Farm Day 2

Hard to miss

My friends had their house barn warming party tonight. The weather cooperated and with the sun out, it was glorious on their property. Friends came from all over and it was great to regroup with people I hadn’t seen since (insert baseball game, wedding, grill-outs).

Lotta tikes and no tantrums. Markers. Clay. Plastic farmhouses and toy trains.

A leisurely stroll to the pond to watch kids throw rocks in the water as the ripples made concentric circles against the sunset.

The living great room full of acoustic folk singing and strumming guitars and banjos. They weren’t hired entertainers mind you. They do this regularly. We were just lucky enough to have them amidst the tours of the digs and chili cookin on the stove. You’d swear it was James Taylor or Mama Cass now and then.

I busied myself in the kitchen to curb my obsessive compulsive stacking disorder for a bit. Mind you, I only am inflicted at other people’s homes. My own, is always on the verge of shambles.

Smores ’round the fire-pit rounded out the night.