See you in a year

Photos of needles in my arm get old

The ladies in reception at the doctor’s office were especially chatty today. As I checked in they asked how lunch was and we had a few moments talking about that. How Chipotle was owned by McDonalds. Why I had a camera slung from my shoulder. If I was a photographer. And where the bathrooms are located in the medical building.

So I took the photo above and went in for bloodwork, then back to the waiting area to read some.

Once they got the university to fax over results from my cat scan, I was ready to see the doctor.

He seemed in a bright mood and shook my hand with a smile. New glasses? he asked. Some mild chatter while he leafed through the thick folder bearing my name. I can’t imagine how his day goes. Good news is likely the exception.

My glasses weren’t new, but my weight was up—a good sign. Along with stable scans (nothing new), my counts aligned with my last checkup (high but stable).

He said that we could move my next visit to 12 months instead of six. If anything came up between then to give a call. Another handshake and I grabbed hold of my file to carry over to scheduling.

“See you in a year!” I beamed.

4 responses to “See you in a year”

  1. CM Harrington Avatar

    Congrats on the good news. Doctor’s offices are always a drag. A very good friend of mine has Crohn’s disease, and he gets extensive bloodwork done about every two weeks…. it’s to the point now that my friend just phones all the information in, including refills on his meds 😉

  2. johnny Avatar

    that’s awesome.

  3. glass Avatar

    Thank y’all, truly.