Bad Apple

Since I’m on the subject of mice

I’ve been using an Apple Mighty Mouse for a bit now, wondering when is enough time to torture myself before passing judgement.

That moment is now.

It displeases me.

(And if you know me, I use that phrase often, but usually in the form, “it does not displease me.” Why? Because somewhere I learned that it was not good to say you hate something)

So yeah, that might be twisted logic, but anyway—the mouse bites.

Back when Apple released the Cube and made the power button “touch sensitive” it seems they’re always trying to get rid of buttons. Now this mouse has a right click that requires you to lift one finger while you click on the other side of the one button surface with your other finger. No longer can I precisely and lazily just click which button I intended. Wonky things are happening with this mouse, and I’m not about to relearn how I work to deal with it.

It’s got a little scroll ball, just like an old mouse. A little scroll ball that collects gunk but cannot, however, be accessed to clean.

The side buttons require so much force to push. They have conjunctively torn my rotator cuff.

Your results may vary. Go try one for yourself at a store.

On the upside, it sort-of looks like a Tic Tac®.

8 responses to “Bad Apple”

  1. duane Avatar

    My Grandma used to tell me the same thing about not hating things. She said that was way too final and harsh of a judgement. So I am very with you on being a non-hater.
    But, she also used to say that you should never say you are sorry, because if you did, then you wouldn’t have done it in the first place. She was pretty insightful, that Grandma was.

  2. James Avatar

    I used to get told to never say ‘I don’t care,’ but instead say ‘I don’t mind.’
    As for the mousey-mousey – perhaps it’s clicking issues are fixable with some sort of update that’s in the works?

  3. tranism Avatar

    odd, i’ve been using mine for almost a month. I find it to be the most comfortable mouse I have ever had. Prior to that I was using a logitech one. My one complaint is the scroller nipple thingy gets dirty easily, but i guess thats my own fault for having greasy hands. 😉
    however, navigation, clicking squeezing all feels very intuitive to me. i personally love this mouse. wish it were wireless tho – bluetooth perhaps.

  4. A.J. Avatar

    me likes the vintage look.
    and i HATE my OSX version 10.1.5

  5. Rick Avatar

    The price tag on the Mighty Mouse was enough to make me lose interest. Being a Mac enthusiast and living below the poverty level don’t mix very well.
    I’m also still trying to figure out why the Mighty Mouse isn’t wearing yellow spandex.

  6. nat Avatar

    I wouldn’t say that I HATE the mouse yet, but I’m well on my way. I’ve discovered in the month that I’ve been using it that I hold my mouse almost horizontally with my thumb directly on the side button which, with this mouse, is a recipe for disaster. With my old mouse I would rest my index finger on the scroll wheel, and simply rocking my finger to the left would click the button. Now I find that nearly every time I click it ends up being a right click because my finger naturally rests just to the right of center. It would be great if you were able to adjust how much of the mouse surface registers as a left click vs. right click. I’ve also found the side buttons to be overly sensative, often activating expose when I simply try to move the mouse too quickly, but perhaps that’s just because of where I place my thumb.
    I love the design of the thing, but I’m quickly losing patience with it.

  7. Don Avatar

    I believe this mouse was built for the pc users who are used to lifting fingers. 😉

  8. marcintosh Avatar

    I like my Mighty Mouse. I thought I wouldn’t because I hate the shape of the Apple Mouse… er… I mean, it displeases me. But I’m digging the little trackball. At first I thought it should be a trackpad type button. Actually I think it still should. The side buttons are okay, but I did turn them off because they were in the way. I just like the little trackball alot.
    … Oh, who am I kidding. It’s like a little nipple! I love my MacNipple! There, I said it. Scrolling up and down, left and right! I never enjoyed using my Mac so much! It brings a whole new level to surfing for porn. Seriously.