7 songs

De Novo Dahl a while back at WOXY

I was issued a tag to fess up to 7 songs I am currently listening to. It took some time, but here they are:

(Links are to artist sites, not MP3s. Because I’m lame like that)

De Novo Dahl : Be Your Man – It’s hard to pick just one track from their double album Cats/Kittens (one disc is a remix of the other). They’re all over the place, superfun live, and they wear outfits. I really enjoy listening to them.

Grandaddy : F**k the Valley Fudge – This isn’t the best Grandaddy song ever, but it is what I’m listening to at the moment. Not many songs drop rhymes like Applebees and Chuck E. Cheese. And the lawnmower at the end: pure love for a white noise addict.

Adrian Belew : One of Those Days – I just got a copy of the acoustic version of this song, a song that always reminds me of summer. It pleases me like the sound of lawnmowers I’m not manning, and burning grass scented candles.

Sia : Breathe Me (Four Tet remix) – I’ve already admitted how much the last episode of 6 ft under moved me. This song stuck and I have to thank Harmonica Lewinsky for the remix.

Dirty on Purpose : All New Friends – Like much of my music these days, this stems from the radio station. Another fun one holding over from the sunshine season. It will likely be replaced by another one of their songs in the shuffle: Mind Blindness, to go with the change in season.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah : Over And Over Again (Lost And Found) – We needed something to fill the gaping void that was Talking Heads in the music landscape. Thems tough shoes to fill with just one album under the belt, but it’s the David Byrne vocal similarities that influence my declaration. And it’s fun to hear that Bear Gone Wild say their name by clapping loudly, then whooping, “Yeah!”

Oh, and this last group will be performing in the lounge tomorrow before opening for The National at the Southgate House.

Dagnabbit, that’s just 6 songs. All that linking was hard. Maybe I’ll append later.