If I had to sum it up in one word, it would be "yes"

(as said repeatedly by Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally during that meal scene)

I didn’t know The Incredibles would open at midnight, then again, I don’t keep up on Star Wars too much. The theater manager spoke to the crowd of 25 people that they would not be able to get a refund after the trailers.

The next 115 minutes or so were much, much better anyway. Even the short before the feature tugged at my heart.

The whole tone and texture made me feel like I was a kid sitting in front of the TV seeing the island of misfit toys for the first time…

Monkeys will flip over the set design. This thing oozes style.

A formidable hat tip to the folks out on the left coast there, that made this wonderful super fantastic movie.
Thanks, I needed that.

Do they give out Oscars for best hair?

One response to “Incredible”

  1. CM Harrington Avatar

    I just got home from seeing it.
    Best Pixar Film Ever!
    I really hope they do sequels (preferably sans Disney.. I donnow if they potentially “own” the sequel rights)