Harvest Jubilee

tumble for ya

I drove up with a friend to Fort Recovery for their 100th annual Harvest Jubilee on Sunday. The highlight being the Fireman’s parade.

Veterans, flags, firetrucks, shriners, clowns, classic cars, the high school band, lots of candy being thrown, tumblers, and tractors—LOTS of tractors, from the oldest to hulking 8 wheeled monsters. To see these shiny beasts go down the road was a testament not only to their engineering and beauty, but to the business of agriculture that grounds this community.

I will admit that 42″ tilling deck I’ve recently used pales in comparison, and there was some envy. But I had a lawnchair with an excellent view and a cold beer, so it I was happy. Afterward, it was off to the Jubilee for a rock cover band and elephant ears.

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  1. D R E W Avatar

    that’s up by where i was raised…