I want my 2 dollars back

I’m rich!

I can’t fathom life if everyone and their Aunt wrote checks by hand in the express lane.

So here I’ve been suffering for over 2 months without a debit card.

I hate the word debit. Couldn’t they have come up with a new term like Retirement Vacuum, SavingsBuster, CheckWhore, or Withdraw Card. All those stink as options.

Anyways, so there I am, trying to exist without cash or an easy way to get cash. So what do I do? I go to the bank and interact with ACTUAL PEOPLE. And they were friendly! It was so frickin cool.

Getting my cash on, I was asked how I’d like it broken up. The lovely chocolate skinned lady opened her cash drawer and I saw a two dollar bill on top.

“However you break it up, can I have that two dollar bill?” I asked.
“How many would you like?” She replied.
“How many you got?” Astonished, I was.
“Twenty-four of them.”
I paused, did some mental calculation and said almost gleefully, “I want them all.”

I’ve always loved 2 dollar bills thinking they were charmed.

I wonder how I can integrate them into my life more. Using them as tips brings just a bit of spark when folks recognize them.

I feel like I am spreading good luck all around.

I’ve decided to horde as many as possible.

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