If it’s limited, I think it must be fresh

I didn’t take this photo today, I actually had it waiting in the wings for days like this where nothing jumped out in front of the lens.

Instead, I went to my family doctor, and as there were lots of photo opportunities there, I just don’t feel comfortable around him. It doesn’t help he has Jerry Falwell and pro-Bush literature in the waiting room. He barks at his employees to boot. Everyone seems on edge and there’s a sad pallor to the whole place.

I’m going to get a new doctor.

In other news, yes, Reese’s Cup Trees are out and there are only 10 days left until Christmas. Make that 9. I need twice that to get everything made I’ve been planning.

In other news: I’m getting ready to help launch a site that’s been brewing for a while— working extra hard trying to squash rendering bugs in Internet Explorer. As much as I could dis CSS over table based design, there’s no doubt it is the best approach at this point in time.

2 responses to “Filler”

  1. CM Harrington Avatar

    Any hint as to the contents of the future site?
    …and as for the doctor, yes, RUN to a new doctor, and see if you can’t lodge a complaint with someone (the AMA??)

  2. D R E W Avatar
    D R E W

    Hello! I am glad I found your site. It’s über kuhl and all that. It’s what I wish my site was. But I’m not half cyborg like you, so my computer skills are laking. Anyway, peace out.