Room with a (faraway) view

West of the gateway to the West

Day two of class afforded more tactical hands-on learning, which was good. I don’t do well with theory, business practice or ways to generate “ideas.” While most everyone in the room was interested in increasing profits, my friend and I were there to increase quality in our work.

And we learned. Got our hands dirty and refined technique.

I should mention, on the drive up I was wearing boxer briefs that were really tight in the thigh seam. I somehow managed to give myself an ingrown hair in that most sensitive of regions, right in the crease of skin down there.

On the way home, we recounted the worst pain we’ve ever felt in life. I put getting my wisdom teeth cut out as a 13 year old, starvation from mono and this ingrown hair. It was really THAT bad.

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  1. Naz Avatar

    What class/workshop was this? Out of curiosity…

  2. Chris Glass Avatar