Funky day

What can’t we tell the whole class?

Went up to Columbus with Heather for a potentially confrontational meeting with a client.

We decided on the way up that we need to really sit down and think about this whole business thing. We’re having these midlife-deliberations while the country is in crisis. Jobs are hard to find. The market is bleak. There’s this funky vibe permeating most everything. We’re tired of what we’re doing, but don’t want to have jobs where we can’t wear whatever we want (oh yeh, and take off for 7 weeks). It’s quite a pickle.

We came to some conclusions to tighten our belts and relish life however possible.

The meeting? It went surprisingly well, even though I think I said something to the effect of, “That sucks ass” which in normal circumstances might not be appropriate, but these folks are pretty down to earth and easy to be human around. They want us to keep doing what we do, and agreed to some terms to make it a good gig.

On the trip home, we felt a weight lifted that something was going well.

Randomly, I asked Heather if she ever had a ticket in this particular car. She slapped the dash and pleaded, “Why did you have to say that!” We knocked on faux wood. Then we hit The Traffic Jam from Hell. It was the worst backup, worse than anything i had seen on my trip. We didn’t move at all. It was really gross outside. We both had to pee, really really bad. If this was just me, I’d handle it right there, but I do have some manners.

Kings Island was off to our left. We wanted to ride roller-coasters and let this traffic go by. We thought the exit was just ahead. I triple-dog-dared Heather to drive in the berm (breakdown lane) and get to the exit.

Sirens blared immediately. Heather screamed for me to hide incriminating schwag while she scrambled for her seatbelt. A ticket was issued while we sat there melting. We were lucky only one broken law was cited. The cop said “bladder control” was not an emergency.

This was turning into the worst drive home ever.

We stopped by a friends house and enjoyed the facial expressions of her 18 month year old and the memory of the horrible horrible traffic of Cincinnati drifted away.

After unsuccessfully trying to get the baby to say bling bling, we split.

Heather has decided never to take me up on my triple-dog-dares.

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One flew over the cuckoos desk

I can make this desk even messier…

Kind of a blah day. Another drizzly gray one.

I got short with Heather about nothing in particular at work and she put my in my place, as only good strong willed folk can do.

Luckily, we found some levity by getting startled by an errant bird that managed to get into our office at some point. (We keep our windows open to see all the wrecks on the corner)

Hilarity ensued as Heather and I (not the most graceful or coordinated folk) tried to capture the bird, without killing it.

A ladder, a box, and a stack of manila folders did the trick and we released it back into the world without much fanfare.

I’m sure that bird was happy to leave us.

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Meetings Meetings Meetings

In between meetings…

Gray and drizzly day. Starting to feel like London or Seattle here.

Today was a day of meetings with the Cincinnati Arts Association. We launched a new website for them in January. Now that the dust has settled, it is time to update content for the new seasons and enhance forms and whatnot.

They are a good group of folk with humor and spirit, and just a couple blocks from us. It’s nice to interact with folk as opposed to just emailing all the time.

I had several meetings back to back to back to back.

Long day, but productive.

My friend Jenn came down for lunch and we talked about her wedding and whatnot over sushi.

Now it’s time to wrap up and hit the English pub for happy hour.

Beer sounds incredibly good right now.

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My desk is a mess.

So another fine day. How wonderful.

I started by going around the city, taking more pictures, checking out the History Museum and had lunch in Covington.

I finally checked my voicemail on the mobile phone and I had six messages starting from about a week ago.

I’m not real good with voicemail.

The best news was that one of my dear friends Ray got a new job. He and Sheila will be moving to Chicago, and this notion thrills me.

Finally I am within driving distance.

Then I went off to the studio/office to tackle my next analog project: decoupage. I have collected crap and stuck it to the wall behind my desk over the past 6 years.

It’s finally driving me nuts. (Who am I kidding? I’ve been mad touched since birth)

Today I boxed up all the photos, postcards, and various trinkets for actual usage or digital incorporation into a 24″ x 30″ canvas.

Had a nice steak out at the bar later, on a patio with the last shards of sunlight, then made it home for Six Feet Under.

There were many priceless quotes.

That freak Arthur who Ruth keeps trying to molest, when asked about his music, replied in his odd deadpan way, “I used to play the violin. When i was in college, I had a very cruel roommate who threw it from the dormitory window. It was hand carved by my Uncle Günter who died of Polio.” I dunno why, but the delivery coupled with the insane circumstances made me actually laugh out loud, a term I try not to abuse.

