last night, he was finally caught in a glue trap overnight. I figured he didn’t have anywhere to go and finally got desparate enough to go for the bait in the glue trap.
    BTW guess why they deserve inhumane treatment? They’re not human.

  168. Thank you thank you thank you! I have been trying to catch a mouse in our house for the last few weeks, and he was a wiley one. He avoided glue traps with big blobs of peanut butter in them, and all I caught was a little hair from him before he got smart. I set up the paper towel roll last night and I caught him!! Set him free a few miles away in an industrial area. Thanks again for such a great idea!

  169. This is brilliant and I can’t wait to try it out tonight. Back when I lived in NYC, where the mice are geniuses, I would set conventional traps with all sorts of things – peanut butter, nutella, organic brie, only to find that the little bastard(s) somehow managed to eat the treat and live to tell. Meanwhile….at some point I had dropped an Advil tablet [ibuprofin with a candy coating on it] on my kitchen floor, to find that my wee friend had licked all the pink candy coating off the pill! Yuck. I then set two traps – one with an Advil and one with a Junior Mint, but I SUPER GLUED the treats to the little stand, and that actually worked. I like this idea way better.

  170. This didn’t work for me! I’ve got 2 cats and a dog in the house along with the wiliest mouse I swear ever existed. I know it can climb because I’ve seen it on our window curtain railing…
    p.s. I tried the longer tube and raw bacon…

  171. Hi! this works great!! now could you please tell me how you would get rid of moles?

  172. Hi! this works great!! now could you please tell me how you would get rid of moles?

  173. “There’s only one way to get rid of a mole! Blow it’s bloody head off!” – Jasper Carrott
    I too have a mouse problem. So far as I can tell, there is only one in the room it bothers me most, so I will be trying this idea as soon as I’ve eliminated every source of food from the room. I just hope this works, he’s driving me crazy, this mouse… he runs around, giggling at me when I move to see where he is, I’m sure of it!

  174. just saw this at another web – site too, i really hope it works so much!! i’ll tell what happened, roxy

  175. I loved the idea and plan to use it sometime. However, my problem is somewhat different. I live next to 5 acres of woods in a small town. For the first few years I lived here I had a mouse invasion even with a cat in the house. After a few years I began to notice that I don’t have ANY mice and haven’t had for some time. In the meantime my cat died so he’s no longer a deterent. Someone has suggested that I have a snake living under my house. I’ve also read that large tarantulas can eat mice and there are huge webs covering two of my basement vents. My concern is when there’s a tornado we have to go into the basement. I find it freaky not to know what’s down there very effeciently killing all the mice. What do you think?

  176. I loved the idea and plan to use it sometime. However, my problem is somewhat different. I live next to 5 acres of woods in a small town. For the first few years I lived here I had a mouse invasion even with a cat in the house. After a few years I began to notice that I don’t have ANY mice and haven’t had for some time. In the meantime my cat died so he’s no longer a deterent. Someone has suggested that I have a snake living under my house. I’ve also read that large tarantulas can eat mice and there are huge webs covering two of my basement vents. My concern is when there’s a tornado we have to go into the basement. I find it freaky not to know what’s down there very effeciently killing all the mice. What do you think?

  177. I moved into a house in April. There was a vacant house next to it full of junk. The land lord cleaned out the junk and the mice came into our house (the other neighbors have cats and we have dogs that worthless). We used the glue traps and had caught 2; Mommy and one kiddo. We knew where they were living but were too freaked out to get under the stairs. Finally last night we did. We found 3 infant mice. They were almost dead since we had released mom to the wild cats a couple of days ago. It really made me sad. I am NOT an animal activist and I KNOW that they carry diseases, but I have a problem taking lives of any kind. I don’t kill bug, as a matter of fact, I try to rescue them from the freakin pool. I’m pathetic. I can’t even run over a snake in the road. I don’t know why, I just can’t do it. We caught one more mouse this morning in the glue trap (and saw one more run into the wall) and my husband had felt so bad about the babies that he just let it go out in the back yard, so I am sure it will be back in the house tonight. We are going to try this trap. There is another gorgeous vacant house down the road that is owned by the bank (they aren’t selling it any time soon). We will probably release it there with some food to live on. Which is sad, we are stuck in a 3 bedroom duplex paying outrageous rent and our mice are living in a 8 bedroom home paying nothing!! Oh well.
    Like I said, I am not an animal rights activist, but I still have a heart for things that are helpless (NO MATTER HOW HARMFUL THEY ARE). Mice were put on this earth for the purpose of feeding cats and hawks and owls and whatever else eats mice. They were not put on this earth to be killed by humans. I did not come to this website looking for a humane way to catch or kill mice. I was looking for something to get rid of them without harming them so that their “destiny” could be fulfilled the way that God intended it. I don’t like it when people complain about the way other people feel. If someone doesn’t want to kill a mouse then okay. If someone wants to humanely kill a mouse, okay. If someone wants to torture a mouse, whatever floats your boat. My personal preference is not to. Does it make me a tree hugger? No. Just because these other people don’t want to kill the mice doesn’t make them horrible, ignorant people. It’s just makes them a bit more passionate about one aspect of life. Not everyone in the world is going to agree 100% on everything. And believing or not believing in killing the critters doesn’t make one or the other right.

  178. IT DIDN’T WORK!!
    i was 2 posts ago, it’s now late and i want to go to sleep but can’t because there is a mouse in my bedroom. totally with the whole get a heart things even though my dad made me set up traps last time. i just have so many fluffy toys on the floor and a den in my room. CRAP WHAT DO I DO I WON’T BE ABLE TO SLEEP AND I HAVE A BUSY DAY TOMORROW!!

  179. Thank you! That’s a very cool solution without using poison and I bet it will work for me! Thanks again!

  180. My cat caught many mice in my small nyc apartment when he first arrived and in 5 days the problem was solved. mice wont come into places if they know there’s a cat. I also have a dog and before the kitty arrived, i saw mice jumping of the dog and not caring at all…lol! -when the cat catches them, i take them away with a plastic bag from his mouth and set them free in the nearby park. But the kitty also killed two mice while I wasnt home but he wont eat them. there’s also no blood… it’s as if the mice are strangled. Anyway, thnaks for the trap idea. I will spread the idea to those who cant get cats in their homes. NYC is crazy with pet laws in apartment buildings and a never ending mice problem.

  181. I have lived in my flat in an old Victorian building for 6 months and only in the last week have I had any mouse activity (any idea why this might be?). On Sunday night I had something rustling around in my bedroom inside one of my clothes bags, Tuesday night I saw a baby mouse by my fire place while I was watching Sex and the City, and last night while I was making tea a mouse ran across my bare feet I screamed scalded myself with the tea and sat on the kitchen table for 20 minutes until I calmed down. I have no intention of harming these little creatures, the way I see it they are just trying to make their way in the world-looking for food and shelter and trying to find food for their babies, I have bought a few live capture traps and shall set them up tonight, also boiled egg is a good thing to place in a trap as the smell is very strong and rodents seem to love it, it use to be very good for catching my runaway hamsters when I was a kid.
    place the boiled egg broken up into a deep plastic bucket and place books as steps up to the top of the bucket, they cant resist…
    Please use humane traps- these mice are just trying to survive they don’t deserve to die in pain and suffering.

  182. I hope you put a cushion in the bottom of the bucket to break his fall, it’s not humane if he breaks a leg or loses a tooth, thats more cruel then instant death.

  183. Yes put a small amount of foam or fabric in the bottom to cushion the fall..
    No luck with the live capture traps yet!!

  184. i hope this works im gonna try it cause i hate mice there nasty and im scared to death of them when i see one i jupm up on what ever close to me cause there just nasty i know theres not much they can do to me but there still nasty i aint been at home for 2 days cause i saw one im gonaa try it i hope it works cause i wanna go back home Ann

  185. ha ha ha, well my prob has almost been solved but not so humane, after fightin an endless battle with mice i gave up the humane apprroach an opted for the mouse trap, nasty i know but they have to be breedin an i know ill be over run pretty soon if i dont get rid. mice get everywhere, they were in my wardrobe an one night while chasin a mouse around my lounge at stupid o’clock in the morning, i decided enough was enough, then sat down to read a book after totally demolishing my lounge, 15 mins later i hear a scratchin, i turned in that direction to see the darn thing sittin on my curtain rail, the thing must have been laughin at me while it watched as i wrecked the place lookin for it. i then watched as it crawled down the curtains an back into its hole, it did me a favour though cus i now know where they’re gettin in. thing is, they seem to be breeding quicker then i can kill them, they’re clever little things, so dont leave the same trap in the same spot after you have caught one. sorry to those who dont like the way ive been gettin rid of them but it had to be done, i will be using the method on here though.

  186. You guys are so creative! I know that these mice are just doing what they know to do but something has got to give! Glue traps only work some of the time and mice have an excellent memory. I’ve tried peppermint oil and it doesn’t work either. We’ve found some of their holes and sealed them up. We cleaned the house and found their nest under our couch. None of that humane stuff works for real because when that one or two are gone their cousins will come and take their place. Two days after we sealed three holes I saw two mice running across my floor…together! Those little sucker can jump and climb up almost anything. So I ‘ve had it with all of the “humane” traps. I’m going to find me some poison and put it in the holes. Only one of us is paying rent that means the other one has to bounce!

  187. Grrr…. still no luck with the humane traps tried everything in it, chocolate, peanut butter, crisps…. I sealed up every hole in the house and went on holiday for a week- I put a chocolate biscuit on the floor to see if while I was away if there was any activity- when I got back a week later the biscuit was still there on the floor untouched, I was relived as I thought they had no access to my house now I had sealed all the gateways. Last night as I was watching TV 2 mice ran from behind the sofa and started play fighting right in front of my face on the rug- they ran around for about 40 mins while I sat on the sofa scared to move, then I saw one go up to the humane trap-sniff it and walk the other way….what can I do?????
    I am a vegetarian and very supportive of the animal rights movement I could never harm a mouse but I really am lost as to what else to try, they are getting all over my house on top of my work surfaces and in my bedroom I just cant cope with it anymore.

  188. this is no good, the traps dont work. mice really do have a very good memory because i have run out of places to put the traps, i seem to have traps in every corner an shelf in my house, the mice have taken over residency of my property. im sure i have twice as many as i had before, i see droppings all over the house now, i think i may have to go out and buy some poison instead because this is getting way out of hand, they’re no longer scared of me or my children, they will crawl out of where ever they’re hiding an just sit and watch tv with me, they dont even run away from me anymore until i get close. They make so much noise too its unbelieveable. I know using poison is something i shouldnt do but i have no other choice, they’re breeding at at overwhelming rate, the more i catch the more they breed. Does anybody know any good poisons that wont harm my children. Most of the mice are in my kitchen, so i dont want the poison to get mixed up with any of my foods. plz help im totally drained of all energy for catchin mice.

  189. OK so ive been trying to catch this mouse ive actually even locked eyes with it!haha! The little bastard wont get caught and im waiting to see if he falls for this trick!! ive also got two sticky traps waiting with cheese there and peanut butter…for all u humane mouse people…I SAY TORCH THEM ALL!! This little sucker is gonna die!

  190. i just moved into a new house. I have two babies and yesterday night i found a mouse in the playroom!!! im freaked out! Disease and all. what to do? he is really shy, and now hides under the couch. i tired the paper roll method but i didnt think hed climb up the couch so instead i made a stack of books that lead to the empty bucket, but it seemed like such a long hike so i tempted him with chocoate trails. this morning i found he made it half way up the books and ate two pieces of chocolate but left the last two and the one in the roll!!! he must have gotten full??? what do i do now? how do i get him out of under my couch and out of the playroom? what if he left the room and is now in another part of the house? its horrible, i feel sticky all over! help!!!

  191. I made up my own way of catching mice alive since my mouse hole is near the floor.
    I tried this the other day and that night i caught the mouse πŸ˜€
    You get a shoe box and cut a hole in the lid (just big enough to get a toilet paper roll in)(maybe even some extra holes for air).
    you get the tp roll and stick it in so that it angles down into the box, like a ramp. Inside the box u put some water and bait (i used peanut butter, honey, and porridge oats). And so that the mouse will want to stay there for longer, you put some nesting materials in ( i used grass, dog hair and leaves). Then u make a ramp out of just a book or something so they can climb to the top of the box, then go down the tube into the box. The night i did it, i woke up hearing scratching sounds, and i went over and the mouse was inside rearranging all the nesting stuff!
    I made a mistake though, i took the tp roll out and didnt cover the hole quick enough, so the mouse escaped. I’ll try again tonight, and this time i’ll seal it.
    Hope this helps, it works for me.

  192. i have a great humane trap for mice that are on the floor.
    you need
    – 1 glass baking dish
    – a bamboo skewer
    – cheese/peanut butter/whatever
    half-snap the skewer about 1/3 from the base, then put bait on the tip. now upturn the baking dish and prop it open with the top of the snapped part of the skewer.
    Propping it is a little tricky but you will get it after a few tries.
    Now there is a space under the tray for the mouse to enter, when he gets to the tip of the skewer and moves the bait, the skewer will fall and so will the tray, trapping the mouse.
    Putting a piece of cardboard under the tray to start with will make it easier to pick the whole thing up and transport to a wooded area.
    Nothing more fun than to see the little guy scamper off!

  193. I recently had a tooth pulled and I had a prescription of Vicidon’s and I left half of one out on my computer desk. I saw that he was on my computer nibbling on it. I don’t know if he is still around, but I know I got more than one. I heard noises in my bathroom. I looked in the bathtub and sure enough I found a mouse in the tub. I put him in my cricket cage and let him go. I was going to give him to my tarantulas, but I didn’t know what type of virus or what not he had, so I let him go. I didn’t think of putting a painted dot on him. But I know that I have more. I saw another one the same day I caught that one. I’m going to try the trash can thing and see if it works.

  194. yeh i used your trap m8 but my bleedin mouse climbed out of the bin, eat the cheese, and roomed around my kitchen floor! thanks again

  195. Ok, I just set the trap. We are back into our house after renting it for a year while we were away. The folks we rented it to were packrats (no pun intended) and had stuffed our utility room full of junk–old furniture, clothing, etc…a mice paradise. We’ve so far caught about 4 using glue traps but there’s one GREAT BIG guy that was so big he actually got free of the glue trap. He comes out at night and scampers through the TV room just to taunt us. After he tangled with a glue trap, he seems to remember it enough to know to avoid the one we have set. I’ve tempted him with bacon, even with smelly Gorgonzola(blue) cheese…no dice. I’ve set the trap above a bucket that I put BLEACH in. (No, I don’t give a damn about pain/suffering. I want that fucker dead. Period.) I hope this works. It’s HIM or ME!!!

  196. This was amazing! I have tried the “mice cubes” sold at Walmart for the past month – to no avail! I finally got fed up after eating a peppermint pattie and finding that my mouse had been enjoying it also – yuck! I bought a slew of snap traps to just end the game. I found this website and figured to try it for one night before setting the traps. It worked! My little mouse seemed to like chocolate – so I used Nutella instead of peanut butter. Took him to a park with a stream this morning. He looked very happy running towards the woods. BYE!!!

  197. Thanks for the advice sounds like a plan. I must say though some of the comments on this are sick, for those who enjoy fantasising about performing sadistic acts upon helpless animals I implore you to seek help, most high level offending starts with cruelty to animals. Cruelty to animals is not funny, it’s not entertainment, it’s a sign of sickness & you can get help. Who knows once you get over these issues you may be a champion against cruelty yourself.

  198. The only “issue” I have is with this mouse! I love animals, I own 2 dogs, both of which I rescued from animal shelters…as have all the dogs I’ve owned in my lifetime. This mouse has chewed holes in things, left messes everywhere, not to mention biting me on the foot one night when I brushed up against it in my kitchen. (He didn’t break the skin, but it sure freaked me out.) By the way, I didn’t put bleach in the bucket because I figured he would die anyhow in the water. Nope. All I found in the bucket was a cardboard tube. either he knocked it into the bucket, or he swam to the side and jumped out. My husband wants to use poison but I’m afraid that the dogs will find it, or the mouse and get poisoned too. Do I sound obsessed? I guess anybody would be if it had bitten them. I wonder if this is a job for a professional, and how expensive they are.

  199. last thursday, i saw just one mouse after moving into a 3 year old renovated building here in nyc, i hate mice and i have no tolerance for them, about 5 days later, tonight, i saw four all together.I feel like frank constanza from seinfeld “I will not tolerate infestation in my house.” I want to get rid of them as soon as possible possibly by poisoning them. i dont have an email account but somebody leave a message on how to kill them as soon as humanly possible.
    p.s. i live with my sister and mother and they are deathly afraid of them, and i am the “scared one”

  200. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a moussse is updstairs and i coverd it up in a box but what do i do with it now it will get out if i lift it xxxxxxxxxxxxxx helpppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it a baby

  201. loraine, carefully slide a large flat piece of cardboard under the box, then (with your hand under the cardboard to hold it firmly) carry it outside if you don’t want to kill it. Or stand by with a big hammer. Better do this soon or it will chew through the box.


  203. I use a similar trick, but I use a 6 gallon bucket, which I fill about 1/3 of the way up with soapy water. Then float some small wood chips on the top (like you would use for smoking meat). Let them form a nice carpet on top of the water then float a bottle cap of peanut butter in the middle. Make a ramp of cardboard than leads to the floor and secure it to the bucket with duct tape. The wood chips make it look like a solid surface to the mice, but will not support their weight when they fall into the bucket. Viola!! In the morning, drowned mice. I don’t believe in the “catch and release” form of vermin control. Vermin are vermin, pure and simple. They carry disease and should be destroyed when caught.

  204. That’s brilliant mate. Haven’t seen a mouse for a couple of years but I’ll be sure to try it out if I get the chance πŸ™‚

  205. OK. I’ve read this. I like the idea. I’m going to go set some traps out right now. It’s basically 6pm. I will report back later this evening and let you know how it went. Thanks…

  206. i have mice how do i get rid of them without using traps? i have tried traps and they dont get caught they just eat the cheese and leave.

  207. its 2am here in New Zealand. i was woken up by a mouse rustling through my papers around my desk and i tried to sleep….. but i can’t stand the sound!!!!!!
    “WHAT DO YOU WANT???” im trying to muster it out of my room like i do with sheep, but it won’t work. so im listoning to phill collins at 2.11am and desporatly looking for a solution to the occupation of MY room!

  208. Just meditate, and get into a Carrie mood.
    When the time comes. Use telekenisis and send it flying out the window into your neighbours eye. Then send your neigbour into the fireplace.

  209. It seems to me the mouse will bump the tube and the tube will fall into the trash can without the mouse.

  210. aha! Thanks for your info…I have the trap set up right now, it’s 4am and I’m sure my husband will wake up in the morning and say “what the hell is that?” hopefully it works and I can say to him “that’s a mouse trap baby” lol
    In the past 8 years I’ve never had a mouse, I figured I’d never have a mouse since I live in a frickin trailer and my house is up off the frickin ground…but apparently those bastards are so sneaky enough they’ll find a way…but thanks to you hopefully I’ve found a way to get back at them…thanks so much for the idea and the illustrations…no way I wanted to go to the store for traps at 2 in the morning…especially after I’ve been drinkin…you rock!!

    I read all those postings and got excited and set up my own trap with a reg. toilet roll with peanut butter and the damn thing just fell in the bin like someone else mentioned. I then found a rolled up poster and tried it again with that (make sure the tube is not too stiff because mice aren’t that heavy). I used Pirate’s Booty to lure her. And I also set the poster off of the counter where I’ve caught her skittering across.
    It totally worked.
    (I was gone for about 2 hours so I have no clue how quickly it happened).
    Mini mouseling is chilling in my empty garbage can. Oh, be sure to use a tall bin because she’s been trying to jump out ever since she found her way in. Such a tiny, perfect little creature-undoubtedly full of germs. I wish I could keep her but it just seems to unsanitary (plus I have other animals).
    I’m so relieved to have found a humane yet effective method. Was using one of those gray Victor ones…lame.

