The new wine cooler

Beer with something extra

I liken Budweiser to carbonated water. When ice cold, it’s refreshing. I can nurse them and keep my wits through the course of an evening and not end up in the alley with my skirt hiked up and a boot missing, again.

I’m not saying Bud tastes good, I’m just saying it doesn’t taste like much of anything.

That said, I’m at the bar the other day, and I order one of these new Bud E-nergy drinks with the caffeine, ginseng, guarana extract and natural flavor.

I almost spit it out.

Take a regular Budweiser, make it taste more stale, then squirt some raspberry flavoring in it.

It also cost about 20% more than a regular beer. I guess that guarana extract falls under some herbal stimulant markup.

Maybe it was the can. This drink might warrant a glass with ice and some sort of fruit garnish. Whatever.

I’m going to switch to Charles Shaw and save up for new boots.