Harv was there

And now he’s here

My first concert was Pink Floyd, then I saw They Might Be Giants and Violent Femmes.

There were others in order of alphabet (and I am sure i’ve forgotten LOTS): Aquarium Rescue Unit, Tori Amos, B-52s, Barenaked Ladies, Beastie Boys, Beck, Blue Man Group, Cake, DeLaSoul, Depeche Mode, Flaming Lips, Galactic, Genesis, Grandaddy, Guided by Voices, Guster, Hackensaw Boys, Hank Williams III, Indigo Girls, Janes Addiction, Karl Denson, McClain Family Band, Medeski Martin and Wood, Ministry, Modest Mouse, Over the Rhine, Pavement, Pearl Jam, Peter Gabriel, Phish, Pixies, Prince, Rage Against the Machine, Rays Music Exchange, Red hot Chili Peppers, REM, Sinead O’Connor, Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, Sugar, The Breeders, U2, Mark Weigle, Yo La Tengo and countless folk acts.

I’d love to see Oingo Boingo and/or XTC – but I doubt I ever will.

I’ve been to three Grateful Dead Shows and never seen them perform.

Hat tip to Evan for the photo.

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Wabi Sabi


Picked up some fruit and veggies at the market yesterday. Soup’s brewin on the stove again, filling up the house with nice aroma.

I got some apples. They were a little bruised and pocked, and as I was about to put some back, I remembered the tenets of wabi sabi.*

I placed three in the basket to cleanse my mind of being overly picky.

Later that evening, after a brief visit to the bar, I nursed a Budweiser and the notion that said Japanese aesthetic should be more apparent in social situations.

Then I went home and masturbated.** That wabi sabi stuff only gets one so far.

* Wabi Sabi is a way of life that appreciates natural beauty, values simplicity, and nurtures an authentic self. It acknowledges that nothing lasts, nothing’s finished, nothing’s perfect, including you, but affirms that contentment is possible when you accept genuine unvarnished existence, with clarity and grace.

Referenced from Richard’s Wabi Sabi World

** jerk off, jack off, wank, wank off, beat off, whack off, beat the meat, stroke the salami, choke the chicken, grease the axle, wax the dolphin, choke the bishop, wax the rod, peel the banana, butter the lobster, change gears, walk the dog, polish the knob, onanism, spank the monkey, chase the weasel, whistle dixie, dick off, rub one out, whip the birdie, self-service, squeeze one off, sling jelly, bop the baloney, jack the beanstalk, dunk your dolphin, grease the sprocket, flog the log, punch the clown, squirt around, polish the low-quarters (military), captain jack (personified), played the organ, squeeze the lotion dispenser, bleed the serpent, pull the peter, plug the mellon, polish the purple helmet, tickling the turkey, polish the wand, flog the dolphin

Referenced from Sexual Synonyms

Oh yeah, and tonight I felt artistic again and drew one of them apples.

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Earl Gray Grey + Sharpie + The business section of the paper

I left my camera charging at work on Friday. As painful as it is to walk around the wonderful fall weekend, I just didn’t have the gumption to go back into the office.

I got up this morning and lamented the teapot I threw away because I couldn’t get it “clean.”

I boiled water on the stove in a pan and fixed some tea. I bought this great locally harvested honey at the market last week and put a dollop in the mug. Along with some tasty homemade boysenberry jam on toast, I sat on the back porch and read the paper.

I felt like doodling, and the only thing handy was a Sharpie (and a scanner).

I remember back in school, we each had these ArtBins filled with lots of goodies – essentially a tackle box with a rainbow ArtBin logo.

Kneaded erasers, Prismacolor pencils, protractors, metal rulers, Rapidograph pens + ink, a nice metal barrel pencil sharpener, markers and x-actos. And some tape I’m sure.

As much as I’d like to have all that handy, the biggest stumbling block is figuring out WHAT to draw. If I took it easy on myself, like I do with snapping photos, maybe I could muster up something beyond a doodle.

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Kill Bill


I went and saw a movie yesterday.

Luckily it wasn’t the opening weekend so I had the theater mostly to myself.

I get better cell phone reception in the theater than I do in my house.

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I like to run and jump


After being amused by this article from Electronic Gaming Monthly, Child’s Play, I decided it was time to dust off the console.

Autumn is videogame time of year. I have lots I never play, some unopened. I treasure them though, in hopes that during retirement, I will actually go back through and beat Zelda.

Tonight’s pick was Klonoa 2. I picked up my save point from 2001 and got through four more levels. Then I got bored ’cause I had to think and turned it off. It was fun while it lasted.

I like the parts where you just run and jump. This is a good game for that. I don’t even have to worry about the camera and 3-D angles. It’s a basic side scrolling platformer with mildly spicier graphics.

If they’d lose the cutscenes and make the map world straight-forward, I’d play it more.

Aside from not being too ponderous, I had the notion: Man, I’d love it if my next job were to make a new classic side-scroller that had sweet flat graphics (but updated and anti-aliased), good level design and pertinent music. A blend of:

The control of Mario
+ the addiction of Jumpman Jr
+ the try again joy of Super Monkey Ball or Donkey Kong Jr.
+ the style of Out of This World
+ the vibe of (the first few) OddWorlds
+ the graphic language of Wipeout

In hedging on full out instrumental music…. like the Pauls Boutique era of the Dust Brothers with more of the electronic lilt of Moby – no coherent vocals, or some of modern twist on the midi-like theme songs that defined earlier games.

I’ll pick this back up later once I’ve had time to ruminate.

(link nod to jwz)