  212. ok, so we came back from wendover after staying there a night in a motel and i think this little shit hitched a ride home with us in our luggage,i saw him run out of my closet the very next day and this was 2 months ago,i only see him mabey once every other week,and i keep thinking mabey he left, but low and behold he shows up again. now im starting to here him at night in my floors, and finding mouse droppings. i have tried every trap available to no avail, dont want to use poison, (i have small kids and pets) but im getting sick of this little shit(or 2???)i even had to throw all of my blankets away that was in the hall closet after i pulled them out one day and saw poop all over them SICKKKKK. I hope this works cuz the fucker has dug a hole in my couch and im finding poop under my couch cushons now. DIE MOUSE DIE

  213. Thanks for all the suggestions – my husband and I have been experimenting with a live-catch trap we got at the hardware store, with no luck. Our cat is really sick and stopped eating for six weeks so we’ve been leaving food out for her *everywhere* to encourage her to eat. Now that we know the mice are all over the place (two just dropped out of the chimney to get the food in our bedroom on the third floor) we have to get rid of them fast so we don’t starve the cat while we keep the treats away from the mice. One of my concerns is that we will catch the mice in the trashcan and the cat will spill the whole thing over to get to them…

  214. I still cannot get the bucket trap to work. Although I think I have Roof Rats rather than mice. Roof Rats are more cautious and smarter than Mice. You guys were swaying me towards letting them go alive with all this humane stuff but the more information I get on them leads me to believe the humane thing to do is to kill them, seriously. They breed like crazy, 2 can become 15,000 in a year. They carry all sorts of desease, even their droppings carry the HV desease that kills people just by inhaling their smell. I also found this statement on a wildlife site:
    The release of commensal rodents outside is not a solution, since they will quickly find a way back into your home or someone else’s. Trap wise rodents are also more difficult to trap than naive ones.

  215. Instead of a ramp, I taped some sandpaper to the outside of a jar placed on the floor. The little mouse climbed up the sandpaper and went into the jar which had an old sock at the bottom and some peanut butter on cereal flakes. I punctured holes in the lid and carefully put it on as I was sitting closeby. I let the mouse out in a conservation,nature area and discarded the jar and contents. I put some drops of eucalyptus oil in some bottle caps and put them throughout the house.
    Thanks for the tips!

  216. I’m 7 years old and I am looking for a way to catch a mouse at my grandparents house. I want to keep it as a pet. This is the best trap that I have ever seen. I looks very easy. I am going to try it tomorrow.
    Thank you,

  217. Mice can jump 18″ up, and Roof Rats can jump 3′-0″. So the bucket trap is inheritly flawed unless you put at least 6″ of water in it. The only mice you will catch are the weak ones. Also, unless you want to catch a deadly desease and die, I would discourage keeping them as pets. Buy a gerbile or hamster if you want a rodent pet.

  218. I dont care about being humane anymore. I have something eating my yard and garden – grub worms it is finding.
    Thought is was an armadillo, but about 3 weeks ago i saw a mouse that ran into the attic.
    today i saw a mouse on the porch.
    it is very hot down here……..which is why these animals are here, but i dont know how the mouse could live in my attic with the heat…..surely it is not. i dont want it ‘inside’ the house.
    so i am thinking moth balls which is basically ethal alcohol?

  219. Mice can live in attics with the heat and no water. They get all the moisture they need from insects they eat. Also, you may have Roof Rats instead of mice because they are hard to tell apart from a distance. They are just a little bit larger than a mouse. The first thing you need to do is make sure they cannot get on your roof. This entails cutting all trees around the house within 4 feet. Putting smooth flashing around chimney bricks so they cannot climb all the way up and any other area. Once on your roof they will get in, they will make a hole if there isn’t any. I cut my tree back and I think it solved my problem. I must have had Roof Rats and they came down for food and could not make it back up. Just in case I have traps galore up there.

  220. This is fantastic, can’t wait to try. I tried cotton balls with peppermint oil and the little bastard ate them. He also avoids the 8 glue traps I have out. I don’t care if he lives or dies, I just want him out of my kitchen!

  221. I have mice in my walls in my room and bathroom. They are not in my house, but I don’t know how to get them out. Does anyone have a clue?

  222. Unbelievable. It actually works. My guy’s cat brought this poor little critter into our family room as a present for us. I took a lot of heat for shaking him out of the cat’s mouth. A LOT OF HEAT. Especially after he ran under the entertainment center, where, according to Brad, he was nesting and having babies. (obviously Brad needs an anatomy lesson) In any event, I insisted we at least try and, voila, Mr. Mouse is in the garbage can this morning, no worse for the wear. πŸ™‚

  223. OK, I tried this, it went slightly wrong, and now I have a mouse under a washing up bowl on my living room floor scratching up the carpet. How do I get him out without him escaping again?

  224. I bought some of those humane traps at Home Depot, at $3 a pop. So far they have just fed peanut butter to the critters. What a waste of time.
    The toilet paper trap ROCKS! Thanks to that we have now evicted 3 mice to the water retention pond cross the boulevard, a lovely place full of grasses and trees, several ponds, with lots of wildlife including geese, ducks and herons. A mouse paradise. But, the good news is I haven’t had to deal with dead or dying mice or the ethics of destroying relatives of what I once kept as pets. The last one took off with a delighted 3′ leap to its new home. I’m sure it will be very happy out there, or at least be fatter when some hawk makes a meal of it after having been released into bounty instead of cooped up in a concrete basement (and living off ramen noodles and oatmeal).
    To the poster of this idea… a huge THANK YOU!!

  225. Mice have a great memory but they’re also blind. What I tried was allowing the mice to run through the room a couple of times without the glue traps being in their way. What their MO is is to go and eat a couple of bites and then run back to their nests. After they are back in their nest or just out of site I put the glue traps down in the places that I just seen them run. It’s takes a few minutes and some guts to watch the mice run back and forth through your room, but I seriously caught like 3 mice in 20 minutes. If that doesn’t work sprinkle some Decon (mouse poison) around your base boards and it will help.
    And for those “humane” folks out there, your homes must be like the animal kingdom complete with a full blown insect farm. Filled with roaches, ants, mosquitos, flies, spiders, termites, and every other pesky insect that bothers us on a daily basis that you “humane” folks are too “humane” to kill. Don’t fake insects are animals too!

  226. One interesting thing I found, when I had a few roof rats in my attic, I noticed I had absolutely no insects coming in my house. Before I even knew I had roof rats it was puzzling me why this summer I didn’t find not even one spider or insect in my house. I would like to think they were not in my living areas, maybe they were getting all the insects before the insects were able to enter my home. This is the only benefit to having roof rats. Since I cut down my tree over hanging the house, no more roof rat droppings in the attic, and now the spiders are back. Has anyone else noticed the correlation between insects and rodents?

  227. thanks for the advise my kid as got a science project coming up at school and if i fill the bucket half full of water and study just how long the little bastard can swim before drowning i think he can take first prize thanks again

  228. Hi,
    Some good advice on here about catching mice, but can anyone advise me the best way to get rid of bigarse rats? I have some big rats getting around my house and i think they would eat through a bucket if trapped in one.

  229. y dont u all just go buy a humane trap from a pet shop? u cn get thm 4 rats 2.
    there only about Β£2

  230. Jacko, Rats are smarter and more cautious, I doubt the bucket trick will work for them, plus if it does they can jump 3 feet. Store bought traps barely work for rats, at least not very quickly, they inspect something for 2 weeks before getting near it. I suggest putting on your exterior lights around your house all night. Use flourescent lights and it will cost you pennys. I now have droppings outside my front doors from roof rats. When I put on the lights they stay away. Lately I have the lights off because I’m trying to get a few with my T Rex trap. So far it’s been 2 weeks, and I know for sure they came by 4 of the nights, and they have not touched the trap yet.

  231. Urgent question. We’ve had no luck with this system although a similar system worked for hamsters in the past.
    Just how smart are mice? We’ve caught 5 in 3 days in snap traps. If you set several snap traps a foot or so apart, are they smart enough to know better when they see a dead sibling?

  232. Mice are pretty smart and will learn to stay away from traps when they see what happens, the only thing that gets them is curiosity. When they start avoiding the traps you need to take them away for a week or so and then put them back. They say to wash your traps with soap to get rid of the death smell also.
    Roof rats on the other hand are not very curious and even smarter, they are harder to get but relatively easy to send away when you remove access to your roof.

  233. Wow. I tried this last night, after finding my store of bird seed in the cellar had been burglarized. I used a long board for a ramp, and a cheddar Goldfish cracker stuck to the TP tube with peanut butter. Well, when I checked it this morning, I found that Mr.Rodent had outsmarted me! The tube was dragged down the ramp a bit, and the cracker had been snatched away. pff.
    However, I set the tube back onto its spot, with the peanut butter still there as bait. An hour later, Mr (or Ms, I didn’t see) Mouse was in the bin! I took mousie about a mile away, to my local Forest Lawn cemetery. At last glance, mousie was bounding away through the grass, happy to be free.
    Thanks !

  234. Unbelievable!
    worked within an hour. This particular mouse was expert at dodging glue traps. In fact, one night I placed a glue trap behind the stove only to find the glue trap IN FRONT OF MY STOVE in the morning-how’d that mouse do that!!
    Thanks again,
    Bronx, NYC
    PS-I released the mouse outdoors-it was a worthy adversary.

  235. You do all realise that most of the world’s most notorious serial killers started out by ‘practicing’ on small, harmless animals?
    We (my colleagues and I) have often wondered who defines certain animals as vermen?
    Mice might be a pain at times, but I’ll wager no-one here has been shot, stabbed, nuked or raped by a rodent.
    (Union of Field Mice United Kingdom.)

  236. I didn’t know “A Mouse” has an internet connection. You didn’t cover all the rodent to rodent atrocities or all the people that have died with desease spread by rodents. The Black Plaque (thought to have come from rats) alone killed 25 million people.
    I saw in the news that roof rats have invaded the good suburbs around my house. Any idea on how to get rid of them without killing them? They are all over throughout a dozen cities around us, so catching them and releasing them will only make them smarter the next time around. 2 can turn into 15,000 in a year. They can destroy your home by chewing the wood in the attic and the wiring and can make your pets and family sick.
    Ok, “A Mouse”, if you have any ideas let me know.

  237. Sorry, Can’t help you with rats Mr Wallace (I don’t like them much myself!) You can do what you will with rats, I’m talking about mice here!
    For the record I access the net from a Wireless LAN connection (802.11g) from a small field here in Surrey UK. Sony really do some incredibly small laptops!
    Kind regards
    A Mouse
    (Union of Field Mice United Kingdom.)

  238. In Romania, folks have devised another way kill-free trap for catching mice. This one is good for mice on the floor or where a bucket won’t fit.
    Find a glass plate to be the base; this way you will be able to see if they are caught. Take a very small round onion or nut and poke a paper clip into it. On the other end of the paper clip, put a piece of tough bread, cheese or a nut. Balance a cereal bowl upside down on the plate. Prop one edge up on the onion. When the mouse crawls in and distubs the food, the onion will slip, the bowl will fall, and the mouse is caught.
    If the trap is sprung, you can flip the thing over and look through the glass plate to ensure that it wasn’t the one who got away!

  239. WORKED! Our little furry friend was in the ceiling! Took out a ceiling tile, stacked up barstools, put the long plastic trash can on top and set the PB laden tube to hang out of the opening (it looked like a version of the old Mouse Trap game). We awoke to a happy rodent who had feasted all night on cardboard and PB. That was fun! My daughter thought this was WAY COOL!
    check out the mouse picture at our site!

  240. Sounds like a great idea…however, there is one thing that really bothers me about mice that noone seems to be bothered by, and that’s the mice CRAP!!! Cute little mice fine, but the CRAP has got to go by any means necessary…including death!!

  241. Thank you I had just about resorted to the fly paper
    but I dont want to be inhumane.
    And just remember you can see the mouse CRAP but
    you cannot see where it has PEE’ed on your silver ware, counter etc.

  242. I love your mousetrap idea – am going right now to make one. My pusscat died three weeks ago and within days a mouse appeared in my kitchen. A bought humane trap doesn’t work, so I’ll try yours. Many thanks for the suggestion. Best wishes from Gabrielle in London

  243. Last night I put the trap together – took seconds to collect the parts and set up.
    This morning I went to the kitchen and the toilet paper tube was gone from the counter – I looked into the bucket – no mouse -no tube!!
    Then I looked to the back of the counter and saw the tube -apparently my mouse is so FAT that he got stuck in the tube and had to back away until it hit the wall to get free!!-tonight a bigger tube !
    PS I have a cat that eats the outdoor mice but she thinks the indoor ones are pets I guess!

  244. Cool trick…but does this work for any kind of mouse, or just house mice?
    I had a mouse trapped in my air vent, and when I opened it, it ran straight for the kitchen. Now, I don’t know whether it’ll try to escape or make itself at home.
    Im not sure what type of mouse it is; it’s very small. I don’t think it is a house mouse, maybe a field mouse.

  245. OMG!!!! You’re a lifesaver. After reading this, I made a trap right away using a roll of paper towel and put a 30 gallon trash can next to my kitchen coutertop and (I swear) it worked within 5 minutes. I have a huge problem with mice therefore I will use your technique every night and see if I can catch more. Thank you so much for this GREAT IDEA!!!

  246. OMG!!!! You’re a lifesaver. After reading this, I made a trap right away using a roll of paper towel and put a 30 gallon trash can next to my kitchen coutertop and (I swear) it worked within 5 minutes. I have a huge problem with mice therefore I will use your technique every night and see if I can catch more. Thank you so much for this GREAT IDEA!!!

  247. OMG!!!! You’re a lifesaver. After reading this, I made a trap right away using a roll of paper towel and put a 30 gallon trash can next to my kitchen coutertop and (I swear) it worked within 5 minutes. I have a huge problem with mice therefore I will use your technique every night and see if I can catch more. Thank you so much for this GREAT IDEA!!!

  248. I have a mouse eating duck and her name is Poof. She lay’s one egg a day if I pet her. She has a friend who’s also a duck and her name is floof. They are gay.

  249. Correction, I did not CAP FLOOF’S name and they are not gay. They are lesbonic. Floof lays eggs too and is very scared of mice. We do not eat the eggs because they stink when they are cooking. We give the eggs to homeless people and they love them because they don’t smell much because of the meth they sniff up there noses. We have a meth problem in the U.S. Chris, I don’t like my duck Poof eating mice and I spank her with a fly swatter when I see her doing it. I’m trying your method of mice removle, Chris

  250. FOOLS!
    Do you think that after all these years of your “human” scientists playing around with our genetic makeup, that one day they wouldn’t accidently create a super-smart mouse that could decipher your “primate” scribblings. HA! I’ve seen your “trap” idea, and have already trained hundreds of my kindred to avoid them, and they in turn will trail thousands more, and they; millions! I say it again: FOOLS!

  251. Ive tried your trap with the tube and bucket, I made steps up with books but my mouse is big, old and he is smart too! I left my video camera running beside the trap and the mouse comes along and just sit looking at the cheese at the end of the tube, its not taking it! Ive changed the tube for a bigger one and its still not falling for it, ive got 3 other traps, 2 mouse traps that shut closed but dont kill the mouse and one trapdoor and im using chocolate in them! so far no good! I call my mouse the Godfather!
    Any ideas?

  252. Why is everyone so worried about a stupid mouse being treated nicely? My mice are not nice when they steal my food and piss and shit all over my dishes/counter tops/bedroom/bathroom/desk. I use glue traps and I LOVE seeing them little bastards wriggling on them when they can’t resist a piece of Snickers bar. I drowned the first 12 in a bucket of water, but the 13th, I felt kinda bad (obviously pregnant female) so I boiled some water, put the boiling water in the bucket, and dumped the trap + squirming mouse in. Dead in like 10 seconds.
    Smelled like bacon.
    Laughed hysterically. I used to care, but then I got sick of mouse crap everywhere. And they got bold and started taunting me, walking right up and staring, one even tried to steal my pizza WHEN I WAS SITTING RIGHT THERE!!! Dirty vermin. I’m using this method too, but you can bet they’re going into a steel pail with some lighter fluid and a match if they try it. I set it up last night. The lights were off and, no joke, before I could turn on my x-box in the next room, I heard a crash. Greedy little bastard had probably watched me set all the traps…
    There is no shortage. Waste the bastards. Have some fun with it. I don’t hear any of you crying over splattered bees/wasps/spiders/roaches/ants. Mice are more dangerous than any of them, cuz they’re smarter. Kill ’em all (unless they’re outside. Save some for the predators.)

  253. Hi again, my mouse (The Godfather) refuses to be tricked! ive modified your trap getting rid of the tube and make a platform with a hole in it above a bucket, then ive covered over the hole with some cloth, ive put chocolate at the far side of the hole, so im hoping the mouse goes up the book steps see’s the yummy chocolate and runs for it, falling through the cloth down the hole and into the bucket. ill let ye know if it works!
    This mouse is driving me insane!

  254. I know lots of people have already posted praising the efficacy of this method, but I’m afraid I have to do the same. We had 2 mice and this method caught both of them– the first one fell for it within 20 minutes of the trap setup! The second one took 2 days before finding his way into our garbage can, but ended up there just the same. Perhaps he was holding out, trying to avoid a fate similar to his friend’s, but in the end, the peanut butter proved far too tasty of a treat to pass up.

  255. Chris, your method did not work for me but I think you have a wonderful website. I caught the mouse running about the house and beat it with a fly-swatter and broke it’s back and it was still alive and I put it in a bucket of water and it made some bubbles and then I put in a clean jelley jar and watched it get big after a few day’s and then it deflated a bit and brown mouse juice was in the bottom of the jar. Chris

  256. I use cocaine and a 12 ga. shotgun. Them critters are thick up here on Wild Mouse Mountain. It’s humane and I don’t feel a thing.

  257. The only way that I have succesfully caught a mouse was when I threw a can of Foster’s Lager across the room and it landed on the mouse. It was the butchest moment of my life. Then the nelliest moment of my life happened…having to touch the mouse in order to throw it away.
    I like Cat Man Dew’s idea; however, I am not a fan of blow. Oh well.

  258. I am having a similar problem. I tried glue traps…and the sneaky somehow managed to get the peanut butter out of it. Ive done the poison laced with peanut butter…it works….but now i have the smell in my walls. I’m going to use ur Idea but modify if a little.
    Get a big storage tub of some sort. Poke a hole in the lid for the mouse to go in. Put water in the bottom as well. Put peanut butter at the end of the tube. Mouse goes in tube. falls through tube, drowns in water…
    i dump the water in front my landlords office so she can realize im not playing about the mouse problem we are having..i’ll let you guys know how it works tonite

  259. My mouse has driven me out of my house. It is the most expensive pet I have had. It cost me Β£800/month for my mortgage while he is living at my house while im living at my mum and dads. Rushing back now to set the trap from as greater distance as possible so I can break the buggers neck

  260. Hi, I’ve discovered this week that I do have a mouse running around in my living room (and who knows where else) – it might be the same that I heard scratching my plaster work from inside the bedroom wall two months ago. I came upon your website and think it’s a cunning way of catching mice in a non-poisonous and acceptable way. I have just set up your trap, with two modifications.
    First of all, I fixed the 25-cm kitchen paper roll to the wooden ramp using a pushpin, assuming that a smart mouse isn’t smart enough nor has the strength to pull it out again πŸ™‚
    Secondly, at the side that’s dangling over the 60-cm high waste bin, I cut 10 cm of the bottom side loose, so that it’s only connected via the 4-cm width of the paper roll at the edge of the wooden ramp. It is still sturdy enough to place a small piece of toast with peanut butter in a horizontal position, but at the same time cannot hold the weight of a mouse – then it simply bends down and the mouse should end up in the waste bin.
    I’ll check tomorrow morning when I get up; I really hope to find the mouse in there, as I get sick of seeing it (them?) walk around my house. I’ll let you know about any outcome.

