Camp Buckwood

4 Seasons Lodge

Just back from two days out at Camp Buckwood in Indiana. A friend suggested the last minute affair, noting the fine weather and summer solstice. Good enough reasons for celebration.

Although the campgrounds were relatively empty, it offered a good way to get to know the facilities. An outdoor pool, hot tub, really well constructed bathrooms and showers, hiking trails and a lake.

A quick tour of the lodge revealed a large dining area, living room, nice suites and a bunkhouse.

More than a few times, I thought we were in California, but with greener grass.

Some highlights included:

Slow cooked garlic marinated ribs with Montgomery Inn Barbeque sauce (those Reynolds® Hot Bags will henceforth be a camping staple)

Watching Sordid Lives projected on the building next to the pool, laughing so hard I could not contain my Chrissy from Three’s Company snortle.

Few insects. I’m told to thank the bullfrogs in the nearby lake.

I could go on about the cool nights, full moon, colorful conversations, free firewood from the neighbors, and taking a nap in the shade for hours. It all added up to one of the most stress-free and relaxing pair of days I’ve had in a good piece.

But now it’s back to the world of the internet and cell phone coverage, e-mails and projects.

I’m leaving the chairs and bedroll in my trunk—ready for the next time.


  1. So you drove to Indiana? How long did it take you? Good to hear you had a nice time. My last two weeks have been *crazy* –in the best ways possible!

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