A very messy desk with a bunch of stuff taped to the wall

My desk is a mess.

So another fine day. How wonderful.

I started by going around the city, taking more pictures, checking out the History Museum and had lunch in Covington.

I finally checked my voicemail on the mobile phone and I had six messages starting from about a week ago.

I’m not real good with voicemail.

The best news was that one of my dear friends Ray got a new job. He and Sheila will be moving to Chicago, and this notion thrills me.

Finally I am within driving distance.

Then I went off to the studio/office to tackle my next analog project: decoupage. I have collected crap and stuck it to the wall behind my desk over the past 6 years.

It’s finally driving me nuts. (Who am I kidding? I’ve been mad touched since birth)

Today I boxed up all the photos, postcards, and various trinkets for actual usage or digital incorporation into a 24″ x 30″ canvas.

Had a nice steak out at the bar later, on a patio with the last shards of sunlight, then made it home for Six Feet Under.

There were many priceless quotes.

That freak Arthur who Ruth keeps trying to molest, when asked about his music, replied in his odd deadpan way, “I used to play the violin. When i was in college, I had a very cruel roommate who threw it from the dormitory window. It was hand carved by my Uncle G√ľnter who died of Polio.” I dunno why, but the delivery coupled with the insane circumstances made me actually laugh out loud, a term I try not to abuse.

Then when Billy asked Brenda if she needed help taking care of their mother’s cat, I think it was. Brenda remarks, “Who could ever see too much of mom’s pussy? it’s like a trip down memory lane.”

Brenda has the best lines.

As said to Nate, “I’m sick of being so fucking conscious all the time. It’s like i’ve become this watered down version of myself.”

Original edit:

My Messy Desk
6 years of junk scotch taped to the wall