  261. Lets send “Micky” back to the theme park! A litte merry go round for mice. I catch them then flush them. I watch them go around and around as I wave bye bye. I’ve put water with bleach in the bottom of the pail. A few gulps and they are not jumping so high. I don’t care about humane when it comes to mice. Once person wrote something about Karma? That’s right. The mouse invaded my space and it’s Karma coming back to it. DIE you little bastard!

  262. tried the mouse tube last night with great expectations. half hour later cheese was gone but no mouse in canister. pushed the tube a little closer to the edge thinking that was the problem. this morning peanut butter is nibbled away but still no mouse in the can! perhaps my furry rivals have devised some sort of pulley system to extract the treats without falling to their doom.

  263. well, i recently had a small mouse in my home. i feel stupid getting scared when i see a mouse. i used to have hamsters as pets, but for some reason mice are just gross. i understand why there are people out there wanting to “save” the critters, but when you have a toddler running around, at the stage that they eat anything they find on the floor, well, let’s face it, that’s as dangerous as it gets. mice have tons of diseases that they carry in urine, and poo. how many of ya’ll would like to find your baby eating this crap? not me. i put up some no see no touch traps. well, it hasnt worked. i also had a bag of poison behind the stove, and the other day i heard nibbling of the bag. i havent checked for the mouse yet, but my kitchen is starting to smell like rotten cheese. i hope it’s dead. like my mother said, if you have a baby mouse in your home, who knows if you have a whole other family of rats too. good thing it was only in the kitchen, i have something covering the door way of the kitchen and living room. guess i gotta go find the booger. but i’m not going to lie, your idea is really good.

  264. Well, stupid me. Apparently the spring traps do NOT always kill humanely and instantaneously. I just set one and it broke the mouse’s middle back, leaving him squeaking and writhing in agony. When I went to look, he just stared at me wondering why this awful pain was happening to him.
    I took him outside and released the spring. He slunk off slowly, dragging his now useless back legs behind him. He’ll either slowly die or he’ll be eaten by something, or he’ll maybe make some miraculous recovery (highly doubtful). But I didn’t have the heart to take away what little life he was still struggling for.
    If anyone here actually enjoys such things, you are evil. Please do the world the courtesy of castrating yourself so you do not further perpetuate hatred.
    I feel like I am going to be sick. I never cry, yet I can’t stop crying that I did something so cruel to any living thing – especially one who just wanted to find a home and some food for himself.
    If you’re going to kill something, kill it quickly and as painlessly as possible. Better yet, don’t go there. The other spring traps I had set have all been sprung and thrown out in the trash. I swear to God I will never use them again.
    I just ordered 2 mice cubes. Hope they work. This solution you propose sounds OK for one mouse, but pretty high maintenance for many. Luckily there’s a marsh nearby, which is much more appropriate mousey habitat than my house.

  265. I think I accidentally killed a small mouse in my bathroom today when I caught it while wearing a leather glove. I felt really bad about it. When I initially caught it, I slammed it pretty hard to prevent it from darting away. I held it firmly but not too tight because I didn’t want to crush the poor thing. A couple of minutes later as I walked outside with a plan to release into the streets of NYC;
    It was still alive but then I saw it gasp for air and I instinctively released my grip so I could let it breathe because I feared that I was holding it too tight but I also didn’t want to let it escape by releasing my grip too much but by then it was too late and it died. Maybe it died of internal injuries when I initially caught it or maybe I inadvertently suffocated it with my grip.
    In any case, it died and what a bummer man, I feel really shitty about this whole thing as if I was a cold blooded killer or something because I’m one of those guys that does not like to needlessly kill something if it’s not absolutely necessary. I totally sympathise with the girl whose posted just before me. Maybe it died of a heart attack from the fear of being held…I don’t know wtf happened…it may be just a mouse but it was a living creature that yearned to live and survive just like we humans do and I feel pretty bad about it. It was not my intention to kill it.

  266. Alejandro, that is terrible. Sorry for your pain, and thank you for your ackowledgment.
    I realize that nature is brutal, and creatures kill other creatures in many hideous fashions just to get a square meal. Part of being a cat is hunting and killing, often in play and causing hours of trauma to the victim. But it would be unreasonable to expect a cat to stop and think: “Gee, how can I get my meal by causing the least suffering possible to my victim?”
    The thing that disturbs me is: Humans are the most ingeneous, intelligent, and powerful animals on the planet. It is so easy for us to just squash other less intelligent creatures to get them out of our way. The distinction is, we are perhaps the only species of animal capable of doing better than that. Many would argue that this ability to apply reason and conscience is, in fact, what makes us human.
    At the rate we are reproducing, buldozing, building, polluting, there soon won’t be anywhere left for other creatures to go. So why are we surprised when more and more wild animals end up in our living rooms, or rummaging through our kitchens. Who’s to say that 200 mice aren’t better for the planet than one hateful human?
    It may be inconvenient to have other creatures entering our homes. And physiologically, it is quite easy to maim them, torture them, kill them, whatever, to get them out of our space. For those who choose this way of being: Does it make you feel like a big tough guy to smash something littler and less intelligent then you? That says nothing about them, and everything about you.
    Is it really THAT much more difficult and inconvenient to put your big human brain to work? If you have to kill something, do it as quickly and painlessly as possible. Better yet, find a way to coexist. If you find a mouse in your house, is it that much harder to put it outside where it belongs than slowly drown it in a tub full of bleach?
    Consider: What is it doing to your own psyche if you not only actively pursue, but actually enjoy torturing other living beings.
    If you can’t find it in your heart to be compassionate to a creature that can’t help being what it is, then what hope do you have of exercising compassion toward other humans?
    Personally, I am committed to using the horrific experience from yesterday, when I accidentally mutilated a mouse, to be a better custodian of all living beings. In this way, I hope to bring something positive out of what happened, and use my big human brain to bring light to the planet.

  267. Thank you so much for posting this. Your technique worked almost perfectly for me within about two hours. Man, that little guy was cute. But there were four problems: 1) I don’t think the can was deep enough; 2) I put some paper towel in the can to cushion the fall; 3) I used a tube that was too long, and 4) mice can jump. After hearing the tube fall into the can, I entered my kitchen, and found the mouse climbing up the tube and trying to jump out. I shook the can a little, and I’m almost certain that he hid under the paper towel. I then took the can about a half mile from my house, but when I tilted it over, there was no mouse inside. Somewhere between my kitchen and the release point, he escaped–hopefully not inside my house. I wonder if this works more than once on the same mouse… :^)

  268. Here is a simple trick, Put some liquid soap on the bottom of the bucket. This will stop Stuart Little from jumping out.

  269. I tries the tube but the mouse kept hitting it into the can. Finally I just put the swivel lid back on the can, put a dab of peanut butter on the lid, and when mr.mouse went for it, the lid swiveled , he fell, and can’t jump out because of the lid…

  270. I set 2 snap traps on a ledge and stuck fishing line to it with it ducktape so they could not drag the traps into the ceiling.Next day got up to use the bathroom and 2 mice hanging in middaire.It was like a western….HANGM HIGH

  271. I’m trying this tonight!! I have a pesky little mouse that just jumps over my sticky traps like they are nothing and keeps going about his/her business. Crossing my fingers that the treat trap works!!

  272. Thanks for posting this, it looks promising and I just set up a trap. This mouse has been hanging around recently, getting bolder every day. I go no sleep last night because it kept coming into my room. I think that is a bit odd since my bedroom is the farthest point in the apartment from the kitchen, where I am pretty sure it lives. I even saw it in my bed TWICE — along with my sleeping dog!!

  273. My wife and I have humanely caught and released 17 mice so far this season. Each was let go some distance away out in a wooded area. We don’t live on a farm, just an ordinary city house but an old house. We saw one or two mice late at night in the kitchen, heard the scratching noises behind the wall and under cabinents, and of course found droppings. Had no idea there were several clans of mice lurking about. We have a dog but no cat. The dog got so spooked with all the activity late a night, she started sleeping in our basement.
    I have not tried the paper-towel tube method, but I would like to share some live-trap techniques that worked for us. Its been my experience that a particular technique or trap only works for so long before the mice “catch on”. I honestly don’t know how they know, unless trapped mice leave a warning smell behind. It has been suggested that the traps be washed thoroughly with soap and water before reuse.
    Our first trap was the Tin Cat. This works pretty well and was available at Wal-Mart under the name “CatchMaster” (actually on clearance for $5). It has two one-way doors. Our problem was the mice stealing the dog’s dry dog food, Purina Beneful. Apparantly they really like this stuff, and it is small enough to carry off. I kid you not, they chewed a small hole in the bag and during the wee hours over a course of weeks they had carried about 1/4 the bag to a hidden “stockpile” on the other side of the closet. And who knows how much went back to their nests. We now keep the dog food in a large plastic covered bin.
    I also tried the grey plastic Victor live traps, sold 2 to a pack for about $5. Only one mouse was caught with these however.
    In the next post, I’d like to share directions for making a homemade shoebox mouse trap. It has worked fairly well on larger mice.

    This trap is fairly easy to build and has caught several mice. It is designed to sit on the floor in whatever area mice tend to frequent.
    I used a Rockport shoebox. There was already a mouse-sized hole in the end of it. A sliding door was constructed from a sturdy 3×5 notecard. This door is to slide over the hole, and fits between the shoebox’s outer cardboard and inner cardboard flap. To make the door slide without binding, I inserted a 4″ length of wire (coathanger works well) between the outer and inner cardboard, on each side of the hole. Tape these down if necessary. The door slides between these metal guides. Two dimes (spaced apart) were taped to the top side of the notecard door to provide weight.
    Use a sewing needle and poke a hole in the shoebox just above the mousehole (a pair of pliers might help to grip the needle). The sliding door, when raised, should rest on the tip of the needle inserted into the hole. Tie thread to the needle, route it to a screw-eye in a block of wood taped to the floor (acutally the side) of the shoebox. The block of wood should be positioned at least 6 – 8 inches from the door. Tie a kibble of dogfood to the thread, and be sure it lays on the floor without any tension.
    A picture would be very helpful, but the idea is the needle releases the door when the mouse tugs on the kibble. We had good results with the shoebox positioned on the floor between the stove and wall. A book or two was wedged next to the shoebox to keep pressure on the lid of the box (the box is on its side). It should be noted that mice can eat through cardboard, so it is important to move the mouse to another container as soon as possible after capture.
    It is kind of fun to build, and it does work about as well if not better than any of the traps we purchased.

    Posted by: Alexander | Aug 12, 2006 2:58:58 AM”
    Before we learn respect, I’d suggest that you learn how to write about a third grade reading/writing level. You do know that you’re holding the “Caps Lock” Button, don’t you? It doesn’t make your thoughts more eloquent, but rather more obnoxious.
    As far as the rats go, there in no question in anyone’s mind (but your own) that the rat is a pest. Just post some crazy pictures of Emeril with captions (ala “Old Batman Show”) like “BAM!” et cetera and scare the thing out. πŸ™‚

  276. I’m gonna just say right out there is a bunch of pig,scumbags making a lot of sick comments! i didn’t even waste my time reading all of them but i seen enough! you talk about the mice,you all sound dirty and discusting!! I’m talking about the blender pig,the lighting on fire pig and the person who said it’s humane to put them in a freezer! lets see if you would suffer in freezer! good idea!!to the person who came up with the humane idea,don’t pay attention to any of these retards!!

  277. Why, Why oh WHY?????????????
    Can a mouse not eat, survive and just atleast visit its EX teritory?????????? Gods Sake people! The mice were here before you!!!!!!! Get a frigin life!! I DO NOT WANT TO HERE ANY MORE CRAP ABOUT “OHHH LETS BE A DICKHEAD AND KILL A MOUSE THAT HAS DONE NOTHING TO ME, LETS KILL IT, AND MABY EVEN ITS CHILDREN, THATS RIGHT, LETS GO AND KILL THE MOTHER OR FATHER (IF NOT BOTH) BECUASE THEY WALKED ON THEIR PROPERTY!!” People who come up with ways to kill mice so they have pain, why do you do it, what did they do to you, just think of their children or their family, mice have feeling too. If they didnt i could just get my pet mice, kill its friends and kids then cut its tail off! BUT NO!!!!!!!!!!! THEY DO HAVE FEELINGS, ANY ONE WHO THINKS IM WRONG. PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!!!! ( YOUR ALL DICKHEADS (THAT IS THE KILLERS I MEAN!!)

  278. I have a mouse now, and I swear its the Brain, because Pinky wouldn’t be able to out smart every mouse trap I put down. I tried the sticky tape and Decon… Nothing has worked. It’s like the mouse is used to all of these traps and doesn’t go near them. I felt my chicken salad on the kitchen counter and when I came back, a piece of my chicken had made its way towards my toaster. I was horrified, because the mouse had been in my food that quickly. I will definitely try this apparatus and let you know how it goes. I’ve dropped two dress sizes.

  279. Why, Why oh WHY?????????????
    Can a mouse not eat, survive and just atleast visit its EX teritory?????????? Gods Sake people! The mice were here before you!!!!!!! Get a frigin life!! I DO NOT WANT TO HERE ANY MORE CRAP ABOUT “OHHH LETS BE A DICKHEAD AND KILL A MOUSE THAT HAS DONE NOTHING TO ME, LETS KILL IT, AND MABY EVEN ITS CHILDREN, THATS RIGHT, LETS GO AND KILL THE MOTHER OR FATHER (IF NOT BOTH) BECUASE THEY WALKED ON THEIR PROPERTY!!” People who come up with ways to kill mice so they have pain, why do you do it, what did they do to you, just think of their children or their family, mice have feeling too. If they didnt i could just get my pet mice, kill its friends and kids then cut its tail off! BUT NO!!!!!!!!!!! THEY DO HAVE FEELINGS, ANY ONE WHO THINKS IM WRONG. PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!!!! ( YOUR ALL DICKHEADS (THAT IS THE KILLERS I MEAN!!)
    email me:

  280. I’ve had a mouse in my room for the last couple weeks. I was content enough to live with it ’til it started pooing in my bed. I set out the old snap-trap, but I saw it on my windowsill (it liked hiding behind my air conditioner) and it was so cute I couldn’t bear to think of what I was going to do to it. So I found this page, set one up, and it worked within 10 minutes. (Greatly helped by the fact that it was already on the windowsill with no alternative exit.)
    I even got it on video. I know you can’t see much, but it does prove it works.
    Thanks again. You’re super awesome.

  281. I have a mouse and I’m losing my mind. I have had Stewart in my life since Oct 17 and nothing has worked. He eats this mouse treat thing that is supposed to make them thirsty and go outside. He keeps eating and eating and eating, all the while bypassing the glue trap and peanutbutter snap trap located in the same place as the treat.
    I hate him. I don’t want to kill him, but I don’t want him in my apartment either. This bucket thing seems interesting but I have neither the time or the patience to do this. Not to mention, I don’t have a bucket big enough.
    Does anyone have any other advice on getting rid of a freaking genius mouse?

  282. thank you so much! my dad wants to put out traps … i’ll try this tonight … hope i catch them before he does w/ dcon… =/

  283. Having found out in the last week that I have a mouse stuck under my fridge.. Any suggestions as to how I can get it out? I don’t want to resort to a trap.. All this and I have 3 dumb cats…

  284. thanks! i tried this and i have already caught one! my dad say’s he’ll give me a few more days to cathch the other one since i caught one already! you saved a thankful mouse’s life! and i am grateful he didn’t have to kill any! people try this! give it a noght or two it works! just make sure it’s a tall trash can (about 2.5-3 feet tall) -so they can’t jump out- and make sure it’s slippery… not cardboard -they can dig their nail in and climb out.. BUT SERIOUSLY THIS WORKS, IT’S HUMANE, AND IT’S FAST!

  285. Ha ha! I had success a few minutes ago… I annoyed the rat (it wasn’t a mouse after all..) so much it moved into a cupboard near by. Cleared the cupboard, got a container and caught it, bye bye ratty.. It was told, it’s passport to enter my house has been revoked.. hehe πŸ™‚

  286. I think your mousetrap idea is soooo great! Would you mind if I posted this page into my church newsletter? Of course I will give you credit where it is due and list your name and your web address, whichever way you choose. I am the church secretary at Christ Church, Lutheran in San Francisco. We are a congregation of 105. Our website is:
    We post our newsletters up on our site as well as mail them out. If you would like, I could mail you a copy of our newsletter with your mousetrap page in it.
    Please email me back to let me know.
    Thanks for the oh-so-simple-it’s genius idea!

  287. this is a great idea. i’ve had a mice trapped in a trash can before and it couldn’t get out.

  288. to alexandria,stop waiting for the mousecrap to get dry and breath it.Just go up into your dropceiling,scrape up a nice pile.AND SNORT IT.

  289. This does really work! We had a mouse who would sit on top of our humane mouse traps and stare at us in definance — never thought we should catch him and as a last resort tried the paper tube trap — it worked and I have a mouse in a bucket now who is awaiting to be relocated to his new home far away. Thank you! Hope you can somehow pattent this and make lots of money!

  290. What a great idea! I’m definately going to try this, But how tall does the bin have to be?
    Watch this space and i will let you know what happens

  291. Awesome Idea! Beats killing the poor little things when all they want to do is have a warm place to live for winter and plenty of food. I had one mouse that decided to call my “home” his, I didn’t mind the little guy until he started going through my draws and eating my food and trashing everything up. So I tried this idea and caught him within a few hours. now he is living with us and his name is “Alf” and he is pretty friendly and very FAT! He eats like a cow. Thanks for the great idea!

  292. Thank you so much. It works!!!! I caught him overnight after two unliked meetigs with him the day before. Thank you so much again

  293. I used snap traps… they work… but only for the first 4… then I used glue traps… got 2 with those… then I go back to snap traps… tried the humane way.. but you know what… I read on a pest control page that if you see one… there are definately more… count on it… 2 mice = 4 to 8 babies x 4 to 5 times a year = 18 mice… 18 mice = 4 to 8 babies x 4 to 5 times a year = 34 mice… and that’s if your lucky…… oh ya.. glue traps aren’t that bad… at least there spine is not broken!

  294. You PC, animal rights whackos crack me up! While I don’t condone setting the little buggers on fire just to watch ’em burn (that’s just sick!) I don’t see why you go through all the trouble of making or buying humane traps only to let them out again outside, where they’re just gonna crawl into someone else’s house. There is no shortage of mice in the world. They’re not a species that needs protection. We can never kill all the mice in the world so I say, get the ones you can if they’re coming in your house. I bet most of you bleeding hearts that want to save all the little creatures of the forest eat meat yourselves. You ever wonder how that nice steak in the neatly wrapped styrofoam and cellophane packaging gets that way? That’s why I hunt. It’s a much more honest, responsable way to get your meat.

  295. I used a “walk the plank” approach to our mice. I set up a tub (Make sure it’s high enough that they can’t jump out) I then used a cardboard plank with peanut butter on the end. I set this up yesterday afternoon and I have already caught 3 mice. 2 were caught at the same time. Which I am completely baffled by. Did they walk the plan at the same time, or did the 2nd mouse jump into the tub to save the other one? I am so impressed by this method. it’s so easy, I just don’t know how many to expect, I thoguht there was just one.

