Build your own

The ReadyMade $1500.00 shack

Today was productive, but I’ve yet to pack my bags for the next trip and the hours are slipping away. I got things out the virtual door, posted and checked off. I went to the bank. I tweaked my brother’s resumé. I did not get a haircut.

I wrestled with OS 9 for a good hour, blanking out at how odd the Mac used to be. Who thought a Chooser made sense?

As evening fell, I went over to my friends’ house for babytime and chinese food. Their little one continues to exhibit new skills like holding spoons (if only for a while before reverting to hands).

It’s so much easier to eat with your hands. Maybe adults have it wrong.

After bath and bottle, it was time to sink into the couch with the TV pleasantly off and three laptops illuminating our faces. This is social, really. To explain it would take an essay.

At one point, they produced plans from ReadyMade Magazine– a prefab studio/shack that could be made on the cheap with materials from any hardware store.

I’d never heard of the publication, and I was giddy with the issues I glanced through. Simple ideas that could be executed with basic materials.

As I get long in the tooth, I pine for perspectives like this. I’ve always found resourcefulness to be an inspirational quality.