Top 10 reasons why PCs are not Evil

10. Every time I hear the Google toolbar’s *tick* blocking a popup ad, I find a small comfort that I am thwarting a marketer. (This gets regulated to the “bottom” of the list since Safari has this tastefully built in along with tabbed-browsing – the most useful feature _EVER_)

9. This is harder than I thought. Maybe I should have said the Top 9 reasons.

8. Java works. (Write once run anywhere my ass)

7. ALT tags are visible on hover. (Okay, I’m stretching here)

6. Pirating made easy. (P2P file sharing apps, ripping off video, burning ROMs to Dreamcast emulators, etc.)

5. Every few days, I like to re-evaluate program defaults. Really, I do.

4. Right clicking yields lots more options (than a mac).

3. Customizable experience.

2. Google toolbar allows quick lookup of dictionary words like jejune.

1. They’re cheap.