  296. Wow. What a site.
    I have a new mouse living in my apt. It’s going to keep me awake all night, as I can’t seem to catch the thing & didn’t even know I had one until about 5pm today. I must admit though, I was terribly impressed when, even though my trap didn’t yield the results I wanted, it did attract a mouse within 60 minutes. (I obviously didn’t set it up right, since the sucker got the cracker w/pb and the tube didn’t even fall in the trash can! Ha! Good for him! I re-set it, but it’s been over an hour & no mouse. Ah well.)
    Some people have commented about these little rodents craftiness & I want to assure you, rodents ARE smart! They do have the capability to very easily assess their environments, as well as, the capacity to learn from them. So, if you think your mouse is outsmarting you, chances are, it is!
    As for the comments about animal-rights, etc… I can’t even rationally talk to anyone who can’t even understand the simplistic idea that you just plain don’t KILL. And Hank, you’re the worst because you JUSTIFY what you do, while at the same time calling everyone else a hypocrit! Amazing how you twisted your mind into that rationale.
    All I have to say on the subject is – I agree with Rachel. Just the mere fact that we HAVE a conscience holds us to a higher moral standard than any other living thing on the planet. And look what we do with it. Kill for convenience. Kill for fun. Kill just because we can. Shame on all of us. SHAME!!!
    Oh and lastly, what a joke this comment is from Hank:
    “There is no shortage of mice in the world.” Then, tell me Hank, since there’s no shortage of assholes like you either, can we just knock you off???????

  297. I used a toilet paper tube, but I taped a nickel to the top of the supported end. That balanced the weight of the bait, and moved the center of gravity toward the supported end. This allowed more more of the tube to stick out in space over the trash basket, and the tube tips down more easily when the mouse goes into it (longer lever arm).
    Worked beautifully! Two mice in two nights! Since I’m training my smooth fox terrier to be a mouser, I let her catch the mouse in the basket. One crunch and they’re done.

  298. O.k., I don’t LIKE killing mice, but I’ll do it if I must. My house pests are adorable. I had pet mice when I was a kid & somehow killing them is distressing. However, THESE are NOT tame/health certified critters. They can take a running leap of 38″ or a standing jump of 12″. How tall are your counters? Mice spread salmonella & other germs all over your house.
    Since the cold weather started, our neighbourhood is infested, and we’ve never had this problem before in 10 years. I’m going INSANE bleaching every floor, counter & tabletop every day, and pre-washing pans to cook in as I’ve found droppings in the cupboards. Hours of scrubbing!!! My hands are raw. Also have to lock down all food (including candles, crayons & soap) and the kids leave lids off snacks & wrappers lying around despite our nagging.
    Don’t touch the wild mice. Do you want rabies?
    My kids must be protected. I’d sooner catch the little pests alive, but this trap has only worked once so far for me. I’m praying mouse #4 (who is living under my tupperware-filled cereal cupboard next to the fridge) falls in the trash can tonight.
    Mouse #1 panicked when my husband & I moved the dishwasher & made loud noises. He tripped & got his tail caught in a snap trap. We had tied an O’Henry bar to the trigger with peanut butter coated wool. Part of the tail was cut off. We felt so badly & the kids cried. I got my gardening gloves on & took him out to the garden. When I pulled up the bar with pliers, he headed straight back for the house. I roared at him & chased him away, & he has not been seen since. Suppose he’s at my neighbour’s. Great. I just hope he’s too frightened of people now to try living in a house again.
    Since then, 4 snap traps have had the peanut butter licked off them every night.
    Mouse # 2 was crushed in a tomcat trap baited with peanut butter. There was no blood/mess & death must have been instantaneous.
    I don’t believe in causing the critters to suffer. Glue traps are slow (or you must kill the mouse). Poison causes the mouse to bleed to death internally. It has to eat the bait more than once. It might carry the bait around with it, & contaminate areas where it could poison you or your family or your pet. It might die where your pet could eat it. And you’d better hope it’s not rotting in your wall to stink.
    I’m worried about those who are getting their jollies from torturing the animals (fire/pins/etc)! They didn’t ask to be born pests. They can’t understand why we don’t want them in our houses. They aren’t trying to be mean. If you gain sadistic pleasure from HURTING these animals, what is it doing to your character? Will the pleasure of torturing mice progress into a wish to hurt higher life forms? We are called humans because we have the brains to be compassionate, unlike sharks or snakes.
    I continue to set the snap traps, but the remaining critters are avoiding them. I think they have learned that peanut butter means death.
    Mouse #3 was caught with Chris’ method. I baited a paper towel roller with cooked veggies & a bit of cheese. Mousie fell in the following morning, and I scooped him into a peanut butter jar with a couple of holes drilled in the lid, then jammed the lid on fast. Hubby drove mousie out to a field behind his industrial workplace. Mousie will have to take his chances with the hawks. At least he had plenty of peanut butter to lick off the jar before facing the challenge.
    Mouse #4 peeps out of its hole at me, but has been too fast to catch under a bowl. It is very fat so I fear it’s a pregnant female. I figure we only have a few days to catch it before it gives birth & makes our life more hellish. Think I’ll get some sunflower seeds & see if it will go for that.
    Somebody wondered why so many people have posted comments, when there are bigger issues in life to worry about. To some of us, this IS a big issue. As for me, I think it’s an opportunity to confront fundamental problems and explore our own natures. I also think many people are at a loss as to how to get out of this mess, and need to get in touch with others who might have useful suggestions. You can read a lot more ideas here, in a shorter span of time, than you would get by asking your friends.

  299. Oh I hooooope this works!! I’ve got a mouse in my kitchen, been there for weeks and I haven’t had any luck with traps. He made an appearance yesterday and has been quite bold today, running across the floor…uggg! Cute little guy but so gross, especially considering i have a baby in the house!!! I’m trying this now…wish me luck.

  300. If you catch more than one mice at a time they tend to be cannibals and they kill and eat each other in close quarters…not humane at all. Mice climb in and out of my plastic carbage can with ease so I can’t see how this would work if you didn’t sit up and wait to catch them when they fell in. They climb up the smoothest of surfaces. I am becoming overrun but I can’t kill them. Everything I try in a live trap ends up with dead mice from them killing each other… I won’t kill them but it is getting out of hand and nothing works. They will just climb out of the can. I have seen them do it.

  301. This was amazing! I don’t really mind killing the mice but whatever gets the mouse gone is fine with me. I set te trap went to dinner with my wife and when we came home the mouse was in the garbage can. We were gone 60 min. max

  302. As I have been reading this, my little ‘friend’ came to sniff out my bedroom. I think he (yes, he) liked it, but when I moved an inch he scarpered. We have set a black box that tips, but does he uses it? HAH!
    I’m not bothered at all by him though, because he is very tidy and neat. No poo that I can find. I’ll keep setting the trap, but it honestly doesn’t bother me…even when I hear him at the end of my bed, rustling the carrier bags. (Apparantly they like carrier bags…similar to humans liking duvets i’m thinking.)
    Oh, and to all those people who need violence. Basically, how would you like it? And really, it’s tiny. TINY. Go try to set fire to someone your own size if you’re that desperate.

  303. it worked perfectly except for the fact that my rat was so fat he tipped over the garbage and escaped and left a bigger mess than before….. but overall its a great idea

  304. I have two little buggers in my tiny bachelor but no heart or stomach to kill them with blood splattering or broken back methods. I can just sleep better knowing I tried the life traps first before my desperation might make me take up other measures. So, I’m really happy to have come across this site. I tried your trap but I think my trash can wasn’t deep enough – toilett paper roll in trash can but no mouse. πŸ™ Also, I used a towel to cover the carboard ramp for better traction for the mice. I’m trying it with a deeper trash can tonight and also set up the “Paperclip (modified onion) & bowl” trap as well as the “backing & deep tray with scewer at 90 degree angle” method. I think my mice are more floor runners than counter climbers, so if anyone has more ideas for simple homemade floor traps, please post them. Thank You πŸ™‚ and also thanks for these entertaining reads… it is funny how heated it can get over a simple matter of how to catch mice. Good luck with catching your tiny rodents! πŸ™‚ Oh, yes, and seal all the gaps in your floor boards, walls, ceiling – this is key to keeping them out and not getting more.

  305. Update: no mouse caught yet but I think I banned them to the walk-in closet and back into the walls of this old Victorian house πŸ™‚ Don’t be fooled when you first see a mouse – you might think you only have one neat little mouse but it might not be the same mouse every time. They also do have to poo & pee – this they prefer to do between clothes in walk-in closets, in corners, on lower cupboards that don’t close properly, below sofas, anywhere where you won’t notice for a while unless you have the counterjumping types πŸ™ . I did finally find the Access hole (I hope) – behind the closet door frame – a tiny hole chewed through the carpet & underneath another teeny hole leading below the floorboards. I didn’t see the hole the first time around when I had stuffed any other possible holes, but then, because I had layed out a peanut inside which was gone in the morning, I knew it wasn’t magic. Meanwhile my 3 life traps in the main room lay barren.

  306. Just as an FYI…mice are great jumpers and can easily bounce out of a can that’s not at least 24 inches tall. So don’t think that just because they’re in a smooth-sided bucket or trash can that they can’t still escape!!
    I agree though that this is a nice alternative to expensive humane traps and all the other inhumane options.

  307. WOw!!! I just got freaked the heck out…
    I came home after work tonight, using the computer, and out of the corner of my right eye i see a very small brownish figure stealthily hugging the wall like a ninja as he walked at a medium pace across my bedroom infront of me and behind my computer desk and then under the old heating vents….
    This was my first mouse and I cant believe how scared i was…strange…anyway, i hope to God that this method works tonight as im sleeping so i can sleep easy knowing that i dont have anyone living with me that doesnt pay rent.
    Strange though, my apartment is very clean and ive never had mice before, i hope this is the only one. I will post the results as they come in. Thanks for the idea!!

  308. a. for those “humane” trappers, what do you think happens to the critters out in the woods? that’s right – they become prey. so how “humane” was it to release them to be hunted?
    b. the cardboard tube with bait never worked for the coyote, right? πŸ˜‰

  309. I built a 4 by 4 by 8 foot wooden box, balanced it on the edge of a cliff with a bucket and mouse in the free floating end as bait … caught a bleeding heart liberal in less than 30 minutes!
    (note from chris: You might look into a career in comedy gus.)

  310. I used to have good luck with HaveAHart traps, but had a really smart mouse that would not let himself get trapped by a HaveAHart or a Victor humane trap. This idea worked on the first night! I used a longer tube (a tube from some wrapping paper, cut in half) and a large 40 gallon trash can.

  311. I have a 3-week-old pet mouse. He mainly stays on the floor. But he gets in corners that I can’t reach and sleeps. I’ve tried this and many other things, but he doesn’t eat solid food, yet. It’s only been a day and a half. He can eat some solid things. I’ve put out some food, but he doesn’t eat it. He looks hungry and tired. But he just stays in a corner that no one can get to.
    He’s my science-fair project. I HAVE to find him!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

  312. Our humane traps in the garage that we were using are now malfuctioning (peanut butter is gone, but doors didn’t drop). We caught 6 previously. They are those really cute mice with the white bellies and brown tops. Anyway, I am excited to try this method. I am a bleeding heart conservative, by the way. πŸ™‚ It makes me smile to see so many people are choosing the humane traps…
    Thanks for the idea!!

  313. I tried this trap many times since reading this but it has never worked for me. The problem seems to be that the little guys are reticent to come out into the open to enjoy the nice snacks I put out for them. So I resorted to using snap traps, which I can place in the small, hidden places they like to frequent. Haven’t had a mouse problem ever since. I would have loved your idea to work, just for its Rube Goldberg appeal if nothing else. Just think if you placed the bucket on a lever which then turned on the stove when the mouse falls into it, which caused a pot of water to boil, the heat from which blew up a small hot air balloon which rises with just enough force to tip a platform holding a bowling ball…oh the possibilities are endless!

  314. We have a loose hamster in the car! I believe it’s in the floor vents. My boston terrier was very interested in this area. I’m afraid he’s been chewed up by the fan! I’m trying the trap tonight in my car- wish us luck

  315. well an old boss of mine, who was a very cheap shmuck, would arrive at work once a month with a box of oats under his arm and a smile (because he was all jazzed over the fact that he was about to save some money on pest control). At the end of the day he would mix up the oats with honey and cement powder and leave little dabs of it on cardboard all over the workshop. When the little shytes eat the stuff the cement goes hard in their bellies and thats it for Mr Mouse. Finito la musica. Next morning, with the usual carrot deposited firmly up his arse, he would go around and pick up all the corpses.

  316. This works even better if you forget all this humane crap and put 6-8 inches of water in the bucket. It’s not like you are trapping dodo’s.

  317. I didn’t have time to read ALL the comments but in regards to ANTS, I have the best product called ANT CHALK. I think it must be more finely ground than regular chalk, but it makes the ants leave immediately! They will be gone in about 5-10 minutes. You just draw it wherever you want – I usually make little ant roads so that I can funnel the ants back to where they entered my kitchen. They will not return for a very long time. Additionally, I sometimes will put food for the ants outside my house where I see their ant trails. Then there’s no need for them to come inside! However, I do think they may be in our walls but that’s ok with me because I think they eat termite larva.

  318. Tachyon, my motivation is not humane capture, I just can’t use snap traps because my cat is not too bright and will surely wear them if I do. Also I absolutely, positively, definately don’t want to have to touch vermin.

  319. The first time I heard a mice we had caught screaming while glued to the glue trap, I thought to myself that this was the last time we were ever going to use that cruel way to catch mice (I was against the idea in the first place). I went on and I purchased a humane mouse trap. It looks like a little green house and you have to set it so that when the mouse enters the house to eat the treat you’ve left him, the door of the house flaps up and shuts him in the little house. You then release him outside. We caught 3 mice in 2 days (2 at the same time) and I am happy to say it’s been done in a non cruel way!

  320. Great! We’ve got mouse troubles, just had a horrific experience with the “humane” glue trap. Never again. We’ll try this method straight away, thanks for posting it! It was nice to discover your site, explored a good bit of it, nice. We’re in Mt. Washington. Thanks again.

  321. Great! We’ve got mouse troubles, just had a horrific experience with the “humane” glue trap. Never again. We’ll try this method straight away, thanks for posting it! It was nice to discover your site, explored a good bit of it, nice. We’re in Mt. Washington. Thanks again.

  322. Just found this site after my wife said she heard something in our garage. Just set up a plan cardboard strip with peanut butter at the end and a pretty big round fish bowl underneath.
    Lets see how it goes….Gotti

  323. I just tried the mouse trap. I hope to god it works, i want my bedroom back!! i’ll let you all know if it works!!!


  325. omg it worked lol about an hour after setting it i got TWO mice at the same time lol i used a paper towel roll and they both must have got in at the same time dumb mice lol well any way it works! DO IT

  326. Great idea !! yet simplistic – i once caught 46 mice in a big carboard box (apparently they were nesting) so i carefully removed each nick nacks i had stored in the box to clear the way so i can count them before tilting them on to a 5 gal. bucket filled half way with lukewarm water [to be humane] then closed the lid while i waited some time to allow them to fully drown i went back to watch my favorite movie “The Titanic” about an hour or so i went back to dump them in the toilet it almost Clogged the sewer pipes.

  327. I seen a mouse in my spare bedroom this morning. I am soooo scared of them.the humane way, all the better

  328. i work in an animal hospital so naturally we did not want to “off” George (we named him) in the traditional manner. this worked great!! we nabbed George and the doctor set him loose by her house. As she tipped the can over, she heard George say “that was a pretty good trap!” πŸ™‚

  329. dude, this shit was so smart i would have never thought of it but as soon as i saw it i made it and within like 2 mins that il bitch was caught he is lyke unwanted family that bitch sleeps on my bed

  330. Great idea, especially with the ramp.
    Advise for Ashley. Don’t let your pet mouse get fat. By him a wheel for $5 in pet store. Alf is gonna love it. He will run on it for hours every night. Without exercise he will die.

  331. found this site a couple of weeks ago, now I have caught 10 mice with this method (geez, I hope I’m putting a dent in their population around my house…)

  332. Ha! Good idea. We get mice every year under our kitchen sink. Last year, my dad went to throw something away (our trash can slides out from under the sink, no wonder they like it in there!) and when he pulled it out, the mouse jumped straight up out of the trash can, and my dad caught him! It was pretty funny. I kept him, because he didn’t seem to be rabid or anything. Well a month later, it had babies! They were the cutest little things! (yes, I’m a sucker for animals =]) So I made a smaller version of your trap, with a bucket that has a lid, so if it climbs in and tries to jump out, the thing propping the lid up will fall, thus trapping it. Hope it works!

  333. mice are shaytan
    Destroy them where you may find them. But that is not enough. You must torture them as a sign to the remaining rodent population. Each agonizing shrill squeal tells his/her rodent companions: “It is wise to move out and find residence elsewhere.”
    Here is my time-tested method:
    (1) glue traps. Or you can use one of the “humane” style traps (ironically bought cheaply on PETA’s website) and get them stuck to a glue trap that way.
    (2) If you are busy once they get stuck, simply put them on a window sill facing direct sunlight until you can deal with the little devil. Rodents like bright lights πŸ˜‰
    (3) Sit them down face-to-face eye-to-eye and talk to your torturee. Mice hate that worse than anything else. If they smell too bad, spray some cologne on them to mask their musky odor.
    (4) Find creative ways to torture the rodent. Grab a pair of scissors tease him a little bit(snapping them quickly in front of their little face so they know what a pair of scissors can do). Cut their whiskers off. Grab a nice copper hanger(or other good conductor of heat) and a lighter and heat up the hanger. Now brand little mickey with a nice little logo. Or use the lighter directly and burn his ear off.
    (5) If they try to bite their foot off, try to stop infection by pouring some rubbing alcohol directly on the exposed flesh. Ahh… that feels good πŸ˜‰
    (6) After a few hours (or sooner if you use extreme torture), they will start pissing and pooping on themselves. Why should they have all the fun ? Piss in a cup and give your mouse a golden shower.
    (7) Once you get bored, release your mark into a nice open area where a bird or predator is sure to see him. Might as well get the bitch into the food chain.

  334. I couldn’t believe how fast this trap worked. I set it up, and seriously within 15 minutes, he was in the garbage can!! I ended up catching 3 mice within the hour! AMAZING!! I tried every other mouse trap you can possibly think of, and I found this one…Awesome it really does work!

    lmao, here we see the intelligence of man, if like me you’ve tried every humane method, (including enticing one into a pizza box and flinging it into the back of a garbage truck as it left my road i dont particularly blame you, its either my family’s health or mice, no question for me, im gonna buy a cat, snap trap, poison spray, even use my co2 fire estinguisher to asphixiate the little bastards, i dont like killing things at the worst of times, i dont agree with this set it on fire and watch it die, or waqtch it drown, alex, by ur reckoning i should wait until my brothers and sisters fall ill ( this is what could happen ,they make children ill, they make everything they come across dirty, they ruin food, electrical wiring ( oh yeh i spose i should wait and let the electrical fire burn down my house before i act?) they also tear at nappies, clothes , tear up your carpet, chew out holes in the wall oh and if they dont do that, they randomly die and stink up the house? f**k it im sending the little bastards to hell,
    Peace to u all
    Except alex, your a dickhead, please dont email me, Please!

