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That neat little to-do list I had carved out in my mind on the plane ride home got shuffled into a whole new list that erupted once I got back in contact with everyone. Now I sift.

In lieu of real content, here’s some links.

Quotes from when Clinton committed troops to Bosnia – I’ll just assume all these are real. It’s too ridiculous to be anything but.

Roger von Oech’s Creative Think, with front page refreshable tips to shake up ideas – I always enjoyed his books back in the day. Good to see this content survive beyond the man.

Flipping off Hummers – A really, really, really large gallery. Maybe this fueled Claire Fisher’s (excellent) diatribe last week.

FUCK this website – Dig into this one. It’s beautiful genius. I need some stickers.

Brandon Bird – Apparently this made the Webby Awards, but there’s too many sites to visit anymore. Anyways, he’s an amazing artist with a keen, twisted pop culture sense of humor.

Oh, I’m not keeping up with your blog, and I’m not putting stuff on my cat either.

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  1. Robbie Avatar

    *ehem* s h i t thiswebsite.com is available if you want to copy cat