Squatting for photos in Palm Springs Beach, Florida

I almost got some sleep last night after Dinner Club, before too long though, it was time to wake up in a mad dash to get to the airport.

It’s been a jam packed day and I’m much too tired to write anything of coherence, other than there are two design issues that came up today.

#1 I’d like to design a baggage claim area that does not allow passengers to crowd the belt, rather, it forces folks to stand back a few paces to observe, then step forward to retrieve their luggage.

This may make no sense, I might have to sketch it out.

#2 I’d like to talk to the folks behind my mobile phone that thought an audible beep was necessary to let you know you are entering silent mode.

Otherwise, the weather is dandy and I’m glad to see, and hear, the ocean.

It’s mesmerizing.

One response to “Whirlwind”

  1. davis Avatar

    Your baggage claim idea makes perfect sense.
    Why it is they haven’t made it better, I have no idea.
    The airline is done with you. Take your luggage and be gone.
    The ocean is beautiful and scary. I can’t swim.
    It’s nice to feel humble next to nature.