  336. some of you people have sick minds DRownding mice how can you do such a thing!!!!!!!! LOOK IN TO THERE LITTEL BLACK EYES AND THEN ASK YOUR SELF, GOD CREATED THESE ANIMALS FOR A RESON!!! they only have so long to live any how so why not let them live it.
    PEACE OUT MAN (peace to all my furry homeys out there)

  337. some of you people have sick minds DRownding mice how can you do such a thing!!!!!!!! LOOK IN TO THERE LITTEL BLACK EYES AND THEN ASK YOUR SELF, GOD CREATED THESE ANIMALS FOR A RESON!!! they only have so long to live any how so why not let them live it.
    PEACE OUT MAN (peace to all my furry homeys out there)

  338. hey i just had two mice that were terrorizing my pantry and the cabnet above my stove. and when i looked into that little bastards eyes all i could see was my valuable cash dollars going down his little itty bitty throat. needless to say all i have are traps that kill. and the last one that just got trapped by the foot…..yeah he screwed me over when i took him down the road….I WILL KILL ANY AND ALL MICE I FIND AT MY HOUSE!!!! and in the most inhumane way as possible. i worked for that money damn it!
    ps paintball guns and airsoft pistols are fun too…hehehehehe

  339. hey i just had two mice that were terrorizing my pantry and the cabnet above my stove. and when i looked into that little bastards eyes all i could see was my valuable cash dollars going down his little itty bitty throat. needless to say all i have are traps that kill. and the last one that just got trapped by the foot…..yeah he screwed me over when i took him down the road….I WILL KILL ANY AND ALL MICE I FIND AT MY HOUSE!!!! and in the most inhumane way as possible. i worked for that money damn it!
    ps paintball guns and airsoft pistols are fun too…hehehehehe

  340. yeah… tony??? if you would have killed the damn thing like i asked you to instead of letting it go, we wouldn’t be terriorized by a few little mice, now would we??? =)

  341. We had a mouse in the house and I went down stairs to the kitchen to make my wife a hot water bottle. As I came back up the stairs I noticed the little bugger hopping up the stairs before me. I took aim and WHAM!!!
    Flat mouse, I quickly flushed away the evidence and give my wife her hot water bottle.
    She asked was I ok thinking I had fallen coming up the stairs. I hadn’t the heart to tell her until the morning. I was lucking not to be the second victim of the hot water bottle

  342. if you all knew of the diseases mice can cause, you would all have no problems using te good ol neck breaker trap

  343. Thanks so much for posting this cheap and humane way to remove rodents from a home. πŸ˜€ I’ve sent the link to all of my friends for future use if they ever have a rodent problem.

  344. well i set this up last nite, and it has caught shit (yet) im gonna leave set up for a couple more days, then its the orkin man’s turn.
    i have a couple of firecrackers for the critters if they get trapped in my bucket

  345. Well, this toilet roll trap idea is working a treat, i was laying in bed an hour ago listening to the mice destroy my carpet, clothing, electrical wires and furniture and just couldnt handle it anymore. I found this site and set up the trap with bleech in the bottom (not taking any chances, these mice jump high and eat through steel cans!). I’m happy to say that in less than 1/2 an hour, a piec of fried chicken in a toilet roll has already caught 3 mice! lets see how many more i get before morning.
    The ideas great, not because I’m humain (coz im not when it comes to mice) but because the mice arent smart enough to figure it out like they do with the snap traps.
    I was about to resort to the way I used to catch mice….. that is catch a few by hand and put them in an ice-cream bucket to run over on my motorbike, or pull them tail first through a tennis raquet and hear em squeel. i was surprised how far they run when sprayed with deodorant and set on fire, the little bugers move like thiers no tomorrow! and combine that with a reversed vacuum cleaner to achieve the famouse flaming flying mouse!
    We’ll hopefully this does the trick once and for all!

  346. It’s sad that so many humans are willing to take out their anger about their own stink-ass lives on us poor little mice, as evidenced by some of these comments. I mean, we gotta eat too, right? Yeah, we got diseases, but we ain’t screwing up the whole planet! You guys are a disease in and of yourselves! Come ON!
    Mr. Glass: thanks for cluing us to the best and cheapest idea for a mousetrap ever, and for giving the idea away for free. I hope to fall into one of your buckets one day. I request fried chicken smothered in velveeta.

  347. There will be some Ass Whuppin when you come to Disney World with your Kids………….Leave my Bruthas alone.

  348. ameen, brother robbo.
    I too have used the light them on fire after spraying them with deoderant trick and also the tennis racket squeeze play. It is truly fun to torture the little mice.
    Here are some more fun things to do with mice(after you catch them of course):
    (1) Who needs fancy mice of different colors when you can paint your own with spray paint ? Surely modern science has not created what you can have in minutes with a $2 can of spray paint. A purple mouse.
    (2) A snake mouse. Break their legs and then release them. I prefer the “joe theismann” break for added pain. then watch them squirm on the floor since their legs are now pretty useless.
    (3) Ever wanted to be a dentist(and you know i do!) ? Grab a pair of pliers and yank off those rodent incisors. No novacaine ? Oh well, it won’t hurt them too badly, right ? πŸ˜‰
    (4) Pepper spray. Those little buggers really hate pepper spray.
    (5) Speaking of pepper, they really hate oil of peppermint, so stuff a little cotton ball soaked in it into their mouth while using other torture methods.
    (6) Sure, you can have a fancy mouse which is hairless, but why bother when a little nair on your rodent friend can do the same. Or don’t throw away that old bic razor. Simply give your mouse a shave (and a haircut, two bits). Don’t worry about shaving cream- it’ll all come off with a little elbow grease. Don’t forget the after shave(a little alcohol for those “razor burns”). And then you can set them on fire or put them outside to freeze in the cold night air.

  349. Something to consider:
    Maybe if so many people weren’t setting mice free in an attempt to be ‘humane’ (which incidentally should equally apply to other humans as well as animals – and ‘relocating’ the mice to become someone else’s problem is NOT ‘humane’), there wouldn’t be so many people looking for ways to get rid of the mice that are apparently in all of the homes of the people posting messages here.
    Just pointing out the obvious.

  350. This trap may catch a mouse, but the mouse may not STAY caught: some species can jump considerably higher than a small trash bin. They can also climb many surfaces with a rough finish, such as wood or brick exterior walls. If there are holes in your walls/roof, mice WILL remember and re-enter the house through the same spot when placed outside. If you chase them or watch them carefully, they may even lead you directly to the point of entry, as they return to the structure by habit. Whether or not one approves of squashing mice, it is unsanitary (especially if you forget about the trap). A more reliable hygenic alternative includes: Havahart / Tip-trap / Victor / MiceCube / MouseCube (etc.) reference:
    (The PETA trap mentioned in an earlier post looks good too). The Havahart worked for me… you just need to use the right bait. Oats mixed with peanut butter is a good example. Stores which sell snakes should be happy to take the mice off your hands. You could also buy or build an ****OWL HOUSE**** to attract natural predators. Last but not least, remember that animal shelters are forced to kill hundreds of thousands of cats (and dogs) every year. So if you are in the market for a cat, buy a “used” one. If you are in the market for a new HOUSE, try building a concrete-on-steel dome house (available as kits). Rest assured that rodents will never be able to chew through a concrete roof!

  351. This is a wonderful idea and worked within the first few hours that I did it! Thank you SO much for the info. You are a genious

  352. coolio this works by the way i set one up last night(not this model but a different one) (the one with a board leading up to a foot high tuberware sontainer and inside was crackers cheese and peanut butter and in the morning at was left was poop.) ill try this one. also a good way in getting a jack russell terrier. i have one and so far in this week shes caughtaround 7 mice!!!

  353. To repel mice get snake droppings from a pet store and deposit them around the infested area. Most mice will steer clear of the zone – it’s a hell of a lot better than having a snake (or mouse) in the house!

  354. Hurray! That was so easy πŸ™‚ No more mousey in my fruitbowl!
    I have set him loose on the streets of Paris, where I am sure he can find somewhere more suitable to live with lots of friends! A dieu, petit souris!

  355. wot a good idea just set 2 in the shed coz its crapping every where I WILL GET IT GRRRR!!!!

  356. Funny. I just caught a mouse who wandered into my room just now. i used a lid for a cylinder of 100 cd’s and a server book (waiters use ’em). Now, ’cause i’m thinking of keeping him/her as a pet, I did a search on aadvice for tending “wild” mice and found this page πŸ™‚ Sweet trap though! Thanks!
    PS If you don’t believe in being humane, oh well. what comes around goes around.
    If narrow-mindedness were a virtue, we all might be something more than we are now…;)

  357. Good one Liz! why can’t we wipe out scum like Hank! Hey,Hank where do you get your logic? people who eat meat are like people who thinks it’s funny to torture a living thing? sounds like your a wacko! us animal rights people are proud to be one!!

  358. lol traps?
    i have a old fairground gat gun…. your remember the oens that fired corks darts and lead pellets?
    finally i have a moving target

  359. if this works you will be my hero. thanks for the idea. i can’t imagine letting them get their little feet glued to glue traps or killing them in a mouse trap, so i hope hope hope this workS!!!

  360. if this works you will be my hero. thanks for the idea. i can’t imagine letting them get their little feet glued to glue traps or killing them in a mouse trap, so i hope hope hope this workS!!!

  361. That’s actually a really good idea, thanks! I hate the idea of using poison or snapping their little necks, however using a ‘humane’ trap resulted in near-suffocation before we realised it needed extra airholes. If I ever have to use this method I’ll make sure the mouse has a soft landing too, perhaps a little pillow at the bottom… πŸ™‚

  362. i didnt read all the comments but i had the same problem with one of the first few but it was in the washroom and i duck taped it but now i cant see it my parents said it went down the air hole … can it climb out again or fall into the fuernis and burn?… we TRYED glue board they came with the live trap i put one infront of where i saw them come out yesterday… i think it sheded its way off the glue board because theres only mouse furr on it Xp

  363. Oh wow this is awesome, what a neat little trap, and it will also keep my money in my pocket. I will let all you guys know if I catch the little blighter.

  364. What a shame I didn’t read this before buying at local pet shop two useless mouse catchers, the mice eat the food inside and they just walk out again. Have now ordered another longer one from ebay – if that doesn’t work I will try this method. Grrrrrrrrr these mice have cost me dearly having eaten half a Lindt choc. rabbit saved for grandchild yuk – it was the large one too.

  365. I thought of another idea. you bend a shishkabob skewer to 90 dagrees, a quarter the way down, and tape it to make it rigid. next take a large pan, like a casserole dish, and a piece of plywood.if you are catching rats, put a brick or cinder block on top. (you’d be surprised how strong they are)put the plywood as a base and set up the skewer. then put the dish or pan on top of the baited skewer.make sure the skewer can hold the pan before using. it works quite well and doesn’t hurt the mouse. if you use a glass dish,you can see your catch.

  366. Hmmm, cool idea… Is the comment posting thingy supposed to be backwards? Anyway, I like it. If you were wondering why you keep on getting so many hits/comments on this particular post, as long as there is StumbleUpon, there will be traffic. These words are because I can’t end with a period, as it seems to screw up the form. Oh wait, I just had the page direction switched in firefox…
    Oh well. Cool idea; non lethal and effective.

  367. My parents are having a major problem with mice in their house. A neighbour suggested taking an empty beverage carton (milk or juice), open the spout and fill half way with water, around the spout put oil or vegetable spray then put some peanut butter at the spout going into the carton.
    Put a piece of wood or a wooden stick as a ramp against the carton, so mice can walk up.

  368. I recently learned this is the original mouse trap that was used in the old days. They would use a bucket with water to drown the mouse. Sorry to say I will be drowning the mouse we have running around here.

  369. We have caught 15 mice in 4 nights using humane mouse boxes, they really work. Our mice are confined behind the dishwasher and can only get into a side cabinet where I store food. I have gotten rid of the food, so only the traps are in there. BUT my husband is only putting them across the fence into a park area, I have read of people taking them miles away?? I have also read that mice can smell their mice urine and will keep coming back. We can’t find the source of entrance. ANY IDEAS FROM ANYONE ELSE????

  370. these things are vermin. anyone who thinks otherwise are hippy tree hugging idots whose mommy did way too many shooms while they were in the womb. bucket trap is great buttt…. fill the bucket halfway with water and drown the b*stard. Dropping it off in someone elses front yard (a mile away) just makes u an a$$hole. Typical tree hugger liberal attitude, I’ll save its life (and make some HUMANS life a living hell.) Why your at it why dont you round up the rats in the neighborhood and drop them off a mile away. Man up and kill the lil disease spreading vermin HIPPY.

  371. OK…Now we tried mice traps to kill them. Buckets won’t work as the mice are in a cabinet and I WON’T let them out of the cabinet…no room for bucket. They are smart little buggers and 3 got the peanut butter without the trap going off, we got only one sucker. Need to find out HOW they are getting in.

  372. man thats a great idea for a mouse trap well not a mouse trap but you know what I mean

  373. im trying this idea out to see if it actually works, i been catching these mice day by day and i swear they just keep on comming back and back i think i seriously have cought over 40 and yet thir still comming back what should i do?

  374. We used to live in the country and had a really bad mouse problem. Here is what we did on accident. My land lord left a barrel of dog food out in the mud room. I went in the mud room and found 8 dead mice stuck in the barrel dead. They can’t get back out once they fall in. Great idea! Just find something tall and really deep and fill it with a little dog food and watch them DIE!!! They will fall in if you give them a way into the barrel or a trash can. Mice are discusting! I live in town and have the same problem.

  375. thank you thank you thank you! I’ve lived in an apartment for over 12 years and never had to deal with a mouse. Last week, somehow, one moved in. I named him Willis in an attempt to bond. After a week of cleaning turds off my counters and seeing him scoot by out of the corner of my eye … I was ready to help him relocate. The first night I set the trap, it didn’t work. I tried again however and BINGO! … the 2nd morning I found Willis at the bottom of the bin hiding in his tube. I carried the bin out to a nearby park and now Willis is living the outdoor life. Two notes: I used a papertowel tube as I couldn’t get the TP tube to balance properly. Finally, I never found an entry point or hole where he might have gotten in. But I’ve since learned that if you do find a hole … stuff steel wool in it and even the most determined rodent can’t chew through it to return.

  376. I just set one up with a few variations, 1) i used a cup and cut a hole in the bottom, 2) instead of one thing, i used a baby carrot, lettuce, and cheese (i had 3 hamsters and those were there favorites) and 3) i put the trap in the middle of the room because the mouse seems to like running in wide areas.

  377. this trap is by far the most humane i can find and i feel like i have been going crazy for the past week. i keep seeing a shadow underneath desks and tables or just bolting from a shadow away. don’t know what it is but hopefully its a mouse or something and not my mind playing tricks on me.

  378. I read all of the comments, took a while though! A few good ideas along the way, and a few bad ones too. Everyone has had to deal with a mouse at least once in their life, and this page shows that.
    I live in the country, and most of the travel-trailers I have lived in were full of holes. I have seen a lot of mice over the years!
    I once put a mason jar 3/4 full of water behind my parents stove with a wooden ruler propped up as a ramp, with no bait. Worked just fine, and I think I caught three or four mice that way.
    I’ve even gone ‘Rambo’ on them buggers. I taped a flashlight to an automatic bb-gun. But the slightest creak of the bed as I reached for the gun was enough to scare the mice and I only got one that way, but scared a couple more.
    I’ve sometimes just watched them running around. Amazing what a mouse can do! Seriously! These field mice were running up a phone cord, up the wall. Then switching to an extension cord where the two cords crossed and on up to a shelf like it was just another days work for them!
    Peanut butter is just fine for a bait. It has a strong smell that lasts, due to the oil in the peanut butter. I can even just use only the thinnest smear of that at the opening of a trap and the smell alone is all it takes. No sense in wasting peanut butter.
    I’ve trapped mice in buckets. They can jump a couple feet straight up into the air and catch the rim like a trapeze artist. So I would suggest using a tall can. And make sure that your tube isn’t going to act like a ladder, I’m sure a mouse will eventually learn to jump from the top of the tube if it is long enough to lean up the side of the bucket.
    I would rig the tube so that it can’t be pulled, maybe cut a small flap in the bottom right where the tube goes over the edge. bend the flap down so it catches the edge. And use as many tubes as possible around the same container in case one isn’t enough!
    They can’t jump at all if they’re swimming, but that too long tube will surely be a pool ladder! The soap thing could work for jumpers, maybe some non-stick cooking spray? As long as the mouse doesn’t try jumping from the top of whatever else is in the bucket. And if you think making them swim is too inhumane, just put about an 8 inch piece of two-by-four in. Hard to jump from.
    The trap I’ve used the most is a tip-trap, but it has a fatal flaw in it’s design. The mice like to climb on top to investigate the thing before daring to go inside. This tends to tip the trap and the door shuts and in the morning I find the trap shut but no mouse inside. I fixed the tip-trap by adding a steep roof to the main tube, re-balancing it with a few pennies.

  379. worked so well even my ‘PC mouse’ got trapped !!
    haha just joke’n.
    p.s. don’t forget it MUST have SKIPPY’s we don’t take any off-brands.

  380. help needed!
    we’ve has a mouse in our house for a few weeks now, and we’re pretty sure theres more than one of them. We just don’t know what to do. every night we see it run across our hall while we sit in the next room with the door open. every night im petrified coz i can hear it rustling in our bins. these are uber intelligent mice. we bought humane traps – they didnt go in it. used snap traps – they’re still untouched. We’ve now put poison down but it doesn’t seem to be eating that either! and i dont think the bin idea will work as this mouse climbs walls!!
    Any ideas will be appreciated, theyre ruining everything. im having some friends sleep over in 2 weeks, i don’t want the shame of having mice in our house!!

  381. help needed!
    we’ve has a mouse in our house for a few weeks now, and we’re pretty sure theres more than one of them. We just don’t know what to do. every night we see it run across our hall while we sit in the next room with the door open. every night im petrified coz i can hear it rustling in our bins. these are uber intelligent mice. we bought humane traps – they didnt go in it. used snap traps – they’re still untouched. We’ve now put poison down but it doesn’t seem to be eating that either! and i dont think the bin idea will work as this mouse climbs walls!!
    Any ideas will be appreciated, theyre ruining everything. im having some friends sleep over in 2 weeks, i don’t want the shame of having mice in our house!!

  382. help needed!
    we’ve has a mouse in our house for a few weeks now, and we’re pretty sure theres more than one of them. We just don’t know what to do. every night we see it run across our hall while we sit in the next room with the door open. every night im petrified coz i can hear it rustling in our bins. these are uber intelligent mice. we bought humane traps – they didnt go in it. used snap traps – they’re still untouched. We’ve now put poison down but it doesn’t seem to be eating that either! and i dont think the bin idea will work as this mouse climbs walls!!
    Any ideas will be appreciated, theyre ruining everything. im having some friends sleep over in 2 weeks, i don’t want the shame of having mice in our house!!

  383. I set this trap up this afternoon and I just caught the mouse! Im leaving it up for the rest of the night to see if there are anymore that might get caught.

  384. Several suggestions based on the bin can work. Whether your mice seem to climb or not, they will find a trap with peanut butter in it. In my experience with the little green Smart Mouse traps, they won’t work if the mouse is too small to trip the trap. After seeing a couple of little guys come and go, I baited mine with peanut butter (instead of the suggested cracker)and weighted the section they walk on to trip the trap, with one or two metal washers. (Just tape them on) Mice prefer and tend to walk alongside walls, so placing humane traps in their paths can be more successful than putting them out in the open. House Mice would have a hard time surviving in the wild, but releasing them far away in an area where there are no homes is best for all. They are less likely to suffer if killed by a wild predator and if far away, not likely to suffer at the hands of a human lacking compassion.

  385. I’ve caught 2 mice already using a similar method.
    The first mouse I transfered to a 2 litre plastic soda bottle. Mice can jump sometimes from tall bins or boxes like others have said, but they seem to be helpless inside a vertical plastic bottle. It’s too narrow and slippery.
    So I didn’t know what to do with it. I figured it might come back if I release it so I decided to drown it. I filled the bottle halfway with water and waited like 2 minutes but the mouse was still desperately swiming. I decided I couldn’t take it anymore so I spared its life.
    I walked like 2 miles away from my flat and released it in some bushes.
    I was hoping there was just one mouse, but I set the trap once again the next day just in case, and after a missed attempt (the bastard got the peanut butter but it didn’t fell into the bin) I caught it.
    I guess it was a different mouse, but you never know. Anyway, I figured it was enough BS on my part and I should kill it this time. So I added some liquid soap to the water (the other way around actually) and it worked fast and easy. The mouse drowned in no time, like 15 seconds. I don’t know if it was just because it’s more difficult to swim in soapy water or the foam that formed in the surface helped too, but it was really quick. I just drained the water and put it in the garbage inside a couple plastic bags.
    I fealt a little bad about it, but the peace of mind of knowing it’s not returning is worth it. If I knew of a more “humane” method of killing a mouse, I would have done it, but this was the best I could think of.
    I found this trap idea on youtube, and it seems very good. I will give it a try if needed (hopefully not).

