Dinner Club: Cancun Restaurante & Cantina

Not just a Cantina, but a bowling alley too

Gosh, had it been a month since the last supper club?

I started to sweat when I mixed up parallel streets Glenway Ave. and Glenmore. Luckily, my friends were equipped with GPS navigation systems and I got blow by blow directions on the mobile. Then I got temporarily lost again until I heard a yell next to me and saw them driving alongside.

The mexican fare was good. Better than good. The boys end of the table scarfed down bowl after bowl of tortilla chips with talk of videogames and music, as the girls on the other side roared with margarita induced laughter.

Once we had stuffed ourselves properly with burritos and refried beans, it was time to work it off. The adjacent Western Bowl rented out the neon shoes and we took our lanes pitting the sexes against each other.

It became apparent on the first round: we suck at bowling.

Midway through, the lights flickered and the disco blacklights came on, giving new life to our footwear. Usher provided the soundtrack.

This made for a splendid evening and I’ll be honest, I have no idea what the scores ended up being. Some were lucky to break 100. There was applause at every strike, and laughter at everyone’s personal style of hurling the ball down the lane. That’s what counted.

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    this website is to hard to understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You’re right Victor, it is.
    Now go away.