Now functioning again

You’d be surprised how well you can get around with just fog lights or high beams. I know, I’ve been doing it for months.

Most of the streets are lit well enough in town, but trips outside the city required careful timing to ensure I was only on the road never beyond twilight.

Well, I got them fixed last week, simply new bulbs required—remiss, I didn’t examine them myself.

I spent today putting drywall up for a lightproof room (where screens will be made.)

Driving home as dusk became night, I felt the fleeting weight of gypsum sheets leave warmth on muscles rarely used. Windows down, I blared mellow tunes and reflected on the fun weekend away, the feeling of accomplishment with a cordless drill, and how nice it was to see the road.

2 responses to “headlights”

  1. davis Avatar

    Tsk tsk Mr. Glass. Always keep your VW in tip top shape.
    Both bulbs were out? at the same time? Have your electrical checked.
    Got to take in my VW tomorrow… I’ve had it a year and just broke 5K.

  2. CM Harrington Avatar

    I’m saving that last paragraph in my journal of random poetry.