Then when Billy asked Brenda if she needed help taking care of their mother’s cat, I think it was. Brenda remarks, “Who could ever see too much of mom’s pussy? it’s like a trip down memory lane.”

Brenda has the best lines.

As said to Nate, “I’m sick of being so fucking conscious all the time. It’s like i’ve become this watered down version of myself.”

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My Messy Desk
6 years of junk scotch taped to the wall
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Back in the chain gang

Coming back into work was easy. The studio is still having heating/cooling issues. It’s always the opposite of pleasant here. Sweatbox or icebox.

I’ll be happier when summer is here and we’ll have more control over it with the AC units.

Dave, being true to his word, is getting ready to take some time off. He was working on his Liesure Tree.

Otherwise, I pretty much just tried to line up my ducks for the week, and patch any leaks on various fronts.

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Dave kicks back with some light reading.
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Rest Area

I spent most of the night fretting over a meeting I had today with a real estate company about their website. IT said they could handle the “graphics” in a previous meeting and were questioning our involvement. It got me flustered. I had every intention, if there were any hard feelings at the meeting, to go off on a rant:

I didn’t go to school for “graphics.” I have a bachelor of science degree, not an art degree. We learned a process oriented approach to design, yes, but we also consider human factors, semantics and usability…

I don’t like the idea of sitting in meeting and being berated about value, almost as much as I hate puttin’ a label on what I do. I do this work for a reason… I inherently believe in the concept of a global community. It can be good or bad. We have to make a choice.

If information is ubiquitous, if we communicate, share, and organize, then we can change our world. Our communities. We can solve problems. We can accomplish lots of things. Maybe one day if we collect data properly, we can cure cancer. The only way to do that is if we play nice.

The first step to getting there is to make it easier. To make it easier we have to bring the scientists and the artists and heck, even the marketers together. Magic happens when diverse groups work as a team.

I don’t need this job. I can walk out and down the street and find some nice lady in antique store, work on a site for her hometown to unite businesses and get a homemade meal and a place to sleep.

Life’s too short.

Fast forward to today. I had concepts to share with the team and was tired from the long night and long drive. For some odd reason, with all the various heads of departments in attendance, along with the president of the company – everyone was agreeable. In fact, jovial.

One particularly fantastic lady, who I’d never met before, was there representing her company. She said, “This can be fun.” and I said Amen.

She eventually warmed up further and gave me the moniker Farmer Glass, I suppose my flannel and suspenders surrounded by suits made it appropriate.

With a common vision to plow forward as a team, my qualms were unnecessary. I spent all the time furrowing my brow, working on the presentation til the wee hours for no reason. Wasted a good two hours in fact, wondering about the whole job/career.

The ride home was like a sigh of relief, and I note this because I need to not worry about things out of my control. I need to not fret about things that haven’t happened yet.

It was a nice drive home from Columbus. I pulled off at a rest area to get a candy bar to reward myself and went to the overlook to soak in the budding trees and breathe. Of course, there were two minivans and a truck there, with suspicious characters looking longingly for a wink or nod i guess. But I had my camera, and cameras scare folks that are up to somethin. I took my picture in lieu of finding some interesting fauna, and headed home.

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I dig my job

So it’s 3:33am, and I’m just wrapping up little details on a site we’re launching this week at work. I could blather on about how I loathe working this late… but honestly, I feel like an elf (albeit a tall one) gettin stuff ready for happy recipients. I dig my job.

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The beard intimidation factor

So I drove up to Columbus Ohio with a colleague for a meeting today, and it was prefaced that I was to lock horns with the IT guy. I’m not much for prefacing a meeting with someone with hearsay – so I just tried to make sure our ducks were in a row and I had my technical questions outlined in an email.

It’s worth mentioning I suppose, that I’ve been letting my beard grow out — out of control it seems. Couple that with the taller-than-normal factor, and I’m thinking that at first glance, I’m the type folks would try to avoid.

So anyways, the meeting went well, and my marketing cohorts up there in Columbus said they had never seen the IT feller on such good behavior. They think he was too busy trying to figure out what to make of me. If that isn’t a compliment, I don’t know what is.

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