Playing in the sand

On a relatively empty beach

As luck would have it, the weather on day two of the short trip wasn’t exactly balmy. In fact, it was a little chilly and overcast with bursts of light rain.

This did not hamper the spectacle of the ocean though. With a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up a pail and castle forms, we raided the empty beach and chased the breaking waves.

It’s hard not to mention, staring out at the to the horizon, the slight fear of tsunami. My friends and I talked a bit about what we’d do given some warning sign. After seeing the photos recovered from the British Columbia tourists, I mentioned that the water would recede quickly and expose the tidal flats.

We decided we would run inland.

Living in fear isn’t much of an occupation though, and after some moments of reflection, our thoughts returned to building castles and roads.

3 responses to “Playing in the sand”

  1. Aaron Avatar

    Awesome picture! Its been cold this recent spring. Im hoping that it would get warmer by april.

  2. glass Avatar

    Thanks kindly. I have to give credit to the light and the subject matter though.
    It was springlike here in Cincinnati today, I hope it sticks with it.

  3. Mosaic Patterns Avatar

    if i have the time or a vacation i really want to stay at the resort or beach….its so relaxing…..anyways i love the photo…the baby is so cute….