  386. Great idea. Just be sure the bin is large enough. I inadvertently built the mouse’s trust by catching him in a bin that he was able to jump out of. Twice. Now he’s running around the bigger one until I decide he’s not cute enough to keep anymore. Thanks for the post.

  387. Thanks so much! I had been trying to get rid of a mouse for 4 weeks. Poison had no effect and it was beginning to head straight for the kitchen worktop every night. Did your trick using a rolled-up page from a glossy mag and a tall-sided bin and was able to escort the mouse off the premises the following morning.

  388. Best way is to wait where the mice are, put some cheese inside a plastic bin liner and place the bin liner aginst a on the floor against the wall. As soon as you hear the rustling in the bag, run in, seal the bag and beat the bag to bits as hard as you can with a shoe or a boot. After you hear 3 or 4 crunches, it’s normally ok to throw out.

  389. These things are unreal… and scaring me to death too ha ha… but only now and then…
    this one tonight is plauging me.. usually when i have a mouse I leave it be and it disappears in a day but this one has been around all week…! usually i would only catch a glimpse of it dashing across a room and then half doubt myself but tonight its come in under my bedroom door 2 times and went through my laundry and came out the other end πŸ™ looked at me and then dashed out under the door again ha ha bless it…
    I have no intention of trying to kill it but I want rid of it asap! or I want it in a cage as a pet ha ha (not really) … but come on what can I do!! πŸ™

  390. A little mouse made itself known to me a day or two ago. I wasn’t very worried till I noticed that it was crawling onto my night stand. I set the trap and am I hiding out in my living room in hopes of it going for it asap.
    I live on the first floor and always leave my window open, I know mice are very good climbers, and since I have only seen it in my room…it’s been leaving me to believe that it is somehow crawling in through the window. Am I crazy to think this?

  391. somebody asked about roaches,
    a long time ago i read on how to catch live roaches,
    get a large mayonaise jar, empty, clean and dry,
    put about 1 inch thick of vasiline around near the top of the jar, in the inside, so the trapped roaches can not get out,
    put some rough tape around the outside of the jar so roaches can easily climb the jar, crinkle the tape up good as you stick it to the jar, roaches can be very bad climbers up glass or anything smooth,
    put a cracker with peanut butter at the bottom of the jar, and a medicine vial with wet cotton in it at the bottom of the jar (for moisture, roaches like moisture)
    never tried it myself, so i’d love to know if it works……….
    by the way, i catch water bugs with chinese soup containers, when you turn the container right side up, the plastic container is too smooth for the roach to get out, just walk him somewhere out the door and let him out, you don’t even need a lid,
    also, when the soup container is over a bug on the floor, tear up a cereal box and use one side of it to slide under the chinese soup container, then very carefully, watching the roach, turn the container right side up, then he can not get out until you release him,
    this works well with centepeeds too,
    the only exception to a roach being able to climb the container is when there is water on it’s feet, then he can climb it due to his feet sticking to the surface of the container,
    good luck and post back with your success stories,

  392. It worked great! And within an hour, as promised.
    Do you have anything for elephants?

  393. Everyone always thinks cheese or peanut butter are mice’ favorites, but I know different. As a kid, my uncles house always had mice, and he used peanut butter, rather ineffectively. After becoming an adult, I was in a house once where I had a mouse problem. I tried the usual standards, but had little results. One day, when going into a drawer where I kept condiments, I found that every single ketchup packet had been chewed open, and the contents cleaned out. I tried ketchup (sorry folks, inhumanely), and within minutes I had cought the first one. Within two days I had completely removed all of the vermin from the place, and had no further troubles. I have told this to people; they tries ketchup, and were wowed at the result. I guess it’s not just humans who love ketchup…

  394. ive gt a mice problem in my fishing shed da little bugger keeps nibbleing through my bait boxes so i used this trap using a bit of cheese and fishing bait as they seem to like it lets hope i get da bliter!!! FINGERS CROSSED!

  395. For all these people talking about killing and destroying them. Maybe you wouldn’t sound so disgustingly cruel and uneducated if you didn’t refeer to the mice and rats as “bastards” and such. Rats and mice are actually VERY SMART, caring animals, and killing them ISN’T going to stop more from coming into your house. The majority of the ways people in this topic have considered to be “humane” isn’T ANYTHING close to that. Im sure if someone killed your dog or cat in these “humane” ways you wouldn’t think so. At the end of the day.. rodents are just animals, they experince pain and fear just like we do.

  396. Sheer Genius. I cant wait to try this when I get home- that is…if the dog didnt get him first!

  397. brilliant! caught 6 mice in an hour last night. cute little buggers, i was almost sad to see them go.

  398. I currently have a mouse trapped in my window in my bedroom. I shut the window last night so now he’s trapped. He won’t die however because i have my screen there. I don’t want to kill him. Any suggestions????

  399. Chipmunk Bucket Trap Of Utter Doom
    I read about this at least two years ago – but have not tried it until now.
    Let me preface this with the statement that I really love the eastern chipmunk.
    They are so cute – I simply love them to death. And if the owl & hawk population
    had not fallen off I would not be posting this ‘brutality’ designed to save my
    current upcoming crop of tomatoes.
    To the point:
    Take a five gallon bucket – like one of those drywall joint compound ones –
    and half fill it with water. Place it in the chipmunks’ fav places – like your
    vegetable garden. Lean a board up to the top of the bucket. Gently sprinkle
    approx 3 cups of black oil sunflower seeds on top of the water.
    To completely cover.
    The little rodents eventually run up the board, see & smell the seeds, and
    jump into the bucket in order to drown.
    All I am trying to do is save my meager backyard vegetable crop.
    So if you think that I am being mean – then write a letter to Dick Cheney asking
    him why he wants to pre-emptively use tactical nuclear weapons on Iran.
    But my main point is asking if anyone else has ever tried this method of
    chipmunk eradication.

  400. This was awesome. I have had a mouse for 4 weeks. I purchased a humane trap – he didn’t touch it. I couldn’t use this because he wasn’t yet getting up on the counter tops – but 2 days after I noticed that happening, I tried this. set it up & went to bed – Now I’ve got a mouse in the bucket. SO very cool!! Thank you!!!

  401. Woah neat idea Im gonna try it just now! I opened my pant drawer last night to find 2 of the little bad boys useing it as a bachlor mouse pad!

  402. ur tp tube trap sounded really great to me and i set it up a few nights ago now with no success. Im really desperate . I,ve had this mouse problem for over a year now and have tryed glue, (which they avoid) and poisin (which they’ve been eating) and I’m still coming downstairs every morning 2 disinfect my worktops of mouse poop and pee. I only hope that it will work yet. Im gonna give it more time. My worry now is that there are loads of em and thats why the poisin is vanishing with great spead. Seriously can’t live like this any more. I have a 6 year old and an 11 week old in the house and it’s just too unhygenic to share a house with all these vermin.

  403. IT WORKED. I actually used an old box (instant grits box) and tore open the ends. Put a big dab of peanut butter on the end. Balanced it on the counter and put my big trashcan with some water (only about 4 inches) in it underneath. I went to bed praying for it to work. Woke up this morning and the box was gone. I am scared of these things, I looked in the trash can and there the mouse was. It was using the box as a float. I DO NOT want to touch it. I fitted a trash bag over the trash can and I think I am going to carry it down the road a bit and let it loose in a field.
    Thanks for your great idea!

  404. I have read these post’s and this story is true as they get!! I got a sexy girl that is very afraid of mice and this bastard mouse is ruining my chill time with her. She will not come over now…. This toilet roll tube set up sounds good and I am trying it now. WHAT A better WAY TO CAPTURE A TURD CRAZY CRITTER THAN WITH AN EMPTY CARD BOARD TUBE OF ASS WIPE… Either way the mouse is cemetery bound and will die moments after its capture.
    I am talking about sexy, a girl that smells so nice, funny, dreamy, and the sex is out of this world with this girl. This mouse will not be released any where!! Releasing a virus ridden mouse in the garden is a BAD idea. Why not just set him free in your underwear drawer….and scramble those mouse turds in with your eggs in the morning!

  405. It worked! It worked on the second night already. Which is funny, coz i’ve printed your great drawing on a t-shirt about a year ago, and this was the first tim I actually tried it.

  406. Here’s the thing: my boyfriend has this corn snake that only eats LIVE mice. And disguising tofu as mice does not work. So it’s 18 and living way past its natural life and you know what I’m hoping will happen to it very soon, but I digress, back to my story. So I felt so sorry for this poor furry little creature running around in a snake cage I told him I would make sure he wouldn’t die and took him home to my 500 sq ft bachelor apt. and bought him a really cool cage that he loved. That was Papillion. He kicked off of natural causes 8 months later but not before knocking up both Chatarunga and Mrs. Houdini, 2 other mice I felt sorry for and who I had segregated from Papillion. These pregnancies happened a week before he died incidentally; that virile octogenarian. (These were bitty, bite-size mice to begin with so that’s why there were 2 but the snake wasn’t hungry. In fairness to the snake he either kills them instantly if he’s hungry or completely ignores them if he’s not.)
    I put them in 1 cage for about 2 hours because my apartment was doing a building inspection so I had to move them fast. Now there are 4 more mice babies: Harriet, Lily Sylvan, Little Papillion and Polka Dot.
    All this is fine – I’m dealing with my little pets and trying hard not to become a weird mouse-lady.
    But I’m freaking out now because it seems like a wild mouse has become interested in either my mouse or their food and is visiting on a nightly basis it seems. This is just too much. I mean I’m on the 10th floor but this mouse seems to have seeked them out. I’m going to try this humane method cause by now you may have guessed I’m no mouse-killer. On the other hand I suppose I could just have them all tube-walk the plank off 10 stories.
    PS: That mongoose idea is sounding awfully good right about now around my boyfriend’s more spacious place.

  407. I soooo wanna shake your hand my friend! I have been hunting for two weeks with all the traps that you can imagine and with the fear of finding it in agony on one of those. So i decided to do some research and i found this website. It worked within one day and i saw this little thing standing on his feet this morning, and looking at me with this tiny little buttons eyes! God it is so cute! Now is still sitting in his bucket and i am trying to figure out where to release it mmmmmmm there is ahuge park nearby! Thanks so much πŸ˜€

  408. ok…this is the second mouse this week…im getting pist…..TIME TO USE THIS IDEA….Does chetter cheese WORK??

  409. Thanks so much for this idea, it worked perfectly the first time. The mouse was all over my desk at work, so the teetering tube at the edge of the desk was an excellent fit for the problem. When I came back to work several hours after setting the trap, I found the mouse at the bottom of the wastepaper basket. Lucky thing I used a tall container – when he saw me he tried to jump out, and if he had just four more inches on that jump he would have cleared the 22 inch top. Amazing. Anyway, I set him free in a local park that has several old storage sheds. He has a better chance there than the next step I would have taken to get rid of him. By the way, I used a dime-sized glob of peanut butter on the edge of the tube.

  410. Good idea, but If there is a mouse that is the size of a pennie, and it is outside, how do you catch it? I have a cute little deer mouse in my backyard, and it is right now eating seeds on the ground from one of our birdfeeders (we have 5 birdfeeders, and getting 7.) He is sooooo cute, and yesterday I saw a rats head, and it’s bady in our frontyard. I knew that wasen’t the mouse, plz tell me how to catch it.

  411. Uhm, I’m all for humanity and all, but come on, mice carry disease.. I have an infant… if I let the mouse go it’s just going to get back in the house and we already have enough mice here (have caught 3 this week and one keeps eating out of the dog bowl)… I have to look out for my baby.

  412. I catch mice all the time, but my method is a bit simpler. When I see a mouse, we try to corner it somewhere or at least get it to hide behind something where we can still see it. Then I get a roll of wrapping paper and lay the tube down with my hand over one end. My kids or co-worker (depending on where the mouse is!) will scare it towards the tube, and it runs right in because the opening looks fairly small and it’s dark, so they think they’ll be safe. Then I stand the tube up on my palm and cover the top with my other hand.
    We don’t drown our mice or kill them in any way. I keep them in a little cage (we’ve had pet hamsters, mice, and rats in the past) until they pass away. The lifespan of rodents isn’t really that long.
    I just caught a mouse today at my work using this method, and it took literally all of 10 seconds.

  413. this SO WORKS! on the second night that we set this up, we caught a mouse. but then we accidentally let it loose on our front porch. eh, at least it’s outside now!

  414. My scout troop caugth 3 mice at camp by putting a peanut butter packet in a bucket on its side. When a mouse walked in we lifted the bucket upright.

  415. Funny story. I own snakes and feed them live mice and rats and yet I’m too soft to set a mousetrap that will crush a mouses head :(. I set this contraption up for a little mouse I saw last night in my kitchen. It hasn’t worked as of this morning, but I’m still hopeful.

  416. Great idea! I’m going to set this up as soon as I find a tall enough can. Natural selection has been working fast to breed superior, ultrafit mice that can escape my furry traps with no problems at all. How high can the best high jumping mouse jump? 2 feet doesn’t seem like enough, I’ve seen them get pretty high up here. If I made the can pretty much even with my kitchen counter in height would it guarantee they can’t escape?
    But what to do with them once they are caught?
    Releasing them into an area already overrun with rodents and with a major shortage of natural predators just feels very wrong to me.
    I want as little to do with these things as possible and I just want them gone. I know mice potentially carry diseases, but, I wonder: Is it ok to feed wild live house mice to someone’s pet snake? I was thinking it would be the best way to dispose of these things once they are caught. Could save some dude money and also save the life of a petstore mouse.

  417. I’m currently trying this out. I live near a large field, which used to be a farm when I was little. Previously I had caught a mouse under a bucket; that took a while.
    I dislike mice. They just creep me out. But to be realistic, they’re not doing anything to me. It’s been really hot and humid out and this little guy probably is just overheated. I ‘m not sadistic, so I was willing to try this out. If it works, I will take the little fella far away from my house.
    I’m not totally against inhumane methods, but it’s not necessary in this case. We’ve set up numerous poison traps that really don’t do much. (They eat the poison and immediately look for water).
    My dad once was cleaning behind the refrigerator and found my dog’s food hidden in the crevices of the appliance.
    I don’t want to coexist with them, but I don’t really need to kill them; just take them faaaaaar away.

  418. I have set a trap today! never had seen a mouse at home.. its given me a headache just seeing it scamper on the kitchen counter!!!! yikkees!!
    I soo hope it falls for the trap! I wont be able to sleep tonight otherwise..
    Thanks for the idea

  419. welp…i just carried a bag full of tostitos and proceeded to almost eat his droppings. not much else i can do 12:30 at night but this. thanks i hope it works!

  420. I’ll find out if it works. There’s a big issue if you’ve got cats though. Ha! One of my cats wanted to eat the treat. But he had also caught the mouse once so he deserved a treat. Although he lost it too. πŸ™

  421. Worked for me the second night. First night it grabbed the snack, but didn’t trip the tube. I extended the tube by attaching two together. (Also, I didn’t completely flatten the bottom surface of the tube…just “ovalized” it a bit so it wouldn’t roll, and it still worked.

  422. thats sssssoooooo good.i have a mouse in my house toilet and we are looking for that mouse.
    we put a peparami there its not eating it.
    bye bye!

  423. I made your trap today at 6:32 p.m. EDT
    Caught the mouse at 6:39 p.m. EDT
    Freed it at 6:40 p.m. EDT
    Very effective. Thanks.

  424. I loved this idea because it didn’t include killing the mouse or hurting it. I set up the trap and nothing happened for a while, but finally, while I was at work, I caught it. Unfortunately, it escaped before I had a chance to take it outside… Guess I’ll be trying that again. But it’s a great idea! πŸ™‚

  425. Mice can be harmful pests, damaging and eating crops and spreading diseases through their parasites and feces. In the Western United States, breathing dust that has come in contact with mouse feces has been linked to the deadly hantavirus. The original motivation for the domestication of cats is thought to have been for their predation of mice and their relatives, the rats.
    There are diseases known to be spread by mice and rats which include:
    Rickettsial pox a disease similar to chicken pox and is spread to people by mites that are usually found on mice.
    Rat bite fever is spread to people when they are bitten by an infected mouse, rat or rodent [so go ahead and catch them with your bare hands!].
    Food poisoning (namely salmonellosis) is spread to people when food, food preparation surfaces or dishes are contaminated by saliva, urine or feces from a mouse.
    Mice can spread parasites to people such as trichinosis and tapeworms.
    Hantavirus is a respiratory disease that is carried by small rodents, especially deer mice. It is spread to people when they breathe in dust that contains the rodents infected saliva, urine or feces. Although uncommon, people can also get hantavirus if they are bitten by an infected mouse.
    Plague is spread to people when they come in contact with fleas from infected rodents or when people are bitten by infected rodents.
    So why has no one answered the problem of setting these guys into population where another family has to go through the trouble of unwanted guests??? And do people really drive 5, 10, or more miles away from their home everytime they catch a mouse, or do you wait to fill up the bucket?? They’re not clean animals, they eat garbage and leave little turds behind in my underwear drawer, make *MY* kids’ food unsafe and unfit for consumption, but I’m supposed to show them some compassion towards them while compromising the health and safety of my family?!?! Also, how does being humane encompass the [non human] animal kingdom when it comes to these things? Are you telling me that you are so radical in your beliefs that you don’t allow your household pets to eat any food unless it is vegan? Cats are natural predators – get over it! I could understand doing a non-kill capture for one or two mice, but when you have a whole family – and keep in mind that they can breed as young as 4 weeks old and produce a litter of up to 12 – and each one of them can start breeding while the original mom is continuing to breed…. YUCK!
    I don’t agree with killing and torturing something just for the sheer joy of doing it, but these unsanitary and unwelcome houseguests will die as long as they come into MY house. I won’t capture them and set them onto some other unsuspecting household – that’s just insane!

  426. One more success story to share. Our cat has been spending his late evenings in our kitchen lately, staring at the cabinets below the sink where our garbage can is stored. On further investigation, we found the tell-tale signs of mouse poop inside the cabinet. The mice must live in the space between the floor and the basement ceiling and climb into the cabinet via the holes for the plumbing pipes. We searched for humane mouse traps, but could fine no local vendors (our Home Depot only had the electrocution boxes). Luckily we then discovered your tip. I used the ramp method and balanced two rolls with a dab of peanut butter over a bucket last night and – voila! – found two of the cutest mice this morning. I’ll try again tonight with four rolls! And if I find four mice tomorrow, then I’ll up it to eight rolls tomorrow night, et cetera… I imagine a huge clan of mice in my house, like in that Ratatouille movie.

  427. We’ve had four baby mice in our apartment this week. Two went the way of the glue traps, and one was a present from our dog to us. This last one, however, just scampered over the glue trap and was hiding under our coffee table. Lots of chasing ensued before it was just hanging out in our radiator having a staring contest with my husband. Within ten minutes of setting your trap, our little buddy was in the bottom of a trash can being taken over to the local park. Thanks so much for giving us an option that makes my gentle husband and his fearful wife happy!

  428. A bunch of fields were just cleared in my neighborhood, and now most of the homes in the neighborhood inherited the displaced field mice. They are driving me nuts, so I tried this trap last night. I can’t believe how well this worked for me. Within 20 minutes, I got one. By this morning, I had gotten at least 5 or 6. I would have gotten another if I hadn’t used such a shallow bucket. One paper tube landed upright, and a mouse was able to climb right out.
    Anybody got any extra wrapping paper tubes? Toilet paper, anything?

