Easter Sunday

Met with Thor yesterday for breakfast at Tiffany’s — well, bagels outside Tiffany’s.

Art arrived shortly thereafter and we walked through the dense crowd of the Easter promenade. Bonnets galore.

There were lots of people that liked getting dressed up and getting their picture taken, and about 300 times more people who liked to take pictures.

Slightly madhouse, but enjoyable.

Just killing time ‘til I get back on a plane and return home to my bed, a shower and (I’m having a hard time trying to find a third reason)

Photo The photo above un-cropped (253 KB)

2 responses to “Promenade”

  1. Aaron Avatar

    That’s a busy photo. One way I kill time is just sit in a busy place like a mall and look at people and figure out what they are like by observation.

  2. CM Harrington Avatar

    I do that as well. I make entire back-stories and motivations for them. It’s quite fun.