Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

A recent comment reminded me of this vehicle, and I just thought I’d document the passing notion.

The 021C was a Ford concept car (named after the Pantone color) for the 1999 Tokyo Motor Show, designed by Marc Newson. It’s lines are deceptively simple, with weird features like swiveling seats, suicide doors, and a sliding drawer for a trunk.

And like Pimp My Ride, it had lighting that made the interior glow, however, this incarnation had panache, unlike the monstrosities belched out of the MTV show that has nothing to do with music.

But I digress. I just love looking at this car, and the palette fuels autumnal affection.

2 responses to “021C”

  1. Naz Avatar

    That is a stellar car. Looks mini cooper-ish which I like. Why oh why do they make the monstrosities that they do today? All homogenized lines that leave no impression whatsoever.

  2. BB Avatar

    Oh! Oh! Oh! I LOVE this car! The color, the lines, the drawer trunk! I agree with Naz – it really is depressing how boring car design is. Would it kill them to make a small percentage of cars for those of us that don’t crave a penthouse apartment on wheels? This jaunty little bugger would do just fine for me.
    Thanks for the heads up on this. I never saw it before, and it’s made me smile. 🙂