A box full of money

I’m at my mom’s house configuring WiFi on her new high speed network yesterday evening. We went to Apple’s trailer page as it is a good test of connection. In another tab we had showtimes for the movie theater up the street — all these flicks we’d never heard of except for that Woody Allen thing that I’m not ready to lay out money for…

So we hopped back and forth, checking out all the previews and ended up agreeing on this movie called Millions. You’ve probably never heard of it either — here’s the trailer (in QuickTime.) So I put my camera in her purse and we went to see it.

Short review: Not a bad movie, but not super great. It’s…


Above average cinematography with a typical moral dilemma and standard characters. There’s a few scenes of computer generated effects that, while not realistic, don’t detract from the story at hand. I was never fidgety or bored, so I suppose I am happy with where my entertainment dollar went.

Afterward my mom and I raided some boxes for community papers to get lots of coupons for buy-one-get-one-free movie tickets.

We felt like millionaires.