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May 31, 2005

the weekend in photos

It was great, I'll write more later

The city, parks, flowers and bears...
(Colors adjusted on whim)

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I am *still* in love with those cool LED monoliths, especially the fountain.

Posted by: CM Harrington | Jun 2, 2005 2:33:46 PM

Fantastic photos as usual. It looks so easy when you do it. I'm thoroughly jealous.

Posted by: davis | Jun 2, 2005 7:43:56 AM

That was just for kicks CM, to add a bit of mysery. Thanks, I adjusted that final pic.

Posted by: Chris Glass | Jun 1, 2005 11:16:55 PM

So what's up with Dan's shirt being censored? Odd considering one of the final images has the shirt visible (Trash)

Posted by: CM Harrington | Jun 1, 2005 3:21:16 PM

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