Anchor Grill

This photo isn’t blurry, it’s like that in real life.

If you ever close down a bar in Cincinnati and require food, check out the Anchor Grill in Covington Kentucky. Vittles are standard greasy spoon fare. The bacon cheeseburger I got was tasty with super thick crispy bacon.

They also serve goetta, which if you don’t know what it is, there’s another reason to visit Cincinnati.

The real beauty is connected to the juke box.

A little animatronic band behind a plexiglas stage, yellowed by smoke, springs to life. Somewhere along the line, a Barbie was added to sexy up the display. She jerks back and forth out of time with the rest of em. It’s precious.

Anchor Grill – Open 24/7
438 W. Pike St.
Covington, KY
(859) 431-9498

2 responses to “Anchor Grill”

  1. Rowgun Avatar

    Quick question –
    How do you get the cool 1 pixel border around all your photos? It’s a nice little accent that really makes your website look great. Thanks!

  2. glass Avatar

    Rowgun – I use a Photoshop template to add the border. It’s not the best approach, as it embeds the style with the photo, but sometimes I customize it greatly.
    A similar effect can be made with CSS borders on an image.