Dinner Club: Sake Bomb

Put the sake on chopsticks over a glass of beer. Pound the table. Chug.

There’s a fancy place called Beluga in Hyde Park. It’s so hip, the hostess dude wears his t-shirt on the outside of his button down. Well, this is hearsay, as I’ve never eaten at Beluga.

The connection between Beluga and this new sushi joint is a fella named Charlie. He used to work at the shi shi place, now he’s at Sake Bomb. A much more casual affair.

We had a good turnout for dinner club and filled up two big tables. Luckily, the checks were divided by table thanks to the most courteous wait staff. We knew this would be a nightmare to divvy up how much everyone owed along with tips, but it wasn’t.

The food? All over the place, but nothing was bad. Tasty in fact. I won’t vouch for the freshness of the sushi, but my miso soup was fantastic, along with a nice ginger dressing on the house salad. Tempura and negimaki appetizers were good, but perhaps a touch greasy.

Overall, I was pleased with the meal, but doubly so with the company. If it was cheaper, I’d go there more often.

Charlie’s Sake Bomb
3672 Erie Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45208