Dirty on Purpose

Playing in the woxy.com lounge

I read somewhere recently about the death of band logos which I believe was inspired by the link going around for Downloadable Band Fonts. I’m happy to report that band logos are still alive and kicking as seen by the sample to the right. This snake adorns some of the amps and a shirt which I must have from the band that played in the studio this afternoon. They make all their own graphics.

If you’re reading, members of Dirty on Purpose, I want one badly. I’m an XL.

I posted more photos up on flickr, but had to give this one special attention.

Rock is still alive.

One response to “Dirty on Purpose”

  1. joe Avatar

    we’ll get you a shirt when we get back , we probably have to make more of them, I don’t think we have any more of the cobra one. thanks so much for having us, that was a lot of fun.