A couch

in Brooklyn

There are so many pictures, so many words that I just can’t get posted right now.

I’m exhausted. My flight was cancelled. I’ve somehow lost my driver’s license.

I’m in Jersey at a hotel near the airport. Scheduled time of departure for the new flight is a ghastly 6 am.

Last night I reconnected with my traveling-abroad friend from Switzerland and her husband. The evening was filled with wine, cheese, chocolate, fruit, home cooked pasta and a bevy of books, paintings, music and photos.

A feast for the noggin and tastebuds.

Nine years have passed and she was just as fun to hang out with as before – with the added glow of having a partner in crime.

There’s more stories, but again, I’m tuckered and fretting about the extra time I’ll need to prove who I am to airport security tomorrow.

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  1. Oh, perhaps your license is with my Tshirt. It seems to have been swallowed by the apartment gods. The irony being that shirt I wore I purchased on Friday night, as a memento of Tomoe, my favourite sushi place in Manhattan. Luckily, I still have the white one I purchased all those year ago when I first went.
    I am *deadfully* sorry your flight got cancelled. I know how much you were looking forward to sleeping in your own bed.
    My best to you, my friend!

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