Close cover and strike

I’ve got a match, your embrace and my collapse

My Grandmother collects matchbooks. When moving out of her house she asked what we would want.

I chose the matches.

I’ve hoarded them over the years as well. Fragments of memories. Restaurants along the highway. Trips exotic.

She’s ailing a little bit in the memory department of late, my Grandma, and it makes these bits of cardboard and sulfur seem all the more important.

As I write this I wonder, will these words be familiar as I get on in years?

Not to end on a heavy note, I do appreciate the designs. Lo and behold, of course there are several galleries online for these things.

One response to “Close cover and strike”

  1. Naz Avatar

    Quite fond of that Col. Sanders one. I didn’t know KFC handed out matches at some point.