Adjusting applause

Wind Symphony

Leaving my house for the first time yesterday evening I was surprised to see snow coming down heavily. There was a free concert up the street from me at the College-Conservatory of Music.

I like classical music, just not all of the presentation of it. I want to clap between movements, but that’s wrong. The piece must be completed in its entirety.

The dead time while folks are cleaning out their spit valves and shuffling music is a disturbing silence. I cringe having to be absolutely quiet.

But the show was good. Entertaining even, as I sat there thinking, hmmm, what kind of scene in a movie would this fit? Something heavy, murderous and moody I thought. The last pieces were harder to characterize… A hint of Danny Elfman or Frank Zappa which kept the small audience on their toes.

Afterward I met up with some of the musicians at the Bamboo Club down on the river for a few cocktails and jazz. The small ensemble kept my leg shaking and hands tapping along. I knew it was perfectly courteous to clap after solos.

Unrelated note: Just when I think I’m getting to be able to predict how this new temporary camera will take photos, it surprises me. I have to bracket much more than ever, making about 15 shots for every one that will turn out. It’s been interesting.

3 responses to “Adjusting applause”

  1. Nik Avatar

    What’s with the headphone ‘watermark’ on those pictures?

  2. glass Avatar

    Before I had categories with TypePad, I kept (and still do) all this stuff on LiveJournal. The icons represent categories. Pretty much useless now that I have them built into the system.
    It’s a throwback, entirely unnecessary, and something I’ve been meaning to get rid of for a while. A part of me still likes them however. Some I’ve made by hand, others, like these headphones, are from windings or something.
    Which makes them less desirable, along with the visual noise to the image.

  3. Nik Avatar

    That’s a real nice idea, actually… will try something like it the next time I have a camera!