I got here

I did not sleep (at all) the night before my 7am flight. I got to Newark and figured out how to get to Manhattan and find the gallery. I checked off everything on my list for the day and had a swell time doing it.

Name dropping and photos later.

If you are trying to reach me, net connections are not built into the itinerary, it’s hit or miss. Pardon that.

For now, just trying to maintain some sense of consistency and post, and let folks know that I’m alive.

Hi mom!

3 responses to “NYC”

  1. Minerva Avatar

    Hello stranger! Take care and Have fun in NY.
    – Ju-Young from Seoul.

  2. Aaron Avatar

    I hope you get some rest over the weekend, oh and Happy easter.

  3. Sis Avatar

    Hey Brother!! Happy Easter!!