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April 17, 2005


Time to find some summer socks

Today I put the (hopefully) final coat of paint on a basement floor that will house all the screen printing equipment.

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you're right on all counts CM in relation to B's Q.

Tis my friends digs.

Posted by: glass | Apr 19, 2005 9:56:30 AM

Ah, now it all starts to make sense. A long time ago, there was a pic of you, in front of a gaggle of dummies... brilliant! Actually, I like your stuff in general.. too many to list ;-)

"b": it seems as though it is duct work. It would make sense as this is a basement, and probably has "central air"

Posted by: CM Harrington | Apr 19, 2005 9:24:25 AM

Wow, is this at your house or work or elsewhere? And what's the shiney space-age stuff on the walls? Acoustical treatment?

Posted by: b | Apr 18, 2005 1:39:48 PM

It varies widely CM. This particular one is totally staged with a timer and a stepladder. I generally dislike staging photos tho, but this one is pretty accurate as to the scene.

Other times, friends are handy and help with the faraway shots (like riding a mower)

Posted by: glass | Apr 18, 2005 9:55:59 AM

I always forget to ask.. Who takes the pictures of you? Do you just set up a mount and a timer?

Posted by: CM Harrington | Apr 18, 2005 1:41:49 AM

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