Trader’s World

Ohio’s Largest Family Shopping Mall

I’m not sure what constitutes a “family” shopping mall, but I always thought Trader’s World was a big flea market.

It was the perfect weather for driving up I-75 and wander around building after building of… stuff. I was hoping to find some old paintings I could vandalize. Sadly, most of the artwork was cheese. Expensive cheese—right up there with Thomas Kinkade, painter of light.

I got excited when I saw a box of unopened Sharpies® marked a dollar for a pack of five. Closer examination proved these were fakes though, with poor engrish used on the packaging. Pity.

Otherwise there was NASCAR stuff, “Git R Done” vomit strainers, lots of “new” DVDs priced too high, a Scientology booth, fried foods and a good smattering of eye candy.

I did buy something though, and I’m thrilled with it. It’s a bootleg CD of Super Nintendo ROMS (about 450) and a Dreamcast emulator burned on the disc. I got home and dusted off the old Sega system and was playing Super Mario Bros on my TV with a Dreamcast controller in minutes. A little sluggish, but tolerable.

PhotosA couple more photos from the flea market.

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  1. nick Avatar

    Hey, I went to a couple sorta-flea markets today too. Almost picked up a sweet JFK/RFK/MLK afghan.
    Is ‘vomit strainer’ code for something, or can I actually buy some kind of over-the-toilet collander that says ‘Git-R-Done’? Because I’d pay $5 for it.