Too much rock for one hand

Ah, a new favorite t-shirt

In brown no less (my favorite), though I think the website I purchased this gem from,, called the color “nude.”

Fastest shipping ever to boot.

I have to thank Dave from LA for introducing me to this gesture and saying. It has been folded into my vernacular and I feel all the better for it.

3 responses to “Too much rock for one hand”

  1. CM Harrington Avatar

    Totally digging the shirt. I’ve found quite a few “interesting” shirts from . (no, I am not affiliated with them, blah, blah , blah.) They even take submissions for new shirt ideas.

  2. glass Avatar

    Tshirt hell rocks.

  3. Aaron Avatar

    That’s awesome! Double horns! Hehe. Have you checked on, they have some good shirts that you might like too. About the price, most of them go for $15 last time I checked and some $10. Well, anyways… cheers!