  429. I have just set one up with my vacuum cleaner tube to a bucket of water.
    Not sure if I have a mouse, but I found what might possibly be mouse poo under my couch, and I had one once before so its likely. I am terrified of them.
    Fingers crossed.


  431. Genuis idea. I am impressed by the simplicity of your design, yet effective way of humanely trapping mice.
    I hate industrial glue as the mice die after enduring hours of excruciating pain.
    I used a simple plastic bag with a small opening and treat inside the bag. I was able to catch 8 or 9 of them and released them just off my apartment. Two days later they all came back, and I don’t want to redo the plastic trap again, as it is too cumbersome.
    Thanks for your idea, I will try and hope it all goes well.

  432. we gotta obey this policy for the mouse the mouse that we are waiting for we wanna catch the small mouse who just came in our house this thursday

  433. what if they build a nest around your recessed lighting in the ceiling, you turn on the light and burn down your house, now will you kill them,duh

  434. Little Johnny walked into his dad’s bedroom one day, only to catch him sitting on the side of his bed sliding on a condom. Johnny’s father, in an attempt to hide his wood, bent over as if to look under the bed.
    Little Johnny asked curiously, “Whatcha doin’, Dad?”
    His father quickly replied, “I thought I saw a rat go underneath the bed.”
    Little Johnny replied, “Whatcha gonna do, screw him?”

  435. thats so cool i am going straight home after work and trying that. i just caught one today and what i did is i put a deep container on the floor with some peanut butter inside all the way to the end and the mouse went in i picked up the container and put the lid on … YES i caught that sucker

  436. thats so cool i am going straight home after work and trying that. i just caught one today and what i did is i put a deep container on the floor with some peanut butter inside all the way to the end and the mouse went in i picked up the container and put the lid on … YES i caught that sucker

  437. This is excellent if you’ve got kids who might stray onto a normal trap. It’s even better than those plastic humane traps. I had one but… no mouse for a few days… forgot all about it… oh dear, perhaps not so humane after all.

  438. Great idea, but be sure to use a tall waste can with smooth interior walls. Those little beasts can jump high when they are frightened. I used almost this exact method once to catch pet mice that had escaped.

  439. I set up this trap for 2 days straight and I still haven’t caught anything! What prompted me to set this up was when I saw two mice in the kitchen feasting on the food. I decided to clean up behind the cabinets/shelves and I found three dead mice… got rid of them and set up the traps but still nothing!

  440. MY friend George has a mouse infestation and being an older gent will not see the little B***** harmed in any way , I have now at last found something he himself fills good about and as soon as I locate a 20 foot bin we will commence with operation “EVICTION”.
    Many thanks fingers crossed

  441. Or, you could get a cat. Unless you have one like mine who used to share his food with the mouse.
    This is a great idea. I’m a social worker and have had guns pointed at me, my life threatened in various ways and NOTHING scares me more than a mouse. But, I still don’t want to be inhumane to them. This is genius at its purest form.

  442. I set up this trap on my counter top and the next morning it was in the empty trash can without the mouse. He is a sly little sucker. I want him out of my house but I don’t want him to suffer. I will even drive him to the country with a little snack pack if he will just go for the trap. I’m going to keep trying.

  443. Like Jed Clampett always said…. “Weeeee doggie!” It totally works!!! I had 3 spring traps set and this mouse kept cleaning the bait out of them without tripping the traps. I set up your suggestion in the kitchen, then headed to the garage to set up another one. In 5 minutes before I could set up the next trap I heard a sound in the kitchen. The little sucker was about 2 inches long and I understand why the traps wouldn’t trip. He kept trying to jump out of the can but couldn’t jump high enough. My cat loved torturing him in the can and finally grabbed him and took him outside.

  444. Hi Kerrie,
    I think that’s wonderful that you care enough to encourage humane treatment of living things. There are humane live mouse traps in many hardware stores, etc. where food is used as a bait and the door shuts behind them. This will cause a little added expense but will probably work in more situations than the bucket idea. They can be set on any surface.

  445. I filled a bucket of water and drowned his ass. If you release them they will come back (or bother some other poor human). Better than poison which results in a stinky house when they die. Next victim, please!
    Note from Chris: I’m not sure if I want to be keeping these less than nice comments on my site. Debating…

  446. Let me expound upon my initial posting… I’m not for burning (as an earlier poster had said) or otherwise torturing mice or anything else (except Islamo-fascists who know where roadside bombs are). I simply wanted to dispatch the mouse quickly so that he wouldn’t suffer at the hands (or paws) of another in the wilds a mile or more from my house. I derived no satisfaction from my actions other than knowing that I am simply reducing the rodent population and its inherent filthiness in my particular domicile. Otherwise, peace be to all.

  447. I am a human being, a product of a whole lot of evolution. Mice have not evolved. They have been mice for only the creator knows how long. Mice are near the bottom of the food chain…. remember that from school? the food chain, where animals eat other animals? Please take your pity and “humane” gestures towards the lower species and keep them to your self. You lower yourself and degrade what it is to be the top species on the planet by giving a crap about how a mouse “feels” when you kill it. All life is a precious thing but we should never forget how we made ourselves the most advanced species because we wanted to… mice do not want, other then to be. No ambition no future other then to be food for something else. I am not food(excepting the worms when im dead) and I will not feel bad for how food feels when it dies.
    Also that is a darned nifty trap you made there πŸ™‚
    Note from Chris: Thanks for your backhanded compliment Hu-Man, but c’mon, don’t hide your advanced being behind a false identity.

  448. Stumbled across this last night on Google after getting incredibly upset that this little bastard mouse kept cleaning the peanut butter off the snap-trap without setting it off… sneeky little thing. I caught his 3 brothers and sisters, but he was the “smart” one. Tried this around 2:00 am, and was woken up but a scratching noise around 3:30 am. Gotcha’! Little bastard. Killed it with my BB gun, and threw the body in the trash can.
    Me – 4
    Mice – 0

  449. hmm, I was gonna say, I’m gonna kill the mouse too, but after reading Matts gruesome tale, maybe I won’t now.
    I got a huge mouse problem. the tunnel idea might just work.
    ps good luck with my email addy

  450. hmm, I was gonna say, I’m gonna kill the mouse too, but after reading Matts gruesome tale, maybe I won’t now.
    I got a huge mouse problem. the tunnel idea might just work.

  451. FABULOUS!!!!
    I have just set it up coming off my garden wall for an unwanted rat.
    A Trash can, curver box lid and peanut butter on bread with a little plastic tray as the unbalanced surface…..will let you know. THANK YOU!!

  452. Great idea! Also a quote, then a question:
    “Also, folks have asked how this could work if you don’t have a counter or table.”
    Who doesn’t have a table or counter? Or at least another wastebasket you could turn upside down to provide the critter access to the elevation!

  453. Brilliant worked a treat set it up and went to bed and just got awoke by a mouse going bonkers in the bin. Anyone in Ireland make sure you use a very tall bin cause the little bugger was jumping about 2 feet in the air trying to get out.

  454. Its nice to be humane,But a rat is a rat.So i fill my bucket with gas. And then attach a battery operated barbque starter to it.When the little bastard falls in,BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A RAT KABOOB. FUN SHIT.

  455. I didnt try this trick but a mouse fell into my empty garbage can 10mins after i cleared it out…and you know what i did after i discovered it couldnt get out I POURED BLEACH IN THE GARBAGE CAN AND WATCHED IT DIE.
    now to only catch the other fuckers in my room πŸ˜€

  456. I set two spring traps and had a bag of poison for them. They can like the peanut butter out without setting off the trap. With that in their tummy they have no interest in the poison. How would you get a wild mouse interested in climbing up a ramp as proposed? Sounds unlikely to me.
    Right now I’m sitting in my lazyboy chair with a BB pistol gun waiting for the little shit to come out again.
    I want a foolproof trap.

  457. extend the trigger on a rat trap by using a 3rd of a popsicle stick taped to it, then superglue birdseed to the end,a little oil on the trigger catch won’t hurt either.Last but not least put drywall screws through the bottom to hopefully impail them.Sounds humane to me

  458. Rule of thumb, if you think you have one mouse you have six, if you think you have two mice you have a dozen.

  459. Good idea. You should probably improve this idea.
    ADD MORE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  460. im going to try this idea tonight! ive been trying to catch him for about 3 hours now…and i really didnt want to set a glue trap.
    i hope it works for me!!!
    ps – i plan on letting him live. i do not intend to light him on fire, shoot him with a bb gun, or any of the other things that people have said they will do to the mouse once they catch it.
    i guarantee theyre all bluffing just to get a rise.

  461. hey! Thanks for the info, I’m trying to make a new pet =), anyways, a mouse fell into my pool the other day, poor thing… so today I rescued it. I then put it in a cardboard box until my friend came over, (she has two dogs, one of them just had puppies… so cute! A cat, and a ferret, she used to have a mouse and a rat) so I asked her for some advice, luckily the poor little thing didn’t want to bite either of us so I cleaned out a crap infested cage that used to belong to her mouse and I tried to put it in, unfortunatly it got out and, sure enough, little Buster Brown (the Dacshund I’m dogsitting) comes running to the scene, takes a bite on it, then drops it and it runs away, now, as much as I don’t want to hurt it, I told Buster to go after it. He didn’t find it, so now I have the cage with some bread crumbs in a trail as bait, I better check it soon, the only thing is, I have to trap it, it’s not like a racoon trap from the humane society. Anyways, i’m off to check my trap.
    P.S. i’m going to try what you did, but instead of making it go into a trash can, it will fall into the cage =), thanks again for the ideas, try to make more!

  462. Fantastic, it works! Only difference is I placed a small balrog in the trashcan in case the mouse tries to run back up the tube before it falls.

  463. my god! this does actually work! tried this just today and i’ve caught 2 mice already! make sure you use peanut butter. they go crazy with it (one of them kept coming back to the spoon that i used to scoop some of the peanut butter). great idea!

  464. i take all that i catch down to cityhall and turn them lose. it gives them bastards something to do.

  465. I tried it with jelly and danish.
    I ended up in my own trash can.
    I was hungry.
    Note from Chris: Thank you for the laugh bob πŸ™‚

  466. i did that but changed it for whoever said it might get hurt durin falling so i made a bended shightly tube so it slides into another box without getting hurt. πŸ™‚
    PS: i have a tame mouse and i think it likes going through the mini version that i made
    i also kept 1 female mouse that i caught.

  467. Wow Paul, you’re a real peacenick. One question precious, what’d you have for Dinner tonight? If someone else didn’t do the dirty work for you and kill it you’d probably starve to death you weeny. Killin ain’t fun but it’s a neccessary part of nature. Creatures eat other creatures to survive, it’s called the food chain sweetheart, not my plan but I recognize it’s the way it is, become one with it, or starve.
    As far as bombs and all, well, if we hadn’t fought many of the wars we have, we would not be free. No, this has nothing to do with Iraq. If you need a good example look up a guy named Hitler, google him, he’s in there. If we hadn’t rose up and beat him down we’d all be speaking German.
    Yeah, it’s not fun or comfortable, just necessary. Now quit your whining.
    Btw, cool mouse trap.
    I just put peanut butter on the counter and when they come out I shoot em in the head with my BB gun. It’s more sporting and gives em half a chance, I figure it helps their legacy; no mouse wants to go out looking stupid falling off a ledge in a toilet paper roll…

  468. We live in the country, so field mice are not uncommon, however with the cooler they are staring to move inside. We caught two adults last week in a trap purchased at a feed supply store. As I can’t kill anything live, we caught humanely and let them go.
    This morning we caught a little fellow in the same trap. I concerned we might have a family of them. We can continue to use the trap as it is effective, but how soon do we bring in an expert. We are trying to sell the house and don’t need the extra baggage!

  469. okay…i tried it 3 days in a row. the first day i didn’t have the paper roll hanging off the counter far enough, so the little critter came in the tube and ate all of the peanut butter. the second day i used a different peanut butter, one that i won’t even eat, and he decided that it wasn’t for him. the third day i went back and corrected both of my mistakes, and only 2o minutes into my sopranos episode, CRASH, there he was just peaking up at me…
    He is resting comfortably, and tomorrow he will get a 1st class ticket to the medford woods.
    thanks for the great idea.

  470. Simple! I’ll have to give it a try next time I have mice around.
    You anti-humane sickos have the wrong ideas. To simplify, replace the wastebasket with a shredder, and add a simple ramp to allow the tipping tube to activate the shredder. But personally, I find that a bit messy.
    From Chris – Thanks Ken. You really should stop wasting your talents on blog commenting. Consider a career in comedy.

  471. This is brilliant. Took a couple of nights to bag the critter but got it in the end. I used a combination of peanut butter and Nutella for bait. Modified the design slightly by using a kitchen roll (instead of a toilet roll) and taping two coins to the base of the end on the worktop. The extra weight stopped the mouse from accidentally pushing the roll off the worktop instead of going inside and also allowed a longer proportion of the tube to dangle in the air. The mouse was released at a local park in the dead of night.

  472. 4am this morning i wake up (very light sleeper) to hear something moving around on top of my bags in my closet..sure enough about 25 mins later her comes my cat that NEVER comes in my room staring at the crack in the closet ready to pounce and before u know it cat see’s mouse i scream mouse runs and cat runs out the room I THOUGHT ALL CATS CAUGHT MICE… was HORRIBLE i’ve been up all morning trying to catch this lil bastard…so yea i set up 3 of those toilet paper traps into the can so i pray it works ..its been an hr already ..* keeps fingers crossed*

  473. Simple, old-fashioned mouse trap. If you grew up with a barn… you might already know this one:
    Put a 5 gallon bucket on the floor. Lean a piece of scrap wood like a ramp from the floor up to and over the edge of the bucket. Put a 1/2″ or so of birdseed in the bottom of the bucket. In the morning, empty all the mice out of the bucket… set it up again. Put 3″ of water in the bucket plus a couple big squirts of dish soap and float the seeds on top if you want to exterminate them. (The soap speeds the drowning).
    Other: Victor makes a nice compact electronic trap that instantly kills them with an electric jolt (AA batteries)… and blinks an LED to tell you when it is done. Open door, dump out the body. $20 at Home Depot.
    And remember the rule of house mice: If you think you have ONE, you probably have TEN.

  474. i ended up here because i googled “get a mouse out of the house” and this is what i got…
    i have two options that worked for different rodents:
    i tried the peanut butter in a tube thing for a mouse, he was completely disinterested! unlike my hamster, who fell for the “put books leading up to a bucket with peanut butter at the bottom and he’ll fall in” trick)
    what ultimately worked for me the fastest was find where he’s hiding and make only one exit hole for him. there you wait with a bucket/box close to the ground and snag him. i got lucky, he was in a closet and i bunched up a shirt and stuffed it under the door, left the doorway cracked to mouse-size, then waited with a bucket quietly. i thought he was going to come out the opening, but instead, he burrowed under the door into the shirt, which was awesome because i could watch where he was going to pop out and i was ready with the bucket which i dropped over him, then slid a record album under the bucket and picked it all up.
    this is probably helpful to no one, but i am excited i am a mouse catcher!

  475. humane? get a fucking life losers. There mice kill them all
    Note from Chris Losers? Really? You sign your comment with Billy Dee Williams and we’re losers?

  476. If you have mice in your house and you want to kill them rather than release them, why not try just leaving the gas on!!

  477. If you have mice in your house and you want to kill them rather than release them, why not try just leaving the gas on!!

  478. “it crawled up the side of my chair onto the sleeve of my shirt”
    It probably wanted to cuddle you.
    Mice are so cute.
    Theres one that was in my room 2 days ago but haven’t seen it since, and luckily it hasn’t got stuck to any of those disgusting glue traps set by my landlord!

  479. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. I also catch in Mice Cubes and release to the park and stream area down over the hill from my house. I say, “Go and be with your family.” I believe they have a right to live, just not in my house πŸ™‚

  480. o.k. . .
    I don’t kill animals for fun (I will eat them because I enjoy them. . how many of the bleeding hearts on here eat meat. . ) but. . I have no problems with killing my mice quickly. . is leaving them in a bucket over night, scared, humane?. . or is killing them more humane? Or do you provide him with therapy for his terrible capture?
    Nice idea though. . like it for that πŸ™‚

  481. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! My wife was at her wits end and was having trouble just walking around the house knowing we had a mouse. We’re vegetarians, so of course killing them isn’t the way we wanted to go. But we didn’t want more, so after a week and a half of absolutely no luck with the Victor tin cat, we reluctantly laid out the neck breakers. I hated to do it. But it didn’t matter, cause they never even triggered them!! Then we found your solution, and it worked like a charm. Well, almost. We didn’t use a deep enough basket, so he was able to jump out. But he kept falling for it. finally, I used just a stiff thin cardboard from a box and it worked. We just released him in the forest preserve. Sadly, there was more than one, and we found a little dead one too. Don’t know how or why he died. He wasn’t in the trap, but seemed like he was on his way up to it. He died on the stack of magazines leading to the trap. Weird.
    We’ve got it set up again in case there are more. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! BRILLIANT!!

  482. Two day! This work great. But now our kids think we have new pet.
    I set up a unused paint can on the top step of my basement stairway. But! to my supprise, it was a mole not a mouse. What a freaky looking critter..

  483. You can free mice from glue traps by pouring a little olive (or other) oil on them. You just have to be sure to check them daily so that they don’t a) starve to death or b) chew their limb off to escape…

  484. I have a very nervous little mouse-shaped house guest that I am currently trying this on. I have used a scrummy piece from a very delicious chocolate croissant.

  485. We’ve done the humane traps for the past five days and have caught a mouse every single time. But now we wonder if it’s the same mouse over and over again. And if it is, how could they be smart enough to find their way back to our house, but dumb enough to wind up in the trap over and over again? There’s woods at the end of our block and we walk in a bit, but maybe it’s not far enough. Any other ideas? We hate the glue traps — so cruel!

  486. For all you people that like to kill mice you guys are just great morons you know why I love mice and I will always let them go.

  487. Everytime we cook fried rice, the mouse will come out. Glue trap and other two different kinds failed to catch it. 2 minutes search in google and I stopped at this page. 1 hour later, the mouse is in the garbage can. Now I am googling how to get the mouse to a pastic container ;-.
    Thanks for you great idea.

  488. This is great, it’s like practical jokes on mice.
    We’ve got a little dude running around our house right now, and I gotta catch him before my boyfriend finds out about him and gets a trap.

  489. Rob . . . ppl like you turn out to be mass murderers. you freak… usually the first sign
    1. torture animals for pleasure then eventually kill ppl. . . good thinng im a cop.

  490. i had a mouse for a bit now in my bed room it was a smart little bugger tryed all sorts to get rid untill just now its about 3 in the mor iv just killed it ,,well when i say killed it i mean cooked it ,,what i did was found where it was coming from as soon as it came out blocked its way back in chased it for a bit got it after about 15 mins i taken it out side and nailed it to my shed door by its taill got my phone out and set it to recored got a tin of wd40 and a lighter lit the lighter and made a burner with the wd40 and cooked the little fu**er and i got a vid as well if you want to see it email me at

  491. What a great idea! This is my first mouse experience and I want to be as humane as possible. I noticed most of you are using peanut butter or peanuts. Is this their favorite food? I was thinking about luring the mouse with cheese…

  492. i have a mouse in my mouse. the poor little critter is only looking for food.
    i left a jar of peanut butter open on my floor,tommorow im going to move the jar into my living room, then next to my back door,and after to the porch, hopefully the mouse will follow it.
    i rather buy it a jar of peanut butter then kill it.
    great idea though.
    And for the guy paul and the other cruel ppl, how would you feel if somebody ruined your home by building a house and then you go to get warm and get some food and they attack you.
    Remember if it werent for rodents and primates many of the items we use today wouldnt be here.
    lipstick,and medications and stuff. so be greatful and have a heart.

  493. Yeah, mice love the peanut butter its like their favourite thing in the whole world, although mine seem to have wised up after their mates started disappearing!
    We had a particularly bad infestation a few years ago, and successfully used the tube trick- we used a longer tube from cling wrap, and after 3 days when we counted the tally on the fridge, found that we’d caught about 15. Go share-house living! We used to sit at the kitchen table with a few beers, chatting away, and bag up heaps of the little fellas.

  494. I hate to think about hurting anything our mouse seems like a babby my boyfriend thought it was a tea bag I hope to catch it before my puppy gets it . She would’nt know that she is hurting it she would play so I hope this works!!!!

  495. Just done it and caught the we shit within 2 hours! such a better way of getting rid of them, I just dont see the point in killing them.
    Cheers for the info!

  496. I came home from vacation to find that an unwelcome house guest had moved in. It took me until the next evening to realize it was a mouse. I immediately went out and purchased two of those DCON no view no touch traps, one humane trap, and three ultrasonic emitters (I am terrified of critters in my house). The mouse was fast and smart (I named it Speedy). Didn’t even go near the store bought traps. The ultrasonic emitters did nothing. I tried this method the first night using a small waste bin and a toilet paper tube. Found the toilet paper tube in the waste bin the next morning without a mouse. The next night I came home late and saw him run into a closet, so I shoved a towel under the door. Today, I opened the closet door – no mouse. Tonight I heard him in the kitchen again so I bought a much larger trash can and reset the trap with a paper towel tube. Took about two hours, but the mouse is now at the bottom of the trash can. I put duct tape over the top so he couldn’t escape. I also used a chair to secure the trash can against the wall so he can’t topple it over. Tommorow I’ll drive him to a nice park a ways away with all sorts of picnic tables and some nice high grass. Hopefully, that will be enough to keep him occupied.

  497. If you guys do not like the idea of a humane mouse trap, go somewhere else. It’s sad that you have nothing better to do than to troll people who have a different opinion than you.

  498. OK, I tried a somewhat different version. I took a peanut butter jar (Skippy’s CHUNKY!!) that as nearly finished and placed it in a black trash bag. I then took the tube from a paper towel roll, and tied the bag around it. I made a ramp from a box….the tube went up the ramp and at the end, my new friend fell into the peanut butter jar!!
    I just picked the bag up, and released the little pest in the same place I let go of the last few….right under the crack of the doorsill of my landlord’s front door.
    BTW captured in less than 20 minutes.

  499. i tried this method. the first night i caught 7 mice. The second night i caught 9 mice. Last night, there were no mice. Hopefully i caught them all.
    I had no idea there were that many mice in my home. this technique really works!!!
    I am just curious HOW it is able to catch so many in bulk? I am not resetting the trap multiple times per night. i simply set it once, and then the mice flock to it. Maybe they see the other mice and think a party is going on in the bucket. Hmmmmmmm

  500. For every one mouse you see you can have as many as 100 that you don’t see. This trap works but releasing them does not solve the problem. Mice carry diseases and they are also incontinent – they poop and pee continuously where ever they walk. YUK

  501. This trap works wonderfully, bagged me my mouse on the first night of using it (though I think there are more yet to be caught). I changed the toilet paper tube to use a larger tunnel just so they didn’t accidentally push the tube over the edge before entering it.
    But I must say setting the mouse loose doesn’t seem really humane to either the mouse or other people.
    You can’t just make the mouse someone else’s problem;just look at all the people complaining about others dropping off mice near their houses.Not to mention, you obviously didn’t want it in your house so why would you then go and willfully do that to someone else?
    But of course if you don’t give the mouse a new home then it will likely be eaten or die anyway so all you’ve done is try to remove yourself as being the cause of its death in your mind.
    If you really don’t want to kill it, and you don’t want to screw over your fellow man, the only thing is for you to do is keep it.
    So get over the fact that a mouse might look cute once caught, and just kill it or else make it your pet (which I am guessing you don’t want to do since after all you came here to find out how to catch it and get it out of your house.

  502. This is a great thread – have spent the last hour or so perusing in and barely got halfway…
    We have a really annoying mouse problem in that they are scurrying about in the walls and ceilings making noise but there’s precious little we can do about it.
    Our house is a 70’s built terrace and the beams that hold up the ceilings run through longditudinally through all the houses in the row, meaning the problem is not in our hose solely, (it’s a mouse highway basically) and the ‘gaps’ where they are coming in are totally innacessable unless we tear down all the plasterboard ceilings in the house (not gonna happen)
    We’ve caught 15 in the last two-three months in the one accessible place we’ve found where we can actually set traps (I was hesitant about old-skool snap-traps but they were the only thing that would fit in the space and feeling bad about killing them fades after about the first 5.) This place is skirting-board radiator that they run along but seem to have got wise to the traps and stopped using that particular avenue of traverse.
    But what to do about the ceilings? My gut feeling is to cut some inspection holes and then nuke the spaces with as much expanding foam as I can reasonably afford but this will be a very inexact application due to the inaccessability of the space. And it will stop them going ‘across’ the width of the house but not actually coming in.
    I blame the ‘care in the community’ fellows three doors down who love animals and have no concept of hygiene.
    Ideas? I might try out peppermint oil but fear this won’t last long on the clever little cockney buggers. I tried ultra sonic clickers but they did nothing, and surprisingly were totally audible and not silent as per the packaging. Waste. Of. Money.
    I swear some of the noises are of creatures bigger than mice. Did I read somewhere mice and rats won’t co-exist? I bloody hope so….

  503. I just moved into a new apartment and have seen a small brown mouse running around in the kitchen. It runs from behind the fridge to under the stove. I was pretty cool with this until I saw it run across my bedroom floor last night. I put out glue traps in the kitchen and bedroom, but no mouse yet (it’s only been a few hours). I am going to try putting some peanut butter in the middle of the glue trap to see if that will serve as incentive.
    If that fails, I am going to try the bucket method as it sounds very effective. I am totally paranoid that there are hundreds of them hiding in the walls and they will never be completely gone.
    I’m considering getting a cat if this will prevent the mice from coming in. Can anyone tell me if getting a cat is actually effective and has solved the problem?

  504. Within an hour of putting peanut butter on the glue trap, the mouse was in the trap. It was really sad watching him stuck in there alive, but I can’t handle having it in the house. I picked up the whole trap with the mouse attached, tied it in a plastic grocery bag and threw it in the garbage can outside. I guess he will eventually just die out there. It’s below freezing point outside, so he’ll prob just freeze. I don’t want to get sick from mouse pee and poop, and if I let him go, he’ll just come back. I still have 3 more glue traps baited with peanut butter out to see how many more of them there are.

  505. I really want this to work. My wife saw a mouse by our front door, and I know there’s been one in the hallway. But the breaking point was reached and hour ago when I saw one run into my daughter’s room. I just set it up in the hall, we’ll see how it does.

  506. I have tried the trashcan method with a bucket but it’s not working.After trying for two nights i set up the trap in the same room as me as it comes in occasionally.It went right past it so i don’t think the odds are good.I’d rather not kill it and my landlord is talking about putting bait down.I don’t mind it but as there is a risk of disease and it chewing through my cables(i have a studio)i have to get rid of it somehow.Any other ways of catching a mouse humanely?I know where it lives and have thought about trying to go in and catch it but if i fail it will probably go somewhere else plus if i have to use bait i know where to put it.Thanks.

  507. best idea ever, Now if people try this and use it they will not waste traps and money for them.I ll try it out for sure.
    Thanks for the idea

  508. It took me several days of reading, a little bit at a time, to read all the comments here, and I’m finally done!
    I feel like I finally accomplished something and I can now get on with other projects!
    I have been in tears because of not knowing what to do about all the mice in our mobile home. We have one mouse
    cube that I have been emptying right next to a field, several times each day for about a week, then I got tired of
    taking out one mouse at a time! Two years ago we had 6 of the cubes and it was easier to deal with having lots
    of mice. I loaned out 5 of the cubes, never got them back & now I can’t find them in stores! Last year we had no
    problem with mice because our skirting was perfect, no gaps anywhere. After the fire that burned down the mobile
    home behind us also destroyed much of our skirting, mice have come in galore!
    When I did an internet search for no-kill mouse traps, it came up with this site amoung others. Thank You!
    I copy-pasted all the GOOD (not evil) ideas and lots of mouse info from the comments. I’m going to try 3 of
    the traps included here.
    Now that I have read so much info about mice and the diseases/infections, etc. that they have, I don’t know what
    to do with them after catching them! (45 MILLION people died because of mice!) We have fleas in our home, too,
    because of dog-sitting for my son, until a month ago. I don’t want to end up with any disease from a mouse, and
    I don’t want to pass it off to a neighbor, either! Our grandkids come here sometimes, and I want our home
    to be mouse-free, like it was last year. That was soooooooooo nice.

  509. Sounds a little too simple, but let me tell you, it works. About 20 minutes after I set the tube up, I put a very small piece of cracker with a little Jiffy peanut butter on it and wham, one mouse in the bucket! Amazing, simply amazing!

  510. great idea but put water in the bucket and walla mouse is no longer anyone problem EVER.dump later in toilet and flush the little bugger .

  511. Um. I tried the alternative suggestions early in the thread. Now how do I get rid of the mongoose?

  512. Sounds ingenious… we used a different method… we caught our litle friend by trapping her in the bathroom then caught her with a coffee cup and a large spoon. Then we put her in a cage with food, water, fluff and a wheel…. week later we caught her sister…. they seem very happy in their new home!!!!

  513. Sounds ingenious… we used a different method… we caught our litle friend by trapping her in the bathroom then caught her with a coffee cup and a large spoon. Then we put her in a cage with food, water, fluff and a wheel…. week later we caught her sister…. they seem very happy in their new home!!!!

  514. I do not care if it is humane or not. I pay the mortgage on my house, and I did not invite these little devils over! I have a small infant also and cannot stand the thought of them crawling around her at night! I have tried everything except poison, and the only reason I dont use that is because they stink like hell when they die in the walls!

  515. have to try this, i have had a lot of pets as a child, mice, hamsters and even a rat, i think this lil guy is so cute, would it be totally wrong to keep the lil guy as a pet in a small aquarium once caught??

  516. Nice idea but the mouse i have’s clever, if he sees something obvious like this he’ll just scurry past. Either your mouse is very dumb or you were lucky.

  517. I want to say a big THANK YOU for posting your information. I tried a couple of other humane traps that didn’t work. I set up this trap with the paper towel roll (with peanut butter on the end) off of the kitchen countertop with a big garbage bin. It wasn’t until me and my partner went to bed that we heard the dog barking. It worked! I am SHOCKED how high mice can jump! Good thing we had a huge garbage over 2 feet high otherwise it would’ve jumped out. We drove it to the beach this morning and released it. I think there is another mouse so we will set up another trap tonight. Thank you so much for your advice. The best part is that it didn’t cost a dime and the mouse survived!

  518. where theres one mouse theres a colony, if you are seeing them that means there are so many that they send out scouts for food you get one theres already another to replace him, mice can fit through an opening the size of a dime so they can get pretty much anywhere in your house. They are also diesease carrying creatures that are known to be fatal i.e. the plague, haunta viruse, these can kill especially children, if you catch and release your just giving it your neighboors thanks friends, and guess what you still have more mice!

  519. Can’t wait till I catch one. I put a sticky trap in the garbage can so the damn thing won’t get out. -Going to poke that bitch with a stick until he dies.

  520. this is a bullshit idea, didn’t work for me, next morning mouse wasn’t there, it made a big hole in my thrash can, my $8 is gone! πŸ™

  521. Nice idea, try some water in the can so the potentialy infected pest can’t jump out, climb out, or live long. I’m a wildlife biologist, you don’t want to keep house mice in the food web…ever.

  522. I saw a little bitch on christmas eve and found these posts while googling about mouse traps and pesticides. It is not undestandable how she got in my apartment because I never leave the door open and there is no visible holes in the walls. I am gonna try the idea. If it works hot water will be poured on her for a hot exit from my apartment. I did not invite her.

  523. I am stunned at how ignorant some of you people are. All this crap about having to kill mice or otherwise the world will become overpopulated with them. You do not even have the most BASIC grasp of how the natural world works. Mice and man have existed for centuries without humans drowning in seas of rodents. The fact is, the mouse you release into the woods is one more meal available for an owl, fox, snake, whatever. If the food supply goes up, the hunter population goes up. And vice versa. It’s really very simple and you have NO NEED to fear that releasing even a dozen mice into the woods will make ANY DIFFERENCE AT ALL to the overall wild mouse population.

  524. Great Idea. I’ve had em jump into a bucket of water from a bench in the outbuildings. I use snaps and sticky’s next to each other. Sometimes instead of just poison, I’ll crush poison and mix with pnut butter. I live in the country and I’m the biggest predator. The hawks and coyotes don’t mess with em. They like the rabbits, small birds and turkey’s more. Racoons and possem don’t do much to keep em down either. Don’t own a cat(just another thing to take care of). If we didn’t kill em through the years we would be overrun with em. Just think about the problems in NY. Don’t worry, they’ll be around long after we are gone. They don’t make war on their own kind like we do. Ben doing this for years and haven’t run out of em yet but I haven’t given up!

  525. I haven’t tried the tube balanced on the edge of a counter, but our Havahart model 1020 works well with peanut butter with chocolate bits mixed in.
    We will rig up a piece of hardware cloth leading up to the rim of a 5 gallon bucket with some peanut butter & chocolate.

  526. sticky traps-bullshlt
    poison traps-bullshlt
    This trap-bullshlt
    Good ol fashion Pop traps-2 bodies and countin
    on a sidenote, i hope you all are half as concerned about the well being of the PEOPLE living in this world as you are on these little RODENTS.
    P.S. Littlepixel your story is hilarious.

  527. Mice are rodents. One mouse pair can reproduce every 45 days with 10-20 in their litter. Get real people. Humane? The are engineered to have only 10% survival rate. Kill ’em all!!

  528. By the way, mice and rats WILL co-exist as long as the rats don’t/can’t catch the mice. Best solution for these buggers is Tomcat (or similar) poison blocks. The scout takes it back and the colony and many more will come to eat from the poison blocks. Smell? Mice are small buggers and don’t smell when they die. Colonies smell when they die, but I’d rather have that than the diseases they are carrying on their gritty little paws. And if applied consistently, the poison blocks will keep them away. I live on a farm, and no cat can beat these poison blocks in my barns. I have lived in NY and mice are a constant existence in buildings. They just never lived long in mine when I used these wholly legal green blocks. Plus it doesn’t hurt putting a thin, i repeat thin, layer of PB on them. Mice and humans find PB to be enticing to their detriment (mice = death; humans = high LDL & triglycerides).

  529. This trap didn’t work for me: first night, mouse pulled tube back and ate bait. Second night tube and bait in can.
    What did work was a combination of Ander’s and k’s ideas. 5 gallon bucket trap, filled with water.
    For all you “live and let live” pro vermin types out there: I hope you can always live the cushy life you are obviously used to, because if things ever get tough you aren’t going to make it. I mean, think about it. You are basically handed everything you need to live and you can’t even kill a mouse.

  530. For the idiot above who said he was going to light the little f**k*er on fire, what goes around comes around, do that & maybe someone will have the luxury of watching you burn in h*ll, Bastard!


  532. my mouse pet just ran away…it’s sort of my fault too because i let it go on the top of her cage when i shouldn’t have.. anyway, i’m now trying to get her back this method..i hope it works πŸ™‚

  533. my pet mouse just ran away…it’s sort of my fault too because i let it go on the top of her cage when i shouldn’t have.. anyway, i’m now trying to get her back this method..i hope it works πŸ™‚

  534. I can’t believe this worked on the second night. The first night I used 1 small tube and somehow the mouse got the cheese without falling into the bucket. Longer tube was the trick. This mouse built a nest in my new garden equipment engine. Cost $200 to repair it. I was going to take care of it Sopranos style, but thanks to your simple trap. He is now comfortably living about 1 mile away.

  535. Brilliant! I have bought “humane” traps before, but not having any went on line & saw your idea. Having emptied my recycling box i didn’t have any toilet roll tubes, so made one out of a catalogue. My bin was the wrong height so at first I tried the tube over the sink aimed into a tall tumbler- the tube fell in, but no mouse. Seeing my fat little friend I decided he might have been too FAT for the tube so just knocked it. SO, I made a larger tube out of an empty muesli box, put my bin on an up-turned bucket and adjusted the sink unit surfaces height with a chopping board: tube found in bin, but NO MOUSE! Persevered, set it up again & left house. Returned a few hours later- EURIKA! MOUSE IN BIN! So out I went carrying my bin- my poor little friend crouched in the bottom- & walked till I found a pleasant place for him. Now I will find out if he has a large family…. Thanks for your good advice!

  536. Yesterday I saw a small brown mouse scampering around the stove and floor area while I was on the laptop. Really unnerving in a weird way….natural instincts kicking in? Too late to go to the hardware store, so I searched “catch a mouse” and found this great non poisonous, inexpensive way to catch the critter on your website. I used a small cake mix box with the ends opened up (this was in the recycling)and the cracker and peanut butter on the end. I used the tall kitchen garbage can underneath, with the box half hanging over the counter above. Back to the computer, and within 1 hour I heard a noise as the cake box and mouse tumbled into the garbage can! We drowned the mouse by adding water and holding him underneath the water with a broom. This seemed a quick way to exterminate the vermin and we didn’t have to touch the dead mouse, as we dumped the water and now deceased mouse into a corner of the yard. I set up the box and cracker again but didn’t catch another mouse…..Hopefully it was the only one. Thanks for helping me out in a hurry. The web is amazing!

  537. We’ve had at least one (probably more) of them taking the mickey out of us for some time. When I found this page I thought I may well give it a go after unsuccessfully trying to corner one of the beasts earlier today. Set up the trap on the counter of the kitchen with some peanut-butter-like-substance on the unbalanced end and a tall metal container (~1m in height) below. Only a few hours later I was sitting in my home office when I suddenly heard some metallic bumping and scratching noise – and indeed one of the buggers managed to get caught in the trap, frantically (and unsuccessfully) trying to hop out. Interestingly though, the toilet paper roll with the peanut-buttery-thingy was still where I placed it but the mouse was in the container! Short car journey later we released the bugger in an industrial area and are now waiting to see if there are more of them willing to rid themselves of our place. Thanks very much for helping out with this great idea.

  538. Just wanted to post that with all these mouse problems, it seems to me that there is only one mouse running around, getting shipped off “humanely” from one house to another. But don’t worry, when he gets here, I’ll get him for good πŸ™‚

  539. i’ve tried the humane way, but when i saw the “droppings” on a window sill behind my CHILDREN’S dresser, i knew that/those little rodent(s) had to go. i just want them out of my house. And I’m at the point i don’t care how i get rid of them. i’m going to try the t.p. roll first, and put them in a few places.

  540. the mose and my cat are having sex and lokin at me, im turned on, i like the mose, its sexy, sexy mouse.

  541. i put the mouse in my arse, it tickles, is this humane, i think its dead, its beginning to smell, is thi normal?

  542. there are about 4-5 rats running around in my house i hate rats sooo much that when i see them i feel like as if its crawling all over my body so i decided to stay @ my parents house until my hubby doesnt catch everyone of them

  543. I’mter trying and hoping— if I’m lucky enuf to catch the critter he will take up residence at a neighbor’s–he made an untrue discusting remark about me

  544. I’ve been here trying your lovely little trick for over two hours and it isn’t working.
    Your idea is not effective. It sucks…
    It would be a lot easier for people like me who want to humanely catch a mouse, if people like you didn’t post such useless means of doing so.
    So, THANKS A LOT!!!

  545. My god!!!!
    I have been held hostage by a furry fellow all evening. I am going out to by those ultrasonic repeller TOMORROW!!!
    apparently they really do work.

  546. This will hopefully work. I don’t mind the mouse but my mom freaks out. He was a pet at one time but he got away and once I catch him I have to let him go. =/