5 7 9 11

A few doors down in Northside

Chilly gray skies go down much easier sharing a warm lunch with a friend. We determined I am losing my mind as I keep thinking it is Monday.

It feels like Monday.

Afterward I exhausted a gift certificate at the record store, picking up some stuff I’ve been digging on the download. (Iron & Wine EP, Death Cab EP, some Mike Doughty double album thing and a used copy of Lou Barlow’s Emoh).

Tori Amos doesn’t touch me the way she used to. I let her sit there in the rack with her pretty face on the cd cover. I’m not big with airbrushed mugshot album sleeve art. I’d much rather see a multiple exposure of her writhing hips on a piano bench. But that’s just me.

Walking back I detoured from the normal path and caught this row of houses under what looks to be rehab or abandoned rehab.

One response to “5 7 9 11”

  1. Sebastian Schmieg Avatar

    Living in a small town of only 8000 people there isn’t much of a chance to catch such an interesting row of houses.