Lounge Acts

The Wrens

The Wrens came through the studio yesterday and put on an excellent set. An amicable bunch, they made the whole photo-taking process very easy. I did promise to photoshop Brad Pitt’s body on them, but I haven’t gotten around to that yet.

I spent a good part of the evening going through photos from May to get caught up on all the woxy.com outstanding shoots, including: Brendan Benson, Psychodots, Cartel, and more of The Wrens

I don’t get down to snap every band that comes through, but it’s always nice when I do. Good bunch of folks and always good music. Lots of upcoming acts coming up. I’ll try to give some ample warning before they happen.

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  1. cool pic – I saw and met the wrens when they played the knitting factory in nyc about a year and a half ago. really